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If the Huntsmans can’t afford to sponsor arts coverage in Utah, the Rossiters certainly can’t.

15 Bytes was on everyone’s lips earlier this year when the Salt Lake Tribune dropped their arts coverage and threw up a paywall. Where was the arts community to turn for coverage of their activities now that the daily newspaper was throwing in the towel?

Ah, 15 Bytes, that e-zine that crept on to the scene 17 years ago. They’re still doing their schtick. Growing even. Sure, they don’t have tens of thousands of readers, and you can’t even get a print version, but, hey, they’re our last hope.

Well, here’s the thing: if the Huntsman family can’t find enough spare change to continue to cover the arts scene, the Rossiter family certainly can’t.

I mean, have you seen what I drive?

And I’m the head honcho at this outfit. Just imagine our underpaid writers -they’d be happy if we could reimburse them for using one of those ubiquitous rent-a-scooters to get to their assignments.

Which is why we need your financial support.

Our overhead (such as it is), taxes, website expenses, computers, cameras . . . all that jazz is covered by grants from ZAP, Salt Lake Arts Council, UDAM and the Doctorow Family Foundation (and we gratefully recognize their support).  In addition, we get financial support from the underwriters who appear in the right-hand column of our posts (so, please thank them). But we need your support as well!

Every dollar we raise from our readers during our fall fundraiser goes directly to our coverage of the arts scene over the next 6 months. The number of articles we publish is directly up to you.

You can use Venmo to send a donation to: @Artistsofutah

You can use Paypal to send a donation to:

Use this button to send a donation with a credit card (it will be a Paypal page, but there will be an option to use a credit card):


Or keep the Post Office in business by sending a donation to:
Artists of Utah
P.O. Box 526292
SLC, UT 84152

Thank you,
Shawn Rossiter
Editor, 15 Bytes

Our thanks to those who have already helped us cover Utah’s art scene:

Jared Alleman
Terrece Beesley
Annie Boyer
Kelly Brooks
Susan Bromhold
Connie Borup
Suzanne Boskoff
Lewis Crawford
Patrice Corneli
Cindy Clark
Ann Davis
Laurie Downing
Stefanie Dykes
Karen Elrod
Jim Frazer
Jeff Juhlin
Sheryl Gillilan
Lydia Gravis
Ray Halls
Patricia Kimball
Lenka Konopasek
Susan Jarvis
William Littig
Hikmet Loe
Steven Labrum
Michael Larsen
Kathryn Lindquist
Frank McEnitre
Sue Martin
Joy Nunn
4Life Research
Aaron Garrett
Emily Larsen
Kristina Lenzi
Erica Olsen
David Pace
Nick Pedersen
Ronald Priddis
Andrew Rice
Shawn Porter
Paisley Rekdal
Jenni Reed
Daniel Smith
Nancy Vorm
Crystal Young-Otterstrom

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