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March 2015
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

RIO GALLERY UP: The Utah Division of Arts & Museums will honor past visual arts fellowship winners in an exhibition entitled Next: 12 Visual Art Fellows. The exhibition highlights the work of twelve recent visual arts fellows beginning in 2009. Artists featured in this retrospective include: Jan Andrews, Colby Brewer, James Charles, Jared Lindsay Clark, Alison Denyer, Christopher Gauthièr, Mark Hedengren, Joseph Ostraff, Kathy Puzey, Josh Winegar, Wendy Wischer, and David Wolske. UPCOMING: Collective Experience: Counter to the idea of the sole creative genius, the exhibiting artists subscribe to the idea of musician Brian Eno, who refers to a place in time where the intelligence of a whole group of people creates an “ecology of talent” that produces new thoughts and good new works. “Scenius” is Eno’s term for this scene of the collective experience. It is an experimental environment that leads to a very fertile and intelligent output. Collective Experience at the Rio Gallery will highlight Eno’s idea of the collective inventive nature of the creative process. There is a clear connection between the “awaiting” experience and the subsequent artwork produced. You will encounter conceptual themes of walking, gender roles, embodiment, the gestural, site-specificity and notions of waiting in each of these art works.|1|

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Pam Bowman: Aggregation. Employing fibers and textiles as both material and language, Provo-based artist Pam Bowman creates intricate installations to explore themes of home and community. Situating this exhibition within the context of her own neighborhood, Aggregation traces the threads of the artist's interpersonal relationships in order to reveal the importance of individual components within a cohesive whole. AND: Church vs State: Contemporary Collecting Praxis, an exhibition that investigates the opposing and complementing ideals in the collections of the State of Utah and the LDS Church. This exhibition places recently collected art from the State of Utah and the LDS Church side by side to illustrate the reciprocity happening among these two prominent institutions.|2| AND: Through various constructs of surveillance, Panopticon explores how artists construe notions of the gaze in our technological era of image and data collection. UMFA UP: [con]text: The Art of Language, from sotne reliefs to plexiglass.|3| [con]text mines the UMFA’s richly varied permanent collection to explore the many ways in which visual artists have harnessed language to communicate, relate, entice, advocate and illuminate (see our review in the January 2015 edition). AND: Our America (see our review page 6). AND: salt 11: Duane Linklater. Contemporary artist Duane Linklater’s new exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts uses the UMFA’s permanent collection to honor unknown indigenous artists and draw attention to the way their works of art are transformed when presented in museums. Linklater’s salt 11 show features 3-D printed plastic sculptures of three-dimensional objects and photographic copies of textiles from the Museum’s American Indian collection. “His work makes visible the complex and often unseen process of ethnographic transformation,” says Tassie. “His copying process physically expresses the loss of information —authorship, origin, cultural significance, and so on—that occurs as an indigenous work of art is translated into an ethnographic museum object.”

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Human Landscapes: Mark England focuses on how individuals see themselves through landscape and impose upon it their values. He uses full-sized figures within the landscapes, thus creating a whole new relationship and raising many questions. England twists perspectives, visually and historically, by juxtaposing unrelated buildings and events to produce a scene that could take place at any point in time.|4| AND: You Are Here. Using an approach that is both scientific and abstract, Hannah Vaughn and Kevin Arthofer seek to overlay the unseen processes on the well-known domain of the Wasatch Front. Using topographical and environmental data, visual representations reveal environmental fluxes that are not otherwise perceived in daily life. Through “maps” that interpret hydrological and experiential data, Vaughn and Arthofer introduce an intimate version of the Wasatch Font over time that is both science and experience.|5| AND: In Vessels, letterpress artist David Wolske exhibits his prints based on the letters W-O-R-D. The shape of the letters becomes the tool for the artist, and in these works he isolates in rearranges elements of the letters to create visually stunning abstract works |6|(check out our video profile of the artist in the January 2015 edition of 15 Bytes).

CUAC UP: Presenting work by Chris Coy and Justin Berry. In these two solo exhibitions, Chris Coy and Justin Berry each draw heavily from contemporary culture as influenced by gaming and the internet as well as other digital media. The works ask questions about existence as mitigated through media and about the screen as a metaphor for transitional space. Both draw heavily on art historical ideas about the sublime—Coy through form, and Berry through the pastoral.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Through Portals & Passageways, paintings by Jenna Von Benedikt. AND: Finding Balance, group ceramics exhibit featuring works by Amber Egbert, Elizabeth Crowe, Janna Siebert and Tara Carpenter. AND: Illuminations: Tales Told with Silver and Light, by Hunter Metcalf. UPCOMING: What's My Name? An Alzheimer's and dementia mixed media exhibit curated by Sue Martin. This exhibit explores visual expression of dementia and memory loss by those who suffer from the disease and those who care for them. Further, it explores how creative expression stimulates memory, linking present and past, and how art-making helps caregivers process the daily frustrations and fears that accompany their changing roles as their loved ones’ cognitive function slips away. Participating Artists: Sue Martin,|7| Loné Vilnius, Irene Rampton, Peg Hardin, Leonard Romney, Jerry Hardesty and Elizabeth Brown (with some additional works by individuals with Alzheimer's). AND: Brainwear/Brainware: Symptoms, Fears and Hopes about Multiple Sclerosis documents artist Ryan Moffett's journey as he dealt with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.|8|

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Group show featuring works by Bill Fulton, Carol Fulton, Merritt Stites, Mary Tull, Kathryn Lindquist, David Estes. UPCOMING: Josh Blumental's DëKœi depicts the shores of the Salton Sea. Littered with the mummified cadavers of fish and birds, the shores are an open grave for nature. The Salton Sea a toxic toilet that cannot be flushed. The dead fish featured in this series litter the entire shoreline, and were likely killed by the oxygen depletion by an algae bloom, fostered by the fertilizer run off.|9|

HORNE FINE ART UP: Escape the winter blahs and immerse yourself in Exploring RED, a striking group theme invitational. Enjoy the range of this color and its moods, from passionate, to playful to searing and mysterious. See works saturated or accented in reds from pink to scarlet to magenta. The show will include a variety of traditional paintings from Randall Lake, Rick Graham, Lucia Heffernan, Susan Jarvis, and Karen Horne. Visitors will also enjoy the use of reds in a wide range of more contemporary works from Steve Sheffield, David Maestas, John Alan Nyberg, Madison Briggs, and Frank McEntire (see our review page 4). UPCOMING: Enjoy Karen Horne's evolving Art of Dance series, including new scenes of "Dancers Backstage."  See ballet, flamenco and ballroom dancers in motion and at rest.  Also on view, scenes of the just completed Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E 300 S; 801-521-0243) UP: Victoria Harris and her figurative oil paintings bring a sense of new beginnings. Sigfredo Mendoza's portrayal of mountains are lush and refreshing. Erin Morris MFA presents her beautifully constructed books. Joseph Taylor rounds out the show with a group of polychromatic paintings.

MODERN WEST FINE ART UP: The gallery welcomes renowned artist Billy Schenck for his show, West of the Wasatch (see our review in the February 2015 edition).

MESTIZO INSTITUTE OF CULTURE AND ARTS GALLERY UP: Creadoras de Cultura: Activismo y Espiritualidad (Creators of Culture: Activism and Spirituality), a two-women exhibition featuring Ruby Chacón, co-founder of Mestizo Gallery | Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts, and Natalia Deeb-Sossa, will showcase Ruby Chacón’s paintings and Natalia Deeb-Sossa’s photographs depicting multi-generational women engaged in active roles as creators, protectors and transmitters of cultura, culture, through a Chicana feminist lens (see our review page 6). |10|

ALICE GALLERY UPCOMING: Other Places: The longing to investigate place occurs at every scale and is transcendent of culture. Through this exhibition artists Anna Laurie Mackay, Meredith Prévot|11| and Jean Richardson explore the concept of place and, more specifically, the notion of “Other Places”. As each of us are residents of Utah, we have strong influences from “this place,” but we are also bringing our individual experiences of living and traveling elsewhere to create our separate bodies of work for this exhibition.

SALTGRASS PRINTMAKERS UPCOMING: My Foot is a Desert, large-scale woodblock prints by Abe McCowan. "My work is inspired by experiences I have had while hiking in the deserts of the American West and northern Mexico. While these desert regions are sparse, they are surprisingly rich in biodiversity. This arid abundance creates beautifully stark wilderness. It is the wild plant forms in these landscapes, the chalky yet silky saguaro rib, the fine fibers that feather and spin off a yucca blade, that inspire this body of prints. These are plants that I touch, taste, admire, and am fascinated with."


PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Waldo Midgley and Francis Zimbeaux (see our article in the February 2015 edition). UPCOMING: New hard-edge works by Denis Phillips (see our profile page 1), and ceramics by the late Larry Elsner. AND: Collages by Liberty Blake in the Dibble Gallery.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Don't Read This: Works by Aundrea Frahm, Gary Barton, Joe Ostraff, Justin Wheatley, Linnie Brown, Namon Bills, Nick Stephens, and Randal Marsh. UPCOMING: Organic Environments: Abstract paintings by Laura Hope Mason. AND: Words Are Beautiful: Works by David Wolske.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: The Wasatch Women's Art Collective's first group show. The theme is "Seeing Red." The artists who are participating interpret the theme in varied ways, from literal to mythological (see our review page 4).|9| UPCOMING: Side x Side x 4: Photography by Kathleen Gardner, Cynthia M. Heath, John Heath and Marguerite H Roberts.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Japanese Kites from the collection of Scott Skinner.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Havana Streets: Photography by Bryan Uhri.

DAY-RIVERSIDE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Our Journey into Creation, works by Alexander Moldavan.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Presenting paintings by our regular gallery artists including Anastasia Dukhanina, Randall Lake, Bryan Mark Taylor and many other award-winning artists from Utah, California and beyond. UPCOMING: Plein-air exhibition featuring the work of Mark Slusser, Anastasia Dukhanina and Antonin Passemard.

ALPINE ART UP: For the Love, a show of works by artist couples.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: A mixed collection of gallery artists.

CONCEPT UP: Presenting a mix of gallery artists.

URBAN ARTS GALLERY UP:Welcome to Wonderland, inspired by Lewis Carroll's books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.” The show includes art, installations and other mixed media work from local artists.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Solo exhibition of abstract expressionist David Maestas (see our review in the February 2015 edition).

A GALLERY UP: The Power of Three is a painting exhibition that features work by contemporary artists Matthew Choberka, Benjamin Duke and Steven Stradley.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: Spring City Ladies, a group show featuring new paintings by Lee Udall Bennion, Kathleen Peterson and Sophie Soprano.

NOSTALGIA CAFE UP: Presenting Chris Madsen. Using digital photography, film and wet plate collodion, Madsen works to create images that compel others to pause.

UTAH ARTS FESTIVAL GALLERY UP:Geometric Forms and Graphic Lines, featuring the works of three area artists; Kent Fairbanks, Anthony Granato, and Shan Neider.

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