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May 2015
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah

Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South

Springville Museum of Art UP: 91st annual Spring Salon.|1| The Spring Salon was first held in 1922, begun by students and teachers of Springville High School who wanted to exhibit and promote original artwork. The Salon has been held annually since that time, except during World War II when fuel and other goods were rationed nationwide. The Springville Museum of Art continues the tradition today and invites all artists in Utah to participate in the 91st Annual Spring Salon. This exhibition is a juried competition that showcases the diversity and quality of contemporary Utah art. Jureid by James Swensen and Micah Christensen.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami is a groundbreaking exhibition that explores the evolution of origami from craft to fine art and its stunning modern-day applications in the fields of mathematics, engineering, design, and the global peace movement.AND: The first exhibition dedicated to Japanese Art Deco shown outside Tokyo, Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920 – 1945 provides dramatic examples of the spectacular craftsmanship and sophisticated design that defined an iconic style long associated with Japan.|2| AND: Weaving the Unexpected: Navajo Pictorials from the Lucke Collection.|3| In 1880-1920, the Navajo wove modernity into their traditional rugs. Trains, trading posts, and soda pop all became part of the ever adapting and progressing Navajo narrative. The Lucke Collection of pictorial weavings offer a snapshot of reservation life, synthesizing tradition and popular culture (see our review page 7).

BYU Harold B. Lee Library UP: Down the Rabbit Hole: Visual Development for "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Stephanie Leonard. Department of Design | Illustration | BFA Project. North Gallery, level 2.AND:The Hand and Tradition: A Dialogue with Acoma Pottery. Brian Christensen, Tara Carpenter, Bryon Draper, Alex Draper, Emily Carpenter, Natalie Jarvis, Emma Lewis, J. Amber Egbert. BYU Department of Art Faculty and Students Project. Gallery on Five, level 5
. AND: Todd Stilson | Visiting Artist
Necrocoactionism: Joint Ventures with the Deceased. Through May 29th. Auditorium Gallery, level 1. AND: Michael Sharp: Redstone,
Visual Arts Student, Artist Book. Terrazzo Wall, level 3, across from the Research & Writing Center.

Woodbury Art Museum UPCOMING: Art of Our Centrury and Design Arts Utah.

Granary Art Center UP:
A Measure of Salt: Contemporary Artists Engaging Great Salt Lake is a group exhibition of twenty artists from Salt Lake City, New York City, and Los Angeles, each of who finds artistic inspiration in the salt of Utah's inland sea (see our review in the March 2015 edition). AND: #Blessed brings together 8,000 digital Instagram snaps, all taken in a single day and presents them IRL (in real life). Curator Christin Aucunas mined Instagram for images with #blessed, a hashtag that has been used over 34 million times since Instagram's inception. Users classify their own sense of "#blessed" making the content wildly diverse from the spiritual to the profane. In a community as unique and as global as Instagram's users, what is our collective view of #blessed in a world where the secular and spiritual often strain to exist together? The exhibition does not seek to offer any definite answer to these questions, but offers a visual trace of the curators own adventures in the digital photographic playground (see our review on March 2015 edition).

Bighorn Gallery at Dead Horse Point UP: Three Artists, Three Media, One Landscape featuring original paintings by three members of the Plein Air Painters of the Four Corners (PAP4C): oil paintings by Carolyn Dailey, pastels by Sonya Johnson and watercolors by Barbara Klema.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP: Senior BFA portfolio exhibition.

St. George Art Museum UP:
Here Comes The Gown: 150 Years of Wedding Dresses explores the most iconographic fabric art in our culture. Most lenders, many of them the brides who first wore the dress, recorded a personal story so that each gown has a voice. UPCOMING: A Feeling of Humanity: Western Art from the Ken Ratner Collection. Sears Art Museum UP: DSU Art Department Showcase,

mixed media
 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah


4/1 Randall Lake on the cover of Catalyst magazine

4/1 Ogden retirement community exhibits local artist

4/1 'What's My Name' explores the experience of Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers

4/3 Kimball Art Center teams with Wasatch Brew Pub for stein-painting class.

4/3 UVU arts grads present final projects showcase

4/5 Emery County artist believes social media contributing to rock art vandalism.

4/6 Art Selection Committee seeking public Art for new USU campus in Brigham City

4/8 Week of art activities supports community artists

4/9 Bountiful Davis Art Center debuts new space

4/10 Student artists 'Spark'
at Leonardo's new exhibit

4/12 Local artist's cat paintings are so hot right meow

4/12 Artists bring new ambience to Salt Lake Main Street

4/13 Spring Salon: Annual Springville Museum of Art event features art of all kinds

4/13 Antelope Island gallery offers local artists unique exposure

4/13 Ogden Valley arts group begins workshop series

4/13 Doug Robinson: Autism and an extraordinary gift for art

4/14 SUU Art Insights spotlights Leslie Nichols

4/16 From trash to treasure: Recycled art comes to Eccles

4/16 Gallery Stroll: Art exhibit opens up dialogue on police-related shootings

4/17 Get your Art Fix affordably at the Utah Art Festival

4/18 Granary Art Center exhibition examines influence of Great Salt Lake

4/19 Students shine at BDAC's Davis County Secondary Student and Art Educators Exhibit

4/20 Gallery Stroll: Art exhibit opens up dialogue on police-related shootings

4/22 Ogden artist to display plein air works

4/22 Western meet European during First Friday Art Stroll

4/24 Art talk will examine role of art in environmentalism

4/25 Springville Museum of Art presents its 91st annual Spring Salon

4/28 Interactive art event reimagines downtown Ogden

4/30 Bountiful cooperative gallery brings local color

4/30 Weekly art program helps youth put feelings on paper.

4/30 LDS artist J. Kirk Richards says leaps of faith, prayer helped him find success

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