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September 2016
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah

Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UPCOMING: A Visual Testimony: Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon Paintings. Featuring over 45 paintings by Minerva Teichert from the BYU Museum of Art’s permanent collection, this exhibition will speak to the artistry and the visual testimony of Minerva Teichert, as evidenced in this series of paintings depicting peoples and events of The Book of Mormon. AND: Rebecca Campbell: The Potato Eaters. California-based contemporary artist Rebecca Campbell creates haunting paintings and installations inspired by her family history, that contemplate the hazy boundary between memory and imagination. The resulting works, richly painted and emotionally resonant, encourage viewers to reflect on their own past and to embrace nostalgia as a tool of self-discovery.

BYU Harold B. Lee Library UP: Jason Williams' Odds & Ends: A Collection of Photographs. AND: Victoria Sambunaris: Historical Echoes, photographs.

Woodbury Art Museum UP: The George Sutherland Archives & Woodbury Art Museum present: 75 Years of Campus Life. The 75-year history of UVU is laid out for the community through artistic timelines and historical documents and photographs.

Writ & Vision UP: Triangle Self: New Works by Caitlin Connolly. In this show Connolly explores the rendering of gender, especially feminine forms, through shape. For generations the triangle has factored prominently in iconic representations of girls and women. Think stick figures and restroom signs. 'Triangle Self' builds out from this basic association to examine both aesthetic and cultural thematic tensions: rigidity and fluidity, line and shape, stability and vulnerability, strength and imperfection, body and covering.

Springville Museum of Art UP: Three Mile Radius, an exhibition featuring the art of Jacqui Larsen and the poetry of her husband Lance Larsen, Utah's Poet Laureate, documents the people, places and things of Springville, Utah. Jacqui and Lance worked with only one rule: that their inspiration must come from what they find in the three mile radius that surrounds Jacqui’s studio (see our review page 3). AND: Glimpses of Springville features visual artists exclusively from Springville and Mapleton and celebrates the artists in our “three mile radius.” AND: Don’t Read This, Too is a continuation of the 2014 exhibition at the SLC Public Library titled “Don’t Read This.” For the ten contemporary Utah artists in “Don’t Read This, Too” text has value for its formal as well as its communicative qualities. The beauty of language finds expression not only in the communicated content, but in the visual symbols we use to represent language. AND: 43rd Annual Quilt Show features quilts of all styles and sizes created by some of the State’s finest quilters. AND: Lost + Found: In Search of Georgian Art celebrates the art of the country of Georgia as seen through the collections of Ellie Sonntag, Roy and Anne Jespersen, and Jeff and Helen Cardon. UPCOMING: Rock the Vote: Presidential Portrayals Past and Present, an educational display that juxtaposes depictions of presidents and their opponents from a variety of viewpoints.

Granary Art Center UP:
Beyond Structure: Representations of the American Barn, curated by Jason Lanegan, features artists who utilize the image of a barn in their work because of its place in the vernacular landscape. AND: Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten, a series of works by Diane Meyer in which cross stitch embroidery has been sewn directly into family photographs. As areas of the image are concealed by the embroidery, small, seemingly trivial details emerge while the larger picture and context are erased.

Snow College Art Gallery UP:Spontaneous Memorial, an installation commemorating 9/11 by Frank McEntire.

UP: Jimmie Jones: The Final Paintings. These 15 paintings comprise the very best of Jones’ work and with the exception of “Point Sublime” were part of Jimmie’s gift to SUU, a gift which was the cornerstone of SUMA. Jones’ paintings of Zion and the Grand Canyon have given him the title of southern Utah’s premier landscape painter. AND: SUU College of Performing and Visual Arts (CVPA) Current Student Work. A revolving exhibit in all media of SUU Art and Design graduate and undergraduate student work is on display in the Maud Triesman Mason Gallery. AND: Kevin Kehoe: Western Therapy. Incorporating hikers, bikers, jeep riders and more, the artist depicts people enjoying the rugged wonders of the western landscape. Through October 1. UPCOMING: Badlands, photo manipulations and ceramic sculpture by Andy Nasisse. Ceramic sculptures that are inspired by the desert landscape, the figure, and the metaphorical nature of the vessel as well as a series of black and white landscape photographs that reference dramatic, classic black and white photos, but which are subtly manipulated to bring out the mysterious and suggestive nature of the natural forms.

Randall L. Jones Theatre UP: Seasons, an exhibit of pastels by Arlene Braithwaite depicting the southern Utah landscape in all its variety.

Sears Art Museum UP:
GO OUT & PLAY! an exhibit about childhood memories of play. AND: In the Eccles Grand Foyer: Reece Thompson.

St. George Art Museum UP: Pictured:  The Nation’s Most Spectacular National Parks, a juried show featuring 44 pieces of art by 40 artists. Aesthetically, the styles range from those harking back to the late nineteenth century grand romantic style to near non-representational and a whole range in between.  AND: Fiber Artists Imagine the National Parks, works by Painted Hills Fiber Artists using a wide variety of techniques including various sewing methods, coloring, inking, dyeing and even hand painting to create their special brand of art. Living in the midst of the spectacular setting of the American Southwest makes these artists particularly well suited to capturing the colors, textures and feeling of southern Utah. AND: Early Art of the National Parks includes a dozen beautifully rendered historic paintings and two prints that range in date from 1888 to 1937.  Depicted are five national parks:  Zion, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Glacier. 


mixed media

  Aug. 2016 Catalyst, p.22 Historic Baldwin Radio Factory Houses Two Dozen Artist Studios

Aug. 2016 Catalyst, pg. 14 Kristian Anderson: Man from UMOCA

8/6 LDS Church History Museum Announces Visitors’ Choice Awards Winners

8/7 Maine Artist Creates New Salt Lake City Public Art Piece

8/8 Kimball Arts Fest Makes Late Appearance in Park City

8/11 “Jack Catholic” Artist Salvador Alvarez Illustrates LDS Book

8/16 Eccles’ Art in Bloom Lasts a Week Before It Wilts

8/17 Deseret News Discovers “Goat Lady” Kaziah Hancock

8/19 Brian Staker reviews our own 35x35 in City Weekly

8/20 New Curator of American Art at BYU’s Museum of Art hopes to reach out

8/20 Utah Cultural Alliance 2016 Culture Bytes in Cache -- Cache Valley Arts Summit on Aug. 30

9/1: The Art of Being Fletcher Booth, with a portrait of the artist by Trent Call

9/1: Largest burned project in history of Burning Man will be solar powered and by Park City artist

9/1: Furry work by Utah artist Leia Bell graces cover of Catalyst


John Wesley Powell River Museum UP:
Drift & Dream, watercolors and oils of rivers by Serena Supplee.
Gallery East UP:
The 2nd Law (of Thermodynamics): Order from Chaos, Utah landscapes and night sky photography of USU Eastern Anatomy Professor Tyson Chappell. Most of his photographs have to do with the picturesque Utah landscape or the immensity of space. “To me, photography is about capturing a small piece of the beautiful and exquisite natural world. Nature and science, physics, chemistry and biology are all immensely poetic. Photography allows me to capture the ‘magic’ of the purely natural world be it plants, animals, rocks or space above.”

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