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February 2016
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South

Granary Art Center UPCOMING:
Fourth Grade Project began in 2008 when Judy Gelles volunteered in a fourth grade classroom at an elementary school in South Philadelphia. Over the course of eight years Gelles interviewed and photographed over 300 students from China, India, South Korea, England, Italy, St Lucia, South Africa, Nicaragua, and multiple regions of the United States. She asked all of the students the same three questions: Who do you live with? What do you wish for? and What do you worry about? Told in the students’ own words, these stories speak to the shared human experience across cultural and geographic boundaries. AND: In Difficult Truths, Kate Kretz presents a selection of work from a number of different series, all of which are reactions to personal experiences, whether navigating family relationships, romantic partnerships, or the world at large. AND: Shattered, an exhibit by Wendy Wischer, that uses  a single object covered with mirrors to fill an entire space through the use of light.  The moment of shatter is frozen in time while we are allowed to wander among the fragments and contemplate our relationship with them.  Our reflections are visible in the mirrored surfaces, allowing us to see ourselves within the context of the work.

Sears Art Museum UP:
30th Annual DSU Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show and Sale.

DiFiore Center UP: Subtle Humor, solo exhibition by Steven Stradley

St. George Art Museum UP: Fine Art of Feline Art, an exhibit of works by Shu Yamamoto who creates feline interpretations of famous paintings. . AND: Celebrating the Collection, featuring works from 20+ years of acquisitions.

UP: SUU Art & Design Faculty Exhibit, featuring the work of 14 faculty members including studio art, ceramics, graphic design and photography. AND: The Color of Daily Life, featuring the ceramic work of Linda Arbuckle. AND: Jim Jones' Studio features items from Jimmie Jones' home studio, along with newly displayed artwork from SUMA's collection donated by the late Rita Fordham.

John Wesley Powell River Museum UP:
Drift & Dream, watercolors and oils of rivers by Serena Supplee.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: A Visual Testimony: Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon Paintings. Featuring over 45 paintings by Minerva Teichert from the BYU Museum of Art’s permanent collection, this exhibition will speak to the artistry and the visual testimony of Minerva Teichert, as evidenced in this series of paintings depicting peoples and events of the Book of Mormon (see our review in the January edition). AND: Rebecca Campbell: The Potato Eaters. California-based contemporary artist Rebecca Campbell creates haunting paintings and installations inspired by her family history, that contemplate the hazy boundary between memory and imagination. (see our review in the October edition). AND: Split House, artist Annie Poon’s beautiful and haunting stop-motion film deals with her experiences with mental illness through beautiful illustrations and a self-composed score UPCOMING: Embracing Diverse Voices: A Century of African- American Art explores the diversity of experience and artistic expression among American artists of African descent. These works demonstrate as wide a range of stylistic approaches and viewpoints as one would expect of any group of Americans. While some works offer a glimpse of an artist’s personal vision, others speak out as bold political and social calls to action.

BYU Harold B. Lee Library UP: Comics & Mormons explores the 70-year relationship between Mormon culture and comic books. AND: Guild of Book Workers: Rocky Mountain Chapter. A traveling exhibit by twenty-six books bound by twenty-six members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers.

Springville Museum of Art UP: 45th Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show.

Woodbury Art Museum UP: WAR-TOYS: Israel, West Bank and Gaza Strip features Brian McCarty’s photographic works that interpret children’s drawings and offer a rare yet fascinating insight into the contemporary experiences of Palestinian and Israeli boys and girls. .

Gallery East UP:
Carnival Pleasures, 28 acrylic paintings and collages that draw upon the fantastic, bizarre world of carnival sideshows. UPCOMING: Student Hounduras Project: Gary Straquadine.

mixed media


Jan.1: Catalyst Magazine’s cover features a photo by Renee Adora Sarasvati

Jan. 5: After 16 Years, Mariah Mann Mellus Retires as Slug Magazine’s Gallery Stroll Columnist

Jan. 6: Topaz Museum to Close for Installation of New Exhibits

Jan. 9: Of Fantasy and Faith: LDS Artist James C. Christensen Dies at 74

Jan. 9: “Sgt. Pepper” Artist [Jann Haworth] Makes Amends with Message to Trump

Jan. 10: Artist of the Week: Facing Growth in Utah’s Art Community

Jan. 10: Mormon Artist James C. Christensen Dead at 74

Jan. 11: State and the Arts: Utah Might Be a Red State, but the Picture for Supporting the Arts is far from Blue

Jan. 11: Breathe in the “Inversion” at Provo’s Writ and Vision

Jan. 13: Art Activism Takes Center Stage at David P. Gardner Lecture featuring Bill T. Jones, Taylor Mac and Niegel Smith

Jan. 13: Utah Scenic Painter Kjae Boyd Leslie, the sky king, dies at 91

Jan. 16: A First-Hand Look at Fall 2016 Fine Art Photography at UVU

Jan. 18: New Watercolor Exhibit Opens at Peteetneet Museum in Payson

Jan. 22: Artist’s Planned Museum Aims to Ensure “Tree of Utah” Lives On

Jan. 23: Ogden Native’s Work Inspires Next Generation of Local Artists

Jan. 24: Traveling Smithsonian Exhibit Featuring History of American Workplace Pulls Into Ogden’s Union Station

Jan. 25: Time’s Arrow: Local Video Artist and Creative Writer Explore Relationships to the Physical World

Jan. 27: Local Art Exhibition Seeks to Bring Awareness to Minorities Who Feel Disenfranchised by Trump’s Election by Scotti Hill

Jan. 27: Smithsonian Exhibit “The Way We Worked” rolls into Ogden’s Union Station

Jan. 28: Writer-and-Illustrator Sister Duo Releases Second Picture Book

Jan. 28: New Kayenta Center for the Arts Provides Needed Space for Performance, Visual Art

Jan. 30: U. Graduate Wins Academy Award for Work on Visual Effects Software

Jan. 31: Seven Places to Find Art Exhibits in Utah Valley


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