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Justin Wheatley

Justin WheatleyJustin Wheatley graduated with a BFA from Utah State University in 2006. He currently lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and two children. Justin is represented by CODA Gallery in Park City, and Evergreen Gallery in Salt Lake City.

Artist Statement

To everything there is a surface, a façade, an outward appearance. With most of life, the truth of the matter is distorted by the façade, by the physicality, limited by what the eye can see that is only an artificial layer to truth.

The work of Justin Wheatley dares to probe beneath the façade and discover the essential truths of existence. Wheatley’s canvases and his sculptures are intricately layered including subjects such as buildings, homes, bridges, latticed with abstracted line, shape, color, plane, symbol, and detail.

In a visual play, Wheatley deconstructs the physicality of the façade of his subject. It might be an old stone structure that will soon be lost to time thus deconstructing permanence in lieu of temporal transcendence. It may be a brightly colored and “poppish” home that conceals all that is real within thus deconstructing domestic ideals in lieu of secrets and obscurities. Or it might be the multi-dimensionality of his abstract layering breaking up the absoluteness of the subject thus deconstructing both space and time in lieu of a pure reality.

Wheatley’s work creates a multifaceted statement that is visually powerful and cognitively complex that synthesized, weaves an ongoing fabric of existential meaning.

-Ehren E. Clark

Artist Images

Marmalade House
24″ x 24″


White House Yellow Door
35″ x 35″


Spiral Jetty #3
10″ x 15″
Mixed media (photo, acrylic)


Warehouse on 5th West
35″ x 35″


Flatiron Building
35″ x 35″
Mixed media (photo, acrylic)



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