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Galleries come and go. Others reinvent themselves. (A)perture has done something in between.

In February of this year, Heidi Gress and Anne Cummings-Anderson decided to leave their brick-and-mortar space on 9th East, but they continue to operate with a similar mission. Focusing on their strength, which was always more the one time-events – openings for exhibitions that partnered with non-profits to raise funds and awareness – than month-long shows where you wait behind a desk for someone to come in, they now take advantage of pop-up spaces to impact the community and highlight local artists.

On October 15th (A)perture hosts Art Meets Fashion, an annual event begun in 2009 that combines local designers with local artists. “We’ve always believed that art in all it’s forms has the potential to act as a catalyst for essential dialogue about issues that affect us all.” This year’s event supports the YWCA.

read about the event in the October 2011 edition of 15 Bytes.

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