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A Touch of Burning Man at SLC’s Gallivan Center

Have you ever wanted to get a taste of Burning Man, but weren’t so sure about the sand and the heat? Drop into the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City this month and you can experience a version of one of the installations from the most recent Burning Man, without all the heat.

“Prism Portals” have been adapted from “Prism of Possibilities,” which was installed a the 2022 Burning Man. It was created by Emily Nicolosi, a long-time painter who turned to sculpture inspired by her experiences at Burning Man. She’s aided in the 3-D work by her husband, engineer and master builder, Ian Nicolosi, and others from the In Theory Art Collective. The original “Prism of Possibilities” offered Burning Man attendees three constructed light-infused portals, each opening to a version of a home in the year 2100: each home was based on the results of different climate scenarios played out over the next 75 years. The Collective has adapted the concept for an urban setting and the light sculptures have been activating the center of the city since December. In Theory Art Collective is promising special light patterns for Valentine’s Day.

“Prism Portals” is part of Crystalline Fantasia, a public art installation sponsored by The Blocks. The installation also contains a series of having snowflakes and ice drops, also designed by the collective The larger snowflakes are medial rhombic traicontahedron, while the ice drops use the same basic shape to form a pentagonal trapezohedron. For those wanting to nerd out on similar possibilities, In Theory Art Collective suggests you visit

You’ll have to brave the cold and snow to see these unique installations. It’s more Freezing Man than Burning Man, but you’ll get a taste of the kind of marvels that go up in the Nevada desert every summer.

Image credit: Chiana Rossiter

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  1. I really enjoyed “more Freezing Man than Burning Man” — great turn of phrase that makes me want to get downtown and see this wonder — as I am unlikely to hit the event in the desert. Great story.

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