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September 2016
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

MODERN WEST FINE ART UP: Duality, a solo exhibition of paintings by John Berry. Berry’s work combines an incredible tension and incorporates a new direction. His bold colors and shapes reference the landscapes he has painted in the past with a dynamic new body of abstract work. UPCOMING: Limelight, a solo exhibition of mixed media works by Dick Jemison. His works are a consolidation of his influences driven by a vague, abstract notion and ideal of beauty. They reflect on his interests of evocative marks and detritus of our civilization.This is the first showing of his latest body of work, Limelight. It combines an incredible tension and incorporates a vibrant and dynamic direction.

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Jim Williams: 265 I . . . Home as Self-Portrait gives the public access to a three-decade long process of artistic exploration and transformation as the artist has used his home and personal life as a canvas for his art. AND: Exploration, intrusive investigation, research and analysis are the foundation of Jennifer Seely’s project Supporting Elements. As a forensic architect, Seely applies her architectural background, understanding of construction and proper installation of construction materials to investigate failing building envelopes (walls, windows, roofing systems, etc.), fire resistive assemblies, and improperly built buildings. AND: Berna Reale: Sining in the Rain: Through pointed humor, satirical characters, and striking colors, Reale’s performances in the videos Palomo (2012), Cantando na chuva (Singing in the Rain)(2014), and Untitled (2011) investigate current social conflicts of Brazil involving issues of criminal justice, capitalism, and gender inequality. AND: Andrew Rice: (Re)Structured explores an isolated state where, protecting ourselves in safe havens, we cannot access the world and the world cannot access us (see our article page 3). AND: Object[ed]: Shaping Sculpture in Contemporary Art brings together the work of six sculptors to explore how visual artists use three-dimensionality as a language to reframe and expand notions of objecthood. Beyond the tired dichotomy of architecture and landscape [or not-architecture and not-landscape], each artist looks to the outer terms of exclusion where sculpture lies. Artists: Olga Balema, Caitlin Cherry, Lizze Määttälä, Leeza Meksin, Tove Storch, Gili Tal (see our review page 1). AND: Cara Krebs: Sehnsucht. Cara Krebs toys with displacement by conceiving imagination, perception, desire, and visceral reactions as means of moving a person through place. In the same manner that paintings traditionally function as illusionistic portals, translucent material allows viewers to visually pass into spaces physically impossible to inhabit.

ALICE GALLERY UP: Architecture of Place takes a look at depictions of various structures and environments highlighted in the State of Utah Fine Art and Folk Art Collection. While some works in this exhibition depict Western or Utah specific locales such as Ada Rigby’s papercut of the Salt Lake Temple, or Leconte Stewart’s Cabin in the Hills, others such as Moishe Smith’s rendering of Jerusalem and Karl Pace’s Desert Town at Dusk take the viewer to more distant locations.

MESTIZO GALLERY UP: Mi Gente, an exhibit by SLC based artist Dionne Gordillo. Her photography is a result of her search to build bridges between Guatemala, the country of her family, and the United States, the country where she grew up. UPCOMING: Rainbow Variance, an exhibit by Andrew Alba. Rainbow Variance is a body of work that explores the intersection of race and ethnic identity. These are the personal stories of white, afro latinx, brown, bi-racial, queer and undocumented people found within the Latinx community.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: 35x35, the recurring exhibition featuring the young generation of Utah artists juried by Artists of Utah. Showcasing thirty-five Utah artists who are thirty-five years old or younger, 35x35 provides an opportunity for the public to engage with a broad range of styles and interests, and gives the artists the opportunity for important professional development at an early stage in their careers.

DAVID DEE FINE ARTS UP: The Power of Abstraction. Prominent Utah abstractionists Don Olsen, Lee Deffebach and others trained in New York during the postwar era, and brought their skills home, where they created powerful canvases of vigorous brushstrokes, direct color, and honest emotion.

ART 270 GALLERY UP: Man and Nature, a close examination of nature and man as nature. Featured artists are Bill Stockdale, Steve Stones and Chris Dickinson. UPCOMING: Finding Patricia Dinu (Romania) and Anselm Spring (Germany) collaborate to present their obsession with the iconic plastic doll in a desert setting.

CUAC UP: Magical Thinking by Brooklyn based artist Fran O’Neill and A Beautiful Wall by Utah based artist Matthew Choberka. UPCOMING: Discover Zaqistan: The Art of Adventure by the Zaqistan Tourism Board. The "Republic of Zaqistan" is located just west of the Great Salt Lake. Founded in 2005 by New York City-based artist Zaq Landsberg as a response to the political climate at the time, the project continues to be conceptually tied to current events.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Realistic Art, oil paintings by Sandra Williams. These paintings capture light and color that burst off of the canvas giving rise to still life, landscapes, and portraits that capture real life. The artist’s reception will be on Gallery Stroll. UPCOMING: Hammer and Spindle, scarves and shawls by textile artist Kristy K. Bartley, and necklaces, pendants, cuffs, brooches, earrings, and wearable sculpture metal smith Susannah Ravenswing.

SORENSON UNITY GALLERY UP: Presenting works by PEAU (Pasifika Enriching Arts of Utah) in celebration of the 4th Annual Utah Pacific Island Heritage Month. See the traces of Pacific Islander’s roots as they migrated for a Life Elevated! UPCOMING: Works by 3rd Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize Recipients.

URBAN ARTS GALLERY UP:SELF, a two part show examining the complex endeavor of representing ‘self’ through artistic means. Guest curated by Dawn Taylor, this exhibit will feature self portraits by various local artists, as well as portraiture by Tessa Ryser, Grace Ryser and Lindsay Anderson. UPCOMING: 6th Annual Blick Skate Deck Show will feature over 100 art works made using skate board decks from over 90 artists. Also featuring works from street style artists Jorge Arellano (Stencil Jam), Ryan Harrington and David Born.

NOSTALGIA CAFE UP: Anastacio Castillo II, a 19 year old Hispanic male musician/artist based out of Salt Lake City. Castillo’s work varies and changes out of an inclination to explore other mediums and test his ability in "off the wall" images that are he finds humorous portraying cartoon characters or imaginary creatures. UPCOMING: Reese Wallace, a 26 year old artist living in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Annual Plein Air Painting Exhibition, featuring landscapes by Anastasia Dukhanina, Susan Gallacher, Randall Lake, Bryan Mark Taylor and others. .

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Dennis Smith, Glen Hawkins and Emily Sanders.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: A Retrospection of Nancy Swanson. An eclectic collection of Nancy's work from the 10 years of her being part of our gallery. UPCOMING: John Stout’s Master of the Miniature.

A GALLERY UP: Susan Makov in her premiere exhibition. Using calligraphic lines, shape, depth and color to explore her idea of trees. The trees speak in an unknown language. A mountain trail filled with fir and pine. The understory is filled with branches long past their prime. UPCOMING: Ryoichi Suzuki’s minimalist forms exemplify the flowing energy of being. He uses line and form to cultivate a sense of calm and reveal the subject’s inward significance. Ryoichi Suzuki lives in Logan, UT where he is a sculpture professor at Utah State University. Annually he returns to his hometown Tokyo, to exhibit his work and lecture.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UP: Bob Bauer Photography. Bauer is a long time Utah photographer and artist. Having shot in several genres over the years, his current shooting is what he calls 'Real Abstracts', unaltered photographs of things that appear to be abstract paintings, most of which is found on the sides of Railroad cars on the West Side.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP:Presenting works created by participants in the Adult Art Workshops. Also, works created in the Youth Workshops for ages 5-11 and 11-16 in the Access II Gallery. UPCOMING: Savor the Small paintings by Stephanie Hock 12" x 12" and smaller that find the joy and beauty in small, regular moments of life. AND: 4th Annual ART2GO Invitational Group Exhibit. This invitational features art by 39 artists priced in categories from $50 -$500.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Annual summer group exhibition. UPCOMING: Abstract oils and monotypes by Tom Bettin and Utah scenery in vibrant watercolor by Rebecca Livermore.

ART HAUS COLLECTIF UP: Introducing Ellen McCannell and new enchanting works from Holly Addil and Jenny Prinn. UPCOMING: Textured artwork from Jon Norberg. Also exhibiting new and enchanting works from Holly Addi and Jenny Prinn.

HARMONS GROCERY CITY CREEK (135 E 100 S; 801-428-0365). UP: Featuring the works of Susie Polychronis. Susie uses text in her paintings as a way of reflecting her mood at the time of each painting, shaped by what is going on in life at that moment. The clever, thought-provoking phrases, painted in acrylic on canvas are displayed in black and white and shades of grey.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Summertime, summer watercolor paintings from Cara Koolmees and new landscape paintings from Roberta Glidden.. UPCOMING: Ron Russon’s Bits & Pieces, small pieces of bigger paintings inspired by Instagram shots.

MIRI GALLERY UP: ART Before the ART: A Sketchbook Exhibition, a display of several talented artist sketchbooks as well as live sketching. UPCOMING: My World: Mental Health Awareness through Art. When words fail to express the emotions associated with mental health struggles, art opens a powerful avenue of communication.

MOUNTAIN WEST HARD CIDER UP: Tess Cook examines the positive and negative aspects of human nature and connects the individual fight for physical, mental, and spiritual nourishment. UPCOMING: Jenni Thompson, a third generation artist from Spring City.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Travels, including jazzy new street scenes from New York, Park City and San Fran by Karen Horne and new Cache Valley and desert landscapes by strongly emerging artist, Ryan Cannon. Also enjoy new Art of Dance paintings.

ALPINE ART UPCOMING: he Breakfast Bunch. Sue Valentine, Dottie Miles, Marian Dunn, Steven Sheffield, Nancy Droubay and Judy Mayron have been meeting for breakfast every Friday morning for over 20 years. Their artful conversations consist of current trends, art exhibitions, and even critiques from one another.


Drawing and Printmaking by Desarae Lee
. Influenced by personal trauma and struggles with depression and anxiety disorders, Desarae creates work that revolves around themes of finding humor in pain, beauty in the grotesque, and light in the darkness. As comfortable referencing geek culture as she is bearing the depths of her soul, Desarae’s work ranges in theme but is always, as she says, “an attempt to connect the hidden places in myself to the hidden places in the viewer, to somehow create a bridge of communication over the immense expanse of our differing perceptions, beliefs, and experiences.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: A Peaceful Place: Paintings by Willamarie Huelskamp. "The subjects of my work sometimes reflects experiences my life with my family and animals, but they can also be a reflection of the inner journeys of my mind. This messy humanness I share with all the people who have come before me and who will come after me fuels my artistic engine. Through deceptively simple images and rich layering of texture, I intend for my paintings to speak beyond culture, time, and location. Employing a personal symbolic language, my paintings are the vehicle in my search for wholeness and connection.".

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: High Places Make Me: High Paintings by J. Calhoun This show has an assortment of plein air (painting on location) and studio work that depicts the artist's favorite, mountain places.

Watercolors by Anne Penrod
. "I use satellite imagery to create overhead abstractions of Salt Lake City neighborhoods and of the Colorado River. A birds-eye view of the city, a location with limited natural water supply, reveals a landscape lush with foliage. In contrast, one may float in the midst of the source of the culinary and irrigation supply for Las Vegas and southern California, yet a few feet from the shoreline the land reverts to desert. In contrast to these interpretive overhead views I draw the viewer to ground level by inserting specimens of magnified flora and fauna, brought in to beautify our civilization.

MARMALADE BRANCH UP:Charming Marks: Paintings by Michael Edwards features paintings created of a diverse collage of colors and marks, which the artist has allowed to grow into a unique face. The recent MFA graduate from the University of Utah (Film, Animation, Video) reduces faces to the most basic forms. UPCOMING: Unresting Event
Paintings by Ben Kilbourne.
Ben Kilbourne is a musician, painter, and intermedia artist from Southern Utah. His work is often built out of the landscapes of the West (particularly the Colorado Plateau) but it expresses much broader themes. His main interest lies in asking these persistent questions: Who are we as humans? How do we relate to the rest of the world? SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: 214222367: A Photographer's Passport. Photography by Thomas Horton. UPCOMING: Greater Salt Lake: Paintings by Terence K. Stephens. Salt Lake City and its beautiful environs, from its gritty winter streets to its colorful spring surprises planted between mountain and valley.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E 300 S; 801-521-0243)
UP: Poetic Expressions, art and poems by Michael Berry and new works by Amal Kawar.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UPCOMING: Season, near sculpture and paintings by Brian Kershisnik.

ILLUME GALLERY OF FINE ART UP: Where in the World is Plein Air 2016.

15TH STREET GALLERY UPCOMING: Courtney Derrick, Aaron Memmott and Justin Wheatley.

Presenting Mary Sauer, Winner of this year’s National Portrait Society of America Award of Exceptional Merit.

CONCEPT UPCOMING: Tyler Smith and his striking acrylic on canvas. Also introducing Irish Peay and her unusual abstracts on canvas.

GOD HATES ROBOTS UP: Circular Conformity by Eric Fairclough. UPCOMING: Fletcher Booth's Victory.

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