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Alex Gerrard

My abstract expressionist, style, is a direct representation of my personal taste. I hope the art evokes an unexpected, sophisticated, yet primitive mood. There is a beautiful unfolding to creating the work. By grounding in the present moment, there is a collaboration with the entire Universe. There is a call, and a response. Something intuitively knows what is needed next, and then next. The process is meditative, and for me requires a kind of deep listening.

I am a third generation artist, and I paint daily with my mother and two sisters.

Artist Statement

My new series of acrylic resin paintings are, metaphorically speaking, exploring the idea of life as a mirror. Someone once said, “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are”. There are over eight billion people on the planet today, yet each one is having their own unique experience of life, as different and unique as the dreams we have at night. I believe that the way we perceive the world, is a direct, projection of our own thinking — of our own thoughts and conditioning.


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