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Action-Packed Overloaded: Scott Stanley at the Gallery at Library Square

Salt Lake City
Jan. 14 – Feb. 24

Reception: Jan. 14, 4-5:30 pm

Gallery at Library Square
210 East 400 South, Fourth Floor

Artist Statement

“Hey there!” “Wassup?” “What’s new?” A greeting of discovery to all, and a friendly curiousinquiry into what are the bodacious happenings in your life. Each of these figure drawings is a one-of-a-kind collection. They all have their peculiar response to what may be going on in their particular action-packed piece of the universe. There is a lot of
ruckus to deal with, and the frequent commotion overloads even the strongest being. Each of these figures is constructed with various appendages, and accessories. Every portion is important for accomplishing goals, overcoming obstacles, pushing beyond the mundane, and some things are just for good ol’ messing around fun.
Each of us has a personality and a unique character. We all walk past each other daily, and our circumstances vary in every wobbly direction. Our days are action-packed with the fuss of everyday competition, the humdrum to-do lists, and uncontrollable distress. The years, the
months, and the hours are battled to the death, and with each skirmish, victory, or loss, we gain experience. Our character develops new parts, new tools, and our spirits become resiliently gutsy. When life overwhelms us and shows all its suckiness, and unfairness, we can show up fully equipped with the knowledge and know-how to go and kick life in its big fat hairy butt!


Artist’s Bio

Hey there, my name is Scott Stanley. First, I’d like to say thanks for checking out my art and taking a sec to read a little bit about me. I am an artist, and I love drawing in my sketchbook. I loved drawing in lined notebooks as a kid at Crescent Elementary School in Sandy, Utah, and I loved scribbling in the margins of my notes, during class, while earning a BFA at the University of Utah. If you work with me presently, sometimes I’ll draw a picture of you while in a meeting. A sketchbook is full of discovery, and curiosity. It’s a place where you can scribble out ideas, and visually record memories. You can save pieces of time, and embellish and distort every blank paper into its own single-page universe. I feel like my favorite artwork is always in my
sketchbook, and so for the “Action-Packed Overloaded” body of work, I wanted to unbind the drawings in my sketchbook. These drawings are a wizard’s potion, filled with all sorts of markings made by Acrylic and Watercolor Paint, Pen, Marker, Highlighters, Sumi ink, India ink,
Metallic and Fluorescent Paint, and pencils. You can find me scribbling, painting murals, illustrating products, and designing websites from the basement of my home in Bluffdale, Utah,
and occasionally while visiting Hakodate, Japan. When not drawing, I like to enjoy a delicious meal with my wife, or watch cartoons and goof off with my four kids.

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