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February 2016
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah

Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South

Granary Art Center UP:
Artnauts: Diaspora and Movement features works by Sandy Brunvand, Beth Krensky and V. Kim Martinez, three Utah members of the international artist collective, Artnauts. The collective uses the arts as a tool for addressing global issues while connecting artists from around the world. AND: 7 Steps Forward, 7 Steps Back. V. Kim Martinez physically traversed routes used by Mexican/Native American migrants for thousands of years along the now United States and Mexico border to inform her work. 7 Steps Forward 7 Steps Back is the result of her physically and emotionally strenuous journey that ties together her familial history with a larger narrative of migration and borders. AND: Positive Space of Silence, a body of work by Sandy Brunvand that focuses on marks and the potential they hold to both encode and decode information.  In this case the marks inherent in the player piano scrolls used as a substrate are negative marks. The negative space holes and trails in the paper hold the information about the music encoded on the scroll. They are, in a sense, the meaning of the scroll. In addition, the paper of the scrolls is visually stunning by itself. AND: Portable Sanctuaries features performance pieces by Beth Krensky that are part of a larger series of portable sanctuaries that are intended to respond to the natural or built environment while providing a refuge—a space within a space.

Snow College UP: No Words Matter, a solo exhibition of new work by Weber State University professor Jason Manley.
Spring City Arts UP: Sanpete Printmakers, featuring 10 like-minded printmakers from central Utah: Zane Anderson, Adah Bennion, Lee Benion, Karin Brown, Robert DeGroff, Holly Hooper, Abraham Kimball, Adam Larsen, Kathleen Peterson, Ron Richmond.

Gallery East (USU Eastern) UP:
, Speak to Me: Dada Photography by Richard Prehn. Prehn’s photographs emulate the work of pre-World War I Dada artists, Marchel Duchamp, Max Ernst, George Grosz, and Joan Miró. These artists, often using found objects, created work that was meant to protest the materialism of society and the absurdities of war. The photographs include the addition of mixed media, including oils, watercolors, acrylics and pastels.

Springville Museum of Art UP: Russian Stories, Soviet Ideals explores the duality of the ideals of the centralized Soviet government and the realities of everyday life for the Russian (and non-Russian) people – politically, at work, at home, and on the land. Featuring Soviet artwork with highlights from the Jerald Jacobs collection. AND: Here, There and Everywhere examines how “spaces” become “places” — locations invested with meaning. Shown together, the diverse depictions of place by Joshua Clare, Mark England, Karen Horne, Jeff Pugh, Brittany Scott, and Justin Wheatley ask how place connects to identity, power and perspective. AND: Running simultaneously with “Here, There, and Everywhere” this contemporary show by Levi Jackson explores the other side of place – the forgotten spaces and disregarded landscapes of the American West.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell traces the evolution of Rockwell’s art and iconography throughout his career using in-depth commentary, original artworks, and archival Saturday Evening Post covers spanning 47 years (see our review in the December 2015 edition of 15 Bytes). AND: in the e.g. gallery, Smile by Kehinde Wiley, a video in which seventeen young men were asked to smile unceasingly in front of a camera for one hour. UPCOMING: Branding the American West: Paintings and Film 1900-1950 examines collectively the imaging of the American West by members of the New Mexican Taos Society of Artists and the California-based artist, Maynard Dixon.

BYU Harold B. Lee Library UP: Rose Marie Reid: Glamour by Design. Level 1, Special Collections.

Woodbury Art Museum UP: Hidden Voices: Spectrum.

St. George Art Museum UPCOMING:
Painted Parks: landscape paintings by Erin Hanson that capture the grandeur, beauty and natural grace of America's protected landscapes has led to an increasing popularity among impressionist collectors (see our article page 6).

Red Cliff Gallery UP: Winter in the Desert, a juried arts show featuring members of the Southern Utah Art Guild.

Arrowhead Gallery ETC UP:
Group show featuring established members of the Southern Utah Art Guild (see our article page 6).

mixed media
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