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March 2016
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UP: Abstract Expressions. Group exhibition of painting, sculpture and works on paper, intended as a survey of various styles of abstraction. The exhibition features artists from UT and around the US, which offeres an introduction to various styles in a variety of media.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UPCOMING: On the Border: Thailand and Myanmar Paintings. Watercolor paintings by Hadley Rampton, Maung Maung Tinn, Nyan Soe. In this group exhibition, local artist Hadley Rampton is joined in Salt Lake by two Bermese painters who inspired her to join them in exposing the atrocities taking place in Myanmar (Burma). AND: Extinct, paintings by Laura Hope Mason focus on objects or feelings that may be fleeting or transient to the viewer. Each piece is part of a bigger picture, which helps piece together subtle abstractions and offers understanding of the unfamiliar and impermanent.

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Yoshua Okon: Oracle, a video installation that gives voice to the multiple and often widely dissenting positions surrounding the migration of tens of thousands of children, a phenomenon that reached unprecedented numbers in 2014. AND: Andrew Moncrief: A Strange Feeling, appropriates images of male wrestlers to unravel dichotomies of violence and intimacy, stoicism and submission, tolerance and taboo. Rendered in thick layers of oil paint, Moncrief’s striking figures evoke tensions between classical representations of the ideal form and contemporary understandings of the gendered body (see our review page 1). AND: David Brothers: Rolithica. Incorporating both the beautiful and the wretched, the artist creates elaborate, fantastical and sublime staged worlds as the palette for his photographic compositions. Through installation and photography, this solo exhibition will take the viewer into Brothers’ surreal world that is at once both hell and paradise. AND: Exploring power relationships in both the cultural and political realms, Ideologue brings together the work of nine artists who employ humor and hyperbole to address platforms of ideology. AND: Here, an exhibition by UMOCA artist-in-residence and Weber State University photography professor Paul Crow that depicts shifting perspectives of various vistas, including an expansive landing strip, a frozen lake, and a forest.

RIO GALLERY UP: Raw and Uncooked. This exhibition explores the relationship between culture and nature, one of the oldest human tropes. Artists Jim Jacobs (see our profile in the February 2016 edition), Joshua Winegar, and Paul Crow present work within this nature/culture dialectic. Jacobs begins with an ancient horticultural intervention, the graft, to focus our attention on a literal intersection of the natural and the human-made. Winegar takes on the natural world as a partner in a conversation with his psyche, alternately responding to, and intervening in, the world which surrounds him. Crow maps the span of his life onto the time frame of the human awareness of global climate change. UPCOMING: A Place to Call Place: The first five years of the Frontier Fellowship.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Digital prints by Martin Novak, assemblage by Frank McEntire and Jody Plant (see our profile page 1), and mixed media on paper by Una Pett.

ALICE GALLERY UP: History of Photogry: Recent Work by Laurel Caryn explores contemporary image culture and how the process of recording history through photographs has changed and sometimes lost through the advent of digital technology.

DAVID DEE FINE ARTS UP: Celebrate National Parks of the West with historical images from the Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone and Bryce Canyon. The exhibition will highlight works included in the upcoming exhibition Capturing the Canyons at BYU MOA. 

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: From Field Sketch to Canvas, new works by Patrice Corneli. AND: A series of whimsical paintings by Carol Berrey that explore women's spirituality through quirky and humorous works.

UP: A Burst of Color. Just in time for spring, the gallery welcomes color and light through floral, cityscape, and dancer paintings by Karen Horne, Phyllis Horne, Ryan Cannon, Jaimie Wayman, and others.

URBAN ARTS GALLERY UP: Imagine Love, collaborative works by husband and wife team Martin Stensaas and Sunny Strasburg and local grafitti artist Benjamin Wiemeyer. Also featuring paintings by Jessica Douglas and sculpture by Kevin-Bruce Mahffey.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Twins of Different Mothers: Brent Hale and Bill Reed. AND: Betta Inman whose range of colors brings intriguing elements to still life scenes. .

MESTIZO GALLERY UP: Objects and Self a new exhibit by Salt Lake City based artist, Carina Barajas tackles issues of body image, identity and sexuality. AND: The 2016 César Chávez Visual & Language Arts Contest, works by students from the Salt Lake City and Granite School Districts. 

ARTS OF THE WORLD GALLERY UP: Current exhibit features work by digital artist Paula Nohavec. .

GOD HATES ROBOTS UP: New paintings by Hannah Emmerson, a young woman with Autism Spectrum Disorder who communicates through her paintings instead of using spoken language. .

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Jon Erickson and Sharon Alderman. .UPCOMING: New work by Dave Malone and Bonnie Sucec. .

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Paintings by regular gallery artists from Utah, California, France and Russia. Featuring new work from highly acclaimed San Francisco Bay Area artist, Bryan Mark Taylor.

MODERN WEST FINE ART UP: Kevin Red Star, an artist whose work in acrylic, mixed media and oil is expressive, vibrant and abstract and offers a unique and expressive depiction of Native American culture. UPCOMING: Paintings by Kevin Kehoe, who captures the american west.

ALPINE ART UP: Relatable, art works from husband/wife, Brad and Debra Teare; cousins, Claire Proctor and Sutton Slighting; siblings, Rebecca and Johanna Bossart' and mother/son, Anne Albaugh and David Sargeant, to name a few. These artists will show art works that are somehow related. Explore the differences or similarities between the pieces and learn about how they have influenced or inspired each other's work.

CONCEPT UP: Introducing Daria King and her stunning, ethereal works on canvas. Relax in the unique warehouse atmosphere.

UTAH ARTS FESIVAL GALLERY UP: Wild in the West showcases the work of Mike Beals, Jennifer Love, Kate and Adam Rice, and J. Randal Young. The exhibit explores beauty, fragility, and spiritualty found in nature's landscapes.

RED BUTTE GARDEN UP: Inside/Outside. Encaustic, pastel, and acrylic work by Linda McCausland.

GEORGE S. & DOLORES DORÉ ECCLES ART GALLERY UP: Unfolding Truth: Photographs by TheDocumentaryProjectFund Awardees 2012-2015. The first-ever group exhibit featuring the visually stunning work of documentary photographers who earned a grant through TheDPF.

CUAC UP: True Love Waits: Maxfield Hegedus & Suhnee Venice. AND: The Utah Ties annual juried exihibition, with works selected by Rob Greene of Greene Exhibitions in Los Angeles.


MAIN LIBRARY, CANTEENA LEVEL 2 UP: Photography from the West: Works by West High Students.

DAY-RIVERSIDE LIBRARY BRANCH UP: Iris and Orchid Collection. Brightly colored paintings from self-taught artist Anna Prosvirova.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Perceptions: Paintings by Lucy Corwin. She approaches the canvas as a space where she can meditate on emotions, colors, and concepts. Her work is directed through her shifting thoughts, and moods, which results in work that constantly evolves.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: A Public Spectacle Essay: Letterpress works by Emily Dyer Barker. The artist is fascinated with how modes of text in the public space can facilitate public engagement with essays or stories.

MARMALADE BRANCH UP: Parlay exhibits the colorful, innovative work of Trent Call.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: If I Were a Caveman this Would be My Wall: Works by Alan Durtschi .

ART 270 GALLERY UP: People Who Need People. Painting and mixed media by T.K. Stephen.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Featuring work from Anne Wolfer, William Kranstover, and Trenton Higley.

A GALLERY UPCOMING: Marci Erspamer's solo exhibition. In 'Entangled in Light', Erpsmaer challenges viewers to see depth within flat isolated spaces through her bold use of color and line. With these elements she creates wondrous fractured landscapes painted with the clarity, beauty, and meditative simplicity of stained glass.

LOCAL COLORS GALLERY UP: Local Colors of Utah is highlighting painter Ruby Jensen and photographer David Charlins. Jensen paints what can be found in rural Utah: rustic barns, fall-tinted aspens and old trucks, etc. Charlins’ work explores the edge between classic landscape photography and the more abstract world of expressionistic imagery. .

NOSTALGIA CAFE UP:Presenting work by Samantha daSilva.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP:Presenting Peaceful Chaos, the latest work from renowned artist, David Maestas.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: Presenting the work of Michael Workman

GREEN LOFT CO-OP UP: Steve Rasmussen and Laurie Bray will show their latest photographs. The space where black and white meet the lens is the common thread between these two artists' work.

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