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An Interview with Jiyoun Lee-Lodge, Public Art Winners and Anna West

The Salt Lake Arts Council and the Public Art Program celebrates the newest addition to the City’s public art collection, The Crossing, (unveiled July 26, 2022) with an interview with the artist Jiyoun Lee-Lodge.

… What is your favorite medium to work with? 

Pen and iPad for immediacy in everyday life reasons. Paintings when time and space allow me. I love infinite possibilities of image-making. My traditional art training and work on animation, design, and games allowed me to broaden my visual language into something hybrid and flexible.

Every material has a different mentality. For example, I chose the brush pen for the Waterman series to mix the influence of east and west, such as the Korean folk paintings or Marvel comic books; both use bold and thin strokes to portray the lively mass. I illustrate the background with patterns in thin lines with a pen to show the delicate nature of the surroundings. For The Crossing, I used iPad painting for detail in scale. Picking the specific material for an idea is part of my art-making process.



The Salt Lake City Public Art Program has announced the 8 selected artists and designs for the Life on State project that will begin construction in 2023. The 8 Utah-based artists are: Emma Ryder, Valerie Jar, Kalani Tukuafu, Ryan Perkins, Liz Shattler, Alex Billany, Veronica Perez, and Chuck Landvatter. Their designs will be translated into neon onto four 10-foot tall posts that will be placed along State Street between 600 south and 800 south. Each design was inspired by a personal story or connection to the culture and place of State Street.


Anna West at Southwest Contemporary:
“Anna Evans is an integrative artist who prioritizes sustainably sourced, local, and self-produced materials in her work. Her artistic focus is fiber, silversmithing, gardening, and naturalist outreach. In 2018, she received a Utah Desert Naturalist certification through Utah State University, and she completed the Utah Master Gardener program in 2021. Her studies as a naturalist and a gardener allow her to observe, ethically forage, and grow elements for use in her work…”

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