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February 2016
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Yoshua Okon: Oracle, a video installation that gives voice to the multiple and often widely dissenting positions surrounding the migration of tens of thousands of children, a phenomenon that reached unprecedented numbers in 2014. AND: Andrew Moncrief: A Strange Feeling, appropriates images of male wrestlers to unravel dichotomies of violence and intimacy, stoicism and submission, tolerance and taboo. Rendered in thick layers of oil paint, Moncrief’s striking figures evoke tensions between classical representations of the ideal form and contemporary understandings of the gendered body (see our review page 1). AND: David Brothers: Rolithica. Incorporating both the beautiful and the wretched, the artist creates elaborate, fantastical and sublime staged worlds as the palette for his photographic compositions. Through installation and photography, this solo exhibition will take the viewer into Brothers’ surreal world that is at once both hell and paradise. AND: Exploring power relationships in both the cultural and political realms, Ideologue brings together the work of nine artists who employ humor and hyperbole to address platforms of ideology. AND: Here, an exhibition by UMOCA artist-in-residence and Weber State University photography professor Paul Crow that depicts shifting perspectives of various vistas, including an expansive landing strip, a frozen lake, and a forest.

RIO GALLERY UP: Raw and Uncooked. This exhibition explores the relationship between culture and nature, one of the oldest human tropes. In this recurring schism, humans believe ourselves to be of nature and, alternately, distinct from it. As we search texts and traditions to support either position, the persistence of the trope itself is underscored; it’s an impasse, shifting in form. It’s also an embrace of or a resistance to the natural world that produced us; from which we believe we stand apart. Artists Jim Jacobs (see our profile page 1), Joshua Winegar, and Paul Crow present work within this nature/culture dialectic. Jacobs begins with an ancient horticultural intervention, the graft, to focus our attention on a literal intersection of the natural and the human-made. Winegar takes on the natural world as a partner in a conversation with his psyche, alternately responding to, and intervening in, the world which surrounds him. Crow maps the span of his life onto the time frame of the human awareness of global climate change.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: The Color of Being - Paintings for this exhibit were created by participants in the "Experimental Painting" class, in which students are given non-conventional tools to paint with, including floppy discs, bubble wrap, carpet samples, funnels, toothbrushes, and more. AND: To Express: To Set Forth in Words - This exhibition intertwines words of introspection with visual creation, thereby adding dimension to the speaker’s voice and breathing lexical life into expression. The concept for this exhibit grew out of the instructor's curiosity over what the artists were thinking as they were creating.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Presenting Tess Cook, Larry Revoir and Grant Fuhst (see our review page 1). In Food Fight Cook pairs food and animals to make connections to the individual struggle for nourishment from physical, mental and spiritual sources. The metaphor can also be extended to the fight for resources and politics between nations. AND: A stuffed animal might represent simplicity and innocence of a by-gone age, but in Larry Revoir’s hands, the ceramic pieces look like the wreckage from a nuclear blast and subsequent deterioration. “They are recognizable reminders of a different time,” says Revoir, “before the ash and the rubble set in, but now, they are permanently altered.” His method of using wood-firing on his ceramic pieces mimics the irrevocable and ongoing aftermath of the anthropocene. AND: The Yearning Curve is Grant Fuhst’s recent work that is largely concerned with the longing for a spiritual life and the harsh realities that often collide with such desires. The figures, although monk-like and passive, speak to Fuhst about capturing that place of balance.

CUAC UP: Cheryl Pope. In JUST YELL: (UN)TOLD, Pope uses a sports metaphor and collaborations from inner city youth in Chicago to create an arena to address gun violence and the perpetrators and victims. For years, Pope’s work has dealt with sports as a metaphor for artistic training and spectacle. In particular, her practice has engaged in the public/private tension that is at the heart of both sports and art practice. AND: True Love Waits: Maxfield Hegedus & Suhnee Venice.

ALICE GALLERY UP: Cultivate highlights agrarian landscapes as subject matter, and importantly includes works that draw attention to the water sources upon which those landscapes are conditional. This exhibition features painting, photography, sculptural and textile works by Utah artists including Adam Bateman, Gordon Cope, Edwin Evans, Mary Jim, Lazaros, Jeffrey Pugh, Tom Till, Mary Kimball, Blanche Wilson, Mahonri Macintosh Young, and others.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Wilder Places, Newer Light by Elise LaJeunesse. The artist works in the medium of bromoil prints, an early photographic process currently practiced by a small number of artists. LaJeunesse's work contains themes of a forgotten or lost past. UPCOMING: From Field Sketch to Canvas, new works by Patrice Corneli.

UP:Wake up your winter with a burst of color and light. Featuring a vivid array of floral, cityscape and dancer paintings by noted and upcoming Utah artists. 

URBAN ARTS GALLERY UP: Surfaced, showcasing the work of six young artists on the rise in the local art scene. Featuring works by Tessa Rose Ryser, Troy Forbush, Sarah Steigers, John Cave, Jillian Lee and Alex D. Hall. UPCOMING: Curiouser and Curiouser, 30 artists who have created pieces to celebrate Lewis Carroll’s famous character Alice, her adventures, and all things “curious." Join us for a mad artist tea party and costume contest during Gallery Stroll.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Linda Kalmar and Christine Kende are joining together for a new show at Art at the Main entitled Glass Alchemy, the Mystery of Transformation. Linda and Christine demonstrate some of the interesting and unexpected changes that glass undergoes in a kiln with temperature as one of the changing factors. UPCOMING: Twins of Different Mothers: Brent Hale and Bill Reed.

MESTIZO GALLERY UP: Objects and Self, a new exhibit by Salt Lake City based artist, Carina Barajas. In this show, Barajas courageously tackles issues of body image, identity and sexuality.

ARTS OF THE WORLD GALLERY UP: Featuring emerging artist, Debbie Anderson. An American Fork Utah artist, Anderson has a flowing style that is all her own.

GOD HATES ROBOTS UP: Bounteous Flesh by Carol Berrey. While the media flood us with undernourished female “beauties,” more and more women (and men) are becoming obese. This disconnect between the ideal and the real creates complicated issues of toxic self-image, economic and social discrimination, and even self-loathing. The Bounteous Flesh paintings present some of these obese women in all their self-assertive magnitude.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Presenting new watercolor landscapes by Lindey Carter and painted 2-D wood assemblages by Rebecca Klundt. Showing concurrently in our Dibble Gallery are new abstracts and figures by Randee Levine. UPCOMING: Sharon Alderman’s delicate weavings and John Erickson’s abstract landscapes and figures.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Paintings by regular gallery artists from Utah, California, France and Russia. Featuring new work from highly acclaimed San Francisco Bay Area artist, Bryan Mark Taylor.

MODERN WEST FINE ART UP: Works by new gallery artist Dolan Geiman. Geiman’s work is colorful, creative, intricate, and unforgettable. He works in mixed media and collage/assemblage with western themes. UPCOMING: Kevin Red Star, an artist whose work in acrylic, mixed media and oil is expressive, vibrant and abstract and offers a unique and expressive depiction of Native American culture.

ALPINE ART UPCOMING: Relatable, art works from husband/wife, Brad and Debra Teare; cousins, Claire Proctor and Sutton Slighting; siblings, Rebecca and Johanna Bossart' and mother/son, Anne Albaugh and David Sargeant, to name a few. These artists will show art works that are somehow related. Explore the differences or similarities between the pieces and learn about how they have influenced or inspired each other's work.

ART ACCESS UPCOMING: DAM, a photographic typography of dams in Europe and the United States, by Carsten Meier and Organic Geometry, high fire reduction ceramics by Barbara Ellard. Also presenting, mixed media paintings using pieces of reclaimed magazines by Erin Berrett in Access II Gallery.

CONCEPT UP: Introducing photographer, Hayden Osmun's Urban Living & Street Living, a Black & White Series. Also presenting, new works by Art Meets Fashion artist, Mark Seely. Featuring 15 large-scale, encaustic, abstract works on aluminum panels. Relax in the unique warehouse atmosphere.

UTAH ARTS FESIVAL GALLERY UP: The Mask Show. Twenty-nine artists in all, many of them new to this show, have created wearable masks from materials as diverse as wood, spray paint, leather, paper, satin and lace, acrylic, sculpted clay, and glass.


GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: The Big Tiny: A Drawing by Tony Smith.This exhibit is about one drawing, "The Big Tiny," that took about one year to draw; but it is really a kind of museum for "The Big Tiny," with displays that answer all those BIG questions artists are always asked: "How much is it worth?" "How long did it take?" "What does it mean?" "Is it art?" (see our artist profile in the January 2016 edition).

MAIN LIBRARY, LOWER URBAN ROOM UP: 24 Hours in China: Photography from the China Overseas Exchange Association (Part 1).

ANDERSON -FOOTHILL LIBRARY UP: Nuns and Other Spiritual Girls: Paintings by Carol Berrey.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Water and Light: Photography by Raymond Marlow.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Blackened White: John Sproul's work is based in the body as an archetype in its presence, its structure, and its language. It is his understanding that we can learn of the inner infinite self from the manifestation of the outer finite body. His works go deep into the otherness of being—that which we know to exist but cannot define. The otherness is the gap between us that connects and binds us to ourselves and to those around us. John’s work is a discussion of the unknowable known.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: If I Were a Caveman this Would be My Wall: Works by Alan Durtschi.

ART 270 GALLERY UP: Presenting the Faces Show. UPCOMING: The Figurative Show.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Presenting new work from featured artists, Jenna Von Benedikt and Stephen Stauffer. UPCOMING: New work from Pilar Pobil, Carole Wade and Rachel Petitt.

A GALLERY UP: Featuring fresh new works by A Gallery artists including Chris Thornock, Jared Walker and Brent Godfrey. UPCOMING: Suzanne Kanatsiz’s solo exhibition, 10,000 Thoughts, as well as new works from our gallery artists including new artists, Jena Schmidt and Susan Makov.

LOCAL COLORS GALLERY UP: Featuring two very different artists for the New Year. Blaine Clayton is a watercolorist specializing in plein-air painting and Bruce Aoki specializes in beautiful black and white portraiture.

NOSTALGIA CAFE UP: Presenting work by award-winning local photographer Jeff Clay. UPCOMING: New work by Jared Knight. Knight's current work is an exploration of the history of individual identity.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UPCOMING: Art of Love, paintings by Willamarie. Also introducing Kristi Thoreson.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: Joyce Blegen’s paintings, drawings, monotypes, collages, block prints and handmade paper.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UPCOMING: Finding Ground, Ryan Akerley’s abstract landscape paintings of the Wasatch. Employing broad and energetic strokes on a large scale, Akerley creates uniquely detailed and dramatic paintings of the landscape.

GREEN LOFT CO-OP UP: Abstract art is the theme at the Green Loft Gallery during February. Featuring the works of two wonderful Utah abstract artists, Veera Kasicharernvat and Paul Redd-Butterfield.

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