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Anna Campbell Bliss: Arc of Light

Still active in her eighties*, Anna Campbell Bliss is one of Utah’s most innovative artists. A student of Gyorgy Kepes and Josef Albers and recipient of some of the largest public art commissions in Utah, she has been a pioneer in using new technologies in artistic expression. Arc of Light, a new documentary that explores the artist’s life and work premieres this Friday at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art at 7 pm.

Read a review of the film in the March 2012 edition of 15 Bytes.

*corrected since original post

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  1. The correct spelling of the prestigious college that Anna attended is Wellesley, not Wellesly and the above caption is incorrect, as well. Anna is not “in her nineties”, she is 86. While we appreciated receiving this review, we stand by the decisions made in the film regarding our narrator and composer. They are both new artists working very hard for creative solutions in their respective fields. We look most forward to all of our tremendous supporters having the express opportunity to see it. Very truly yours, Cid Collins Walker, Executive Producer & Director, ARC OF LIGHT: A Portrait of Anna Campbell Bliss

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