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Amelec Diaz Residency at Modern West

April 1 – May 31
Opening, May 21, 2021, 6-8 pm.

Amelec Diaz is a Mexican American artist, born in Michoacán, Mexico. Currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Diaz lived most of his life in Phoenix, Arizona and attended Phoenix College. Diaz’s artistic practice absorbs complex imagery to create a kaleidoscope reflecting a visual currency of cartoons, graffiti, social media, news, and Pre-Columbian symbols. An interdisciplinary artist, Diaz’s process is intense, utilizing multimedia layers that include oil paint, acrylic, stucco, embroidery, and spray-paint. Using policy and politics as a base, much of Diaz’s work is founded on deep research and curiosity related to the memory and post-memory of a geographic area. Ideas and stories that are passed from generation to generation fuel the gridded structure of his amalgamated objects.

In this residency, Diaz intends to continue his focus on the United States’ complex relationship with people of diverse ethnicities and cultures. This series originated from a law banning ethnic studies in the K-12 educational system that was codified in 2010 in Tucson, Arizona, and later ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The body of work exemplifies a microcosm of the tense cultural relationship embedded in America and American politics. This research follows other laws, memos, and executive orders that continue to proliferate as responses to the uncomfortable relationship with the “other”.

Modern West Fine Art
412 South 700 West SLC, UT 84104

The gallery will be open Tuesday – Friday / 10am–5pm, Saturday / 10am-2pm

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