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Albert Abdul-Barr Wang

Albert Abdul-Barr Wang is a Salt Lake City-basedconceptual photographer, fabric, tapestry, sculptor, and installation artist. He was born in Brooklyn, New York City. Currently he is a BFA Honors student in Photography & Digital Imaging at the University of Utah.

His projects focus on historical and economic archives, glitches in artificial intelligence as related to Muslim identity, surveillance and linguistics, science fiction, capitalist machinery, Afro-linguistics, and the commodification of political violence through technology and social media. He has exhibited at Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Filter Space, Equity Gallery, Texas Photographic Society, and Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Also he has been an artist-in-residence at the School for Visual Arts and a recipient of the Working Artist Org grant.




“Bronze Age”


“Black Fax and Redaction” (2019)


“No Sleep Until Salt Lake City” (2020)


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