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May 2015
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Through various constructs of surveillance, Panopticon explores how artists construe notions of the gaze in our technological era of image and data collection (see our review in the April 2015 edition). AND: Adjunct examines the current state of wage disparity, lack of benefits and power that exists within the university system through a survey of artists who are in various stages of their adjunct teaching careers.|1| AND: Brian Charles Patterson: MISSILEBLOWER (And the Selected Good) is a guided meditation on binaries of abundance and scarcity, safety and terror, as well as disruption and tranquility. Contemplating a new era of natural selection brought by catastrophic phenomena, Patterson’s immersive exhibition explores laden facets of conspiracy through an array of dark and humorous documentary-style footage. UPCOMING: Drawing on themes from Modernism and its effect on culture, architecture, urban growth, and art history, Sean Moyer’s Persistence/Focus/Matter explores his role as an art maker who happens to make his living working in the service industry.|2| UMFA UP: [con]text: The Art of Language, from sotne reliefs to plexiglass.|3| [con]text mines the UMFA’s richly varied permanent collection to explore the many ways in which visual artists have harnessed language to communicate, relate, entice, advocate and illuminate (see our review in the January 2015 edition). . AND: salt 11: Duane Linklater.|4|Contemporary artist Duane Linklater’s new exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts uses the UMFA’s permanent collection to honor unknown indigenous artists and draw attention to the way their works of art are transformed when presented in museums. Linklater’s salt 11 show features 3-D printed plastic sculptures of three-dimensional objects and photographic copies of textiles from the Museum’s American Indian collection (see our review in the April 2014 edition).

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Anne Muñoz exhibits her hand-crafted batik quilts in …with trees in mind.|5| Muñoz has been creating batiks for over 40 years and in recent years has added quilting to give them more texture and definition. Her canvas, so to speak, is a piece of fine white cotton fabric. The dyes and waxes are applied with a certain result in mind. Often the process of each waxing and dyeing changes the outcome of the piece. These changes reveal an adventure of heading on a specific course and then having to redirect and adjust a point of view. . AND: Photographer Scott Thomas captures the artistic tracks made by off-road vehicles in his exhibition Etched. The black and white photos in this exhibition are from a new series of landscapes altered by the patterns of unknown and unaware off-road motorcycle riders. Motorcycle tracks are sometimes so intentionally drawn and others so creatively abstract, while all being done without any awareness of what is left behind. Weather also cleans each landscape like an Etch-A-Sketch to be redrawn again and again, a fleeting image never to be captured in the same way.|6| . AND: Adam Thomas uses chairs and ladders as the basis for his sculpture in the exhibition Looking Up. Thomas is interested in the differing meanings of ladders and chairs. These simple objects in their practical application convey one meaning, but placed differently, they can ascend their basic purposes. Placing them where the viewer has to look up to see them also changes their perspective and utility.|7|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UPCOMING: 300 Plates is the annual Art Access fundraiser and exhibition. This signature event, first hosted in May 2003, presents unique artwork that is both affordable and highly collectible, created by approximately 130 established and emerging artists from the local community.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UPCOMING: Amassment: A lifelong interest in collecting fine art has honed Charley Hafen's skill at finding the unique and the unusual. His impulsive purchases of outsider art, abstract art, contemporary art, and psychedelic poster art create a heterogeneous blend combined with his pen and ink illustration collection. Charleuy's collection will be on display this month.

HORNE FINE ART UP: "Step into Spring" with garden scenes and alpine blooms by Ken Baxter, Barbara Edwards, Madison Briggs and Phyllis Horne, and atmospheric sky paintings by David Maestas.  Also, enjoy the latest colorful dancers from Karen Horne's Art of Dance series, as featured on the cover of Fibonacci Digest.   

MESTIZO INSTITUTE OF CULTURE AND ARTS GALLERY UP: Et in Utah Ego, a conceptual exhibition featuring hundreds of small-scale landscape photographs from an anonymous artist.

ALICE GALLERY UP: Other Places: The longing to investigate place occurs at every scale and is transcendent of culture. Through this exhibition artists Anna Laurie Mackay, Meredith Prévot and Jean Richardson explore the concept of place and, more specifically, the notion of “Other Places”. UPCOMING: The Cost of Anything. The work in this exhibition includes artifacts that might be considered obsolete, yet in their altered context, gain renewed contemporary credibility. Artists include Abe Kimball, Adam Larsen, Chris Purdie, Jason Lanegan, Madison Smith and Paul Woods.

LOCAL COLORS GALLERY UP: Stacy Tonozzi and Jacob Shirley are the featured artists in March. Stacy is a photographer who works in unique and varied ways, utilizing various organic and in-organic materials. Jacob is master acrylic spray-paint artist who creates stunning and moving canvases with Native American, myth-inspired, and animal-related imagery. UPCOMING: Beautiful and meticulous collage work by Melody Johnson and fascinating and fun up-cycled sculptures by Lawrence Wayne Adkinson.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Phil Barlow & Patricia Kimball in the main gallery. AND: Claire Wilson and Nancy Vorm in the Dibble Gallery. UPCOMING: Francesc Burgos and Hadley Rampton.

CUAC UP: In 444, MITT2020 will present artifacts as well as found photography and video footage from the shootings as art objects. We hope that this exhibition will contribute to this very important public conversation. Our aim is to help identify the rhetorical visual semiotics of the conversation and understand how they function to support or critique various positions in the conversation surrounding this issue. UPCOMING: Presenting work by Robert Bliss and Anna Campbell Bliss, two influential figures in the art and design communities both here in Utah and throughout the country.

RIO GALLERY UP: Seven: Perspective Landscapes. Seven landscape artists are joining together to exhibit a shared passion for the environment each one loves to paint and represent. Through their own individual interpretation and expression of what landscape means to them, they have a collected body of work that is uniquely distinctive in delivery, composition, material, style, application, method, and theory. Artists: Eric Thompson, Hadley Rampton, Brandon Cook, Nathan Florence, Steven Adams, Craig Cleveland, Janell James.|8|


GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Ancient Nights: Photography by Marc Toso. AND: Life in Sudan: Drawings by Gatluak Deng.

ANDERSON -FOOTHILL LIBRARY UP: In The Open Air: paintings by Rebecca Pyle.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Side x Side x 4: Photography by Kathleen Gardner, Cynthia M. Heath, John Heath and Marguerite H Roberts.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Japanese Arts and Crtafts: Works by Various Artists.

MODERN WEST FINE ART UP: Group exhibition of local artists.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Orange You Curious? a group show on the color oragne.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Plein Air Group Show.

ALPINE ART UPCOMING: Late Bloomer, an exhibit that highlights artists that began their art career later in life.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Trent Alvey, Lindsay Frei and Steven Larson.

CONCEPT UP: New abstract work by John Harris.

URBAN ARTS GALLERY UP: Zach Franzoni and Maritza Torres, two artists with local ties that delve into the concept of contemporary identities.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Stillness Speaks: Introducing Cheryl Merkley to our family of artists. Cheryl will be joining one of our very first artists, M’Lisa Paulsen with an exploration into the world of still-life painting.

A GALLERY UP: New blown glass works from Seth Fairweather and paintings from Mary Sinner and Jennifer Rasmusson.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: Recent paintings by Linda Etherington, Emily McPhie and Cassandria Parsons.

NOSTALGIA CAFE UP: Rachael Domingo’s Visage, a time to face yourself, face the moment, face your fears and face your foes. Visage is a collection of images that move beyond mere portraiture and 'pleasing' imagery to expose layers if truth that compose the visual experience.

SOUTHAM GALLERY UP: Beautiful City and State, featuring: Ken Baxter, Joshua Clare, Richard Boyer, John Myrup, A.D. Shaw and Linda Southam.

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