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Aïsha Lehmann: Mixed at Finch Lane Gallery

Salt Lake City
Oct. 8 – Nov. 19
There will be an artist reception on Friday, October 15, 6-9pm, open to the public.

Finch Lane Gallery
54 Finch Lane

Tuesdays from 9:30am-8:30pm and Wednesdays & Thursdays from 9:30am-5pm.


Aïsha Lehmann’s work addresses what it means to be of mixed race today, when historically, interracial relationships were heavily patrolled and condemned. Using printmaking and drawing techniques, Lehmann has created large scale portraits informed by a series of interviews conducted with individuals of mixed race. Each piece holds visual symbols of the merging of two different yet complementary family lineages.

Aïsha Lehmann is currently in Brigham Young University’s Studio Art BFA program, with minors in Sociology and Africana Studies. She is an artist and researcher, grappling with the complexities of identity in race, ethnicity, gender, and spirituality.

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