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February 2017
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

MODERN WEST FINE ART UP: Nocona Burgess’s new body of work, The Legendary Plains, integrates a combination of painting techniques with a vibrant pallete. Nocona’s creative, intricate, and unforgettable paintings embody the spirit of his Native ancestry. UPCOMING: Shonto Begay allows his dreams to create pictorial expressions of Native experiences and lands. Woody Shepherd’s bold landscapes demand presence. His dramatic techniques of layering paint create depth, texture and compelling composition.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Howard Brough: New Works. Built on an amalgamation of traditional icon forms, pieced quilt patters, comics, and manuscript illumination, these works are based on both current and historical references and stories along with allegorical narratives that underpin local belief patterns (see our review page 2). AND: The Wall, an installation of 100 ceramic masks, literally cheek to jowl, created over a period of several years, showcases the variations on a subject matter than can be achieved with a common theme. H. James Stewart is well known for his ceramic work, and this installation brings together a focused look at his masks. AND:John Sproul brings silhouetted shapes and abstract painting in his series Body to Body, which examines multiple perspectives of the human form (see our preview in the January edition).

GOD HATES ROBOTS UP: Covering Moss - A Bob Moss Visual Art Tribute. Local artists pay tribute to the late musician and artist known for his wood-burnings. Produced in conjunction with the release of “Son of Deseret,” a 24 song musical tribute to Bob Moss. Participating artists: Barton Moody, Sri Whipple, Gailon Justus, Trent Call, Carel P. Brest van Kempen, Mary Toscano, Ed Bateman, Mike Murdock, Tracy Medley, Xkot Toxsik, Dave Boogart, Lincoln Lysager.

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Rona Pondick and Robert Feintuch: Heads, Hands, Feet; Sleeping, Holding, Dreaming, Dying brings together sculptures by Rona Pondick and paintings by Robert Feintuch. A couple since the mid-1970s, the artists share interests in making work that uses the body to pursue psychologically suggestive meanings. Each uses their self, though neither makes traditional self-portraits. The exhihibit includes nine sculptures and a portfolio of prints by Pondick and eleven paintings by Feintuch. AND: From Nothing to Nothing Is No Time At All by Mary Rothlisberger explores quietude, the real color of night, how stones can speak, and what we say to one another when we’re just passing time.  AND: Only God Can Judge Me by Niki Chan Wylie, with words by Stephen Dark Photographer Niki Chan Wylie and Writer Stephen Dark want us to see homeless youth for who they are and for how they see themselves: As human beings who ask for nothing but the recognition of their right to strive for happiness, health, a home, and laughter. They all agree on one thing: A statement tattooed under the chin of one of Chan’s five subjects, Gabe, and the name she has given her portraits, Only God Can Judge Me. AND: Curated by Susan Caraballo, The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be is a collection work that examines violence and man-made atrocities, reflecting how the future before us looks bleak and far from what we had envisioned the 21st century to look like (see our review page 1).

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Curated by Michelle Marthia,  Resiliency features photographs taken at Ronald McDonald House by Heal Courageously's volunteer photographers. . AND: HOME!/? paintings of life in foster care by Clint Whiting (see our review page 6). . UPCOMING: Dreams of a Lucid Traveler, multi-media installation of hand crafted light sculptures by Aleta Boyce. AND: Ancient Nights, photos of ancient ruins under night skies by Mark Toso.
HORNE FINE ART UP: Featuring "All the World's A Stage", paintings by Karen Horne celebrating theatres and landmarks, (including the iconic Egyptian Theatre (see attached), the Gallivan stage, Capitol and Tower Theatres)  ballet and flamenco dancers.    Also, "Wall of Delight" an assembly of gem-like seasonal landscapes by Phyllis Horne.  We also have red-rock landscapes by emerging artist Ryan Cannon, displaying his distinctive approach to shape and color. 

CUAC UP: Get Over It by Jared Steffensen and Christopher Kelly. AND: Cake by Scott Malbaurn of Oregon.

RIO GALLERY UP: En Plein Air: Levi Jackson & Adam Bateman features 60 paintings made as performance en plein air.

NOX CONTEMPORARY UP: Paper & Rubber featuring the work of Justin Diggle, Al Denyer, and Heidi Moller Somsen.

MESTIZO UP: Ciclo Vital, an exhibit by Jazmine Martinez. Inspired by past and current social issues, Martinez is wanting the viewer to think critically and question the world around them.

ALPINE ART UP: Landscape oil paintings of Don Miskin in Landscapes of the West.

NOSTALGIA CAFE UP: New work by Daniel Walker.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UP: The Street, Flowers, Found Color and Reflections, a new exhibit by Paul Dougan.

A GALLERY UP: In Fabricated, John O'Connell fabricates deteriorating structures reminiscent of his time and youth in New England. He uses new wood, personal history and paint to explore the shifting layers of identity and self (see our profile page 1).

15TH STREET GALLERY UP: Featuring William Kranstover and Scott Yelonek.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Bill Reed, local abstract artist in Kinda Blue ,a visual representation of jazz and modern music. UPCOMING: Brent Hale's witty ceramics.

CONCEPT UP: Art by Julia Hill, Tyler Smith, Mark Seely, Dan Cummings, Jack Bowman, Shawna Peay, Steve Teuscher, Wayne Frewin, Melinda Engelhardt Frewin, Paula Biesinger, Jodi McRaney Rusho, Linnie Brown, Vance Challoner, Mitzi Hencley, Kevin Arthofer, John Harris, Jeff Barker, Aleta Boyce and more.

ALICE GALLERY UP: Collect, a collaboration between the Utah Division of Arts & Museums and the Salt Lake County Public Art Program, exhibits the recent and contemporary art acquisitions of both agencies.

MAIN LIBRARY: CANTEENA LEVEL UP: Garish, mixed media artwork by Jordan Brun which is inspired by pop culture, celebrity, memes, and social media. The series uses references from film, television, and print media; and is created using mixed media, including spray paint, acrylic paint, ink, pencil, and markers. .


GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Topographies, paintings by Wayne L. Geary, create map-like spaces, essentially two-dimensional, with ambiguous, shifting planes of shallow space and are made of fragments of topo maps, painted, and included with collage elements from other sources, such as images from 1950’s science fiction and horror comics (see our profile in the January edition). AND: In the Distance from Here to My Heart, mixed-media artwork by Erin D. Coleman, who uses embroidery and other traditional “women’s work” techniques, along with lived-used surfaces that appear to have passed from one use to the next over time, to remind us that a life lived is charged with meaning (see our review page 6).

UP: Allure of the Mountains: Photography by Benjamin Cook. ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH UP: Eight Fold: Paintings By Janiece Murray. Murray uses a straight-edge and compass to create an endless variety of works based on Islamic designs.

MARMALADE BRANCH UP: Where is My Mind, mixed media paintings by Micheal Jensen, in two series. In Complex Simplification two paintings are created using experimental applications of paint and ink. Once the paintings are completed, they are shredded into individual strips. Using the shredded paper like a loom uses yarn, the strips are weaved together to create a new and meticulous surface. In Slanted Progressivism, organic shapes are created by pouring, splashing, and scraping paint and smashed fruit on a painted wood board. Geometric shapes and harsh lines are added to create a feeling of organization and structure.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Angel Series: Mixed Media Sculptures by Amy Caron. A loving homage to folk art traditions, these angles — using eccentric materials (coffee grounds, dessert sprinkles, fake tattoos, paint, toys, mini-hats, knitting needles, feathers, etc.) — are agents of silly humor and overhead reminders that we can hold sacred anything we choose.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Nepal Rises: Photography by Lindsay Daniels, features photographs after the 2015 earthquake that look for signs of hope admidst the destruction.

DAY-RIVERSIDE BRANCH UP: Spirit Animals, mixed media paintings by Vatsala Soni Ranjan celebrates the life and spirit of the hunted animal. There is a play on the relationship of the animal with the surrounding environmentUPCOMING: The Illusion Underneath: Paintings by Michael Silva.

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