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A Mixed Tally for Jethro Gillespie in 2018

Professionally, the 2018 high water mark for Jethro Gillespie was the successful defense of his doctoral dissertation in Art Education from Concordia University in Montreal – “Rethinking and remaking a high school art foundations curriculum” was the title. His research for it was as much practical as theoretical: the Spanish Fork artist, who earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in art education from Brigham Young University, has taught high school art in Utah for ten years.

2018 was also a personally poignant year for the artist. At the beginning of the year, his father passed away after a long battle with leukemia, an experience which partly influenced the creation of Gillespie’s “Black Tally Mark Quilt.” “I made that quilt during the time he was laid up in a bed in the hospital for over 2 months,” Gillespie says. “I was rather close with my dad, and that was a difficult time.” The quilt was accepted into two state-wide shows, the Springville Museum of Art’s annual quilt show, and UDAM’s Statewide Annual. At the latter, it won a juror’s award and has since been purchased for the state collection.

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Best Of (2018) curated by Emily Larsen.

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