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Abigale Palmer

Abigale Palmer holds degrees from Brigham Young University and University of Utah. She was born and raised in Utah in a home filled with books, original paintings and sisters. She spent her childhood reading, making paper doll houses and developing a love of creativity and color inspired by the art and books that filled the walls of her parents home. Abigale lives in Provo with her 4 children and entrepreneurial husband, Dallin; chasing their dreams… and their kids.

Artist Statement
We all have dreams and aspirations, and when we make the plunge to pursue them it can be like traveling through a desert landscape. Much like the road we travel in pursuit of our dreams, the desert is full of beauty and danger, tropical oasis and deceptive mirages. Given the stakes we would be wiser to return to more familiar territory, but something about the objective on the other side propels us deeper instead.



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