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Alison Neville

Alison Neville is a Bountiful artist with a BFA from Weber State University. She is the Education Director at the Bountiful Davis Art Center.

Artist Statement

“Fungi, maps, and political events permeate most of my work. I find them to be bizarre and otherworldly. This being said I cannot understand enough about them. I wonder how they can be combined, what can be learned from them? How can developing highly effective weapons assure our safety? How close is our political climate to a game in which one person’s decision can mean starting a war? Or ending one? Are there ways to bring out those things that ultimately don’t make sense to me? I examine world events and try to dissect them into understandable pieces. I try to play the scientist. I use maps to interpret political fragments into the cross-stitches that I can carry with me. Adding little indications of this research to make roads and civic buildings. Much of my work can be read info-graphically and find their beginning as a research project based in drawing. These drawings might be doodles on a map or referenced from a photo in that day’s breaking news. These drawings become a personal library of events, phrases, and visuals where I draw from for larger works. Once I’ve found specific information I decide on what medium is best suited to relay that data. This often means I’ll have to develop a specific technique in order to execute the work and makes my practice an interdisciplinary one. The layers I build into my work are aimed to make it accessible to many and also rewarding to those with more specialized knowledge.”



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