Amy Caron’s Waves of Mu Returns

Still wearing her wedding dress, (see here) Amy Caron has brought her Waves of Mu project back to Salt Lake City.

We first reported on Waves of Mu in our March 2007 edition of 15 Bytes when Ed Bateman’s profile of Caron caught her still in the development stages of her multi-media performance project that gets its name from the EEG frequencies generated when the mirror neuron system is activated. In 2008 Caron installed the project in Anchorage, Alaska (see a video clip here) and then at at Performance Space 122 in New York before bringing it two Salt Lake in 2009. By the time it was “performed” at the U’s Black Box Theater the project had developed into a complex two-room installation-performance that incorporated audience participation in a project as science heavy as it was artistic.

Waves of Mu is back at the University of Utah campus in performances that continue through October 8th. For more information and tickets go here.

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