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Alzheimer Park Murals : 1135 W. 300 South

Other parts of the Jordan River Parkway are festooned with official public art like sculptures and installations, but the artwork here at 300 South is a little more DIY.  On the side of the Wernli Inc. Refrigeration building, murals depicting life and wildlife along the river have gone up to lead your way to the bend in the river. On the way, don’t miss the koi-painted bridge.This little nook of Salt Lake City was already bordered by the Jordan River on the west when I-15 and I-80 were thrown down to the east and north, hemming in a handful of streets in the Poplar Grove neighborhood and turning them into forgotten dead end streets. So it seems somewhere between appropriate and ironic that the small park created here at a bend in the Jordan River is called Alzheimer’s Park. Officially, it’s the “Alzheimer’s Wild Life Grove,” created in 1992 by the Alzheimer’s Association of Utah as a place of peace for victims of the disease and their caregivers. You’ll find it in the middle of the city’s Jordan Parkway, a last gasp of green before the river passes under I-80 and the residential streets give way to railroad tracks and steel yards. After checking out the murals, make your way under I-80 to check out the Fisher Mansion, once home to a beer baron before being turned into a convent and then a halfway house. the only residential building on the other side of the highway.



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