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30 Years Bach: The Utah Baroque Ensemble

20160424-UBE - Cathedral of the Madeleine-026

Ask Martha Sargent, director of the Utah Baroque Ensemble, how the group began nearly 30 years ago and she smiles. It’s a question she’s heard often. “The choir really began with Douglas Bush and the Utah Bach Choir,” she says, “but when Doug got too busy to continue leading the group, I was approached about taking over as conductor. I knew that an opportunity like this wasn’t likely to come up again if I said no, so I agreed to direct the group even though I was busy raising my kids, teaching a lot of oboe students, and finishing up my master’s degree at the time.” Their first performance in Zion Lutheran Church in Salt Lake City saw a small audience of 12 people, but their audience has grown and continues to grow every year. . .

Read the profile in the September 2016 edition of 15 Bytes.

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