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September 2014
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Melli Ghanian's: Welcome to Hanksville is a film that examines the congregation of a group of pseudo-scientists on August 27, 2003, during the cosmological opposition of Mars to the Earth. The desert, reminiscent of the vacant landscape on Mars, is transformed into an unknown territory waiting to be explored. AND: In Motion: Borders and Migrations, examines different manifestations of the Mexico and United States border in the visual arts, giving residents and visitors of Utah the experience of this unique geographic boundary through artist projects that offer both visual and conceptual alternatives to mainstream media representations. AND: Bikuben explores Danish contemporary art as a framework for understanding how the present may, albeit paradoxically, inform the past. Focusing on themes revolving around the intertwined nature of truth and fiction, history and memory, and the personal versus the communal, this exhibition investigates how relationships across cultural and generational divides have the potential to reveal the complexity of identity, displacement, appropriation, and collective consciousness (see our review in the July 2014 edition).|1|  AND: Matthew Allred: Clinamen. By experimenting with various optical systems, Allred investigates the unpredictable patterns of self-organization that occur through spatial and temporal collisions of light and matter. Pinhole cameras, microscopes, gunpowder and matches are just a few of the materials Allred employs in his practice. His lens-less works reflect the capricious nature of light and its interaction with different surfaces and textures, revealing the ways in which both chemical and conceptual reactions shape our understanding of images (see our review page 4). AND: Robert Smithson: Palenque, a slideshow of Robert Smithson’s photographs, reveals an unfinished hotel on the Mayan architectural site of Palenque, Mexico. Taken in 1969 during his travels to northern Yucatán, these photographs reveal spatial and architectural uncertainties, transitioning between temporal boundaries of the past and present.

UMFA UP: Creation and Erasure: Art of the Bingham Canyon Mine. Northern Utah’s Bingham Canyon Mine, the largest man-made excavation on earth, has been a source of fascination and inspiration for artists around the country since the mine’s earliest days (see our review in the June 2014 edition). AND: Moksha: Photography by Fazal Sheikh weaves together the artist-activist's portraits and the stories of a community of widows in the Hindu pilgrimage site of Vrindavan. A marginalized segment of Hindu society since ancient times, widows, many of them dispossessed of home and family, have few places of sanctuary. In Vrindavan, a city holy to the Hindu god Krishna, these women chant and pray every day in the hopes of obtaining moksha, release from the constant cycle of death and rebirth. The exhibition, comprising forty photographs by Sheikh, is on loan from the Princeton Museum of Art.|2| AND: Krishna: Lord of Vrindavan explores the Hindu god Krishna through sacred and secular artworks, dating from the 11th century to the 20th, from the Museum's Asian art collection. UPCOMING: salt 10: Conrad Bakker is the tenth show in the UMFA’s salt series of exhibitions by emerging international contemporary artists. Bakker’s hand-carved and painted wood sculptures of everyday objects—imprecise, to-scale replicas of objects like books, photographs, chairs, and motorcycles—reveal and critique the relationships between people and things, and investigate the creation of value and economic systems. Bakker’s UMFA show, the first exhibition of new work from his ongoing series Untitled Project: Robert Smithson’s Library and Book Club, mirrors the aesthetics of a library with objects based on books from Smithson’s collection.|3| CUAC UP: Piper Brett presents Poolside, an installation of “painting”, sculpture, and a cell phone photo taken of a former porn star at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Most items in Poolside originated in the urban landscape of North Philadelphia and detail a non-linear narrative and random aspects of Brett’s life, associations, and memories. |4| AND: Allison Lacher’s Nonnative relies on the impetus behind an oft-generalized, catch-all cultural romance with the American West that spawns from landscape, climate, rich opportunity, and remaining lures that exist in our minds. |5| UPCOMING: Jason Manley and Tyler Beard. Manley integrates text into his work and explores the complex relationships between language, objects, and the built environment. Beard investigates the interaction of color, material, geometry, and image, creating sophisticated works that rely on restraint and simplicity.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UPCOMING: Russian Impressionistic artist, Nikolai Terpsikhorov (1890 - 1960). His paintings bear a definite stamp of social themes and revolutionary times, yet ultimately he is a painter of Russia and its exotic, far flung empire. He is among the truly important Russian artists of his age. Visitors to Evolutionary Healthcare will receive a copy of a beautiful art book of Terpsikhorov’s works.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: 20th Annual Partners Exhibit Works created by partner participants in Art Access' Partners Artist Mentoring program, in which talented adult artists with disabilities are matched with professional artists for mentoring. AND: 17th Annual Teen Exhibit Works created by participants in Art Access' popular Teen Workshops – A visual arts workshop program for teens with and without disabilities. UPCOMING: art2go features work by 36 local artists, sold in seven pricing categories starting at $50. AND: Out of My Head With Color - Colored pen and pencil drawings by Bernard Simbari. Through his participation in art therapy sessions following a stroke in 2007, Simbari is "pushed to create original ('out of my head') abstract artworks." Work featured in this exhibition have been inspired in part by Tiffany lamp floral and nature designs, and have a stained glass floral and landscape quality.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UPCOMING: A Most Noble Nation! a photographic exploration of America and Americans, through immigration and migration over roads, rails, rivers, trails, and skyways.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Featuring contemporary American realist painter Waldo Kidd.|6| One of his greatest inspirations has come from the urban landscape. He particularly respects the unpretentious functional nature of industrial buildings. He sees beauty in the rust, the years of wear, and the evidence of the people who perform the work inside (see our review page 7). UPCOMING: Thoughtful oil portraits by Laura Ross and vibrant acrylic urban abstracts by Christian Alexander.|7| ART AT THE MAIN UP: Oil painter Sandy (Fullmer) Williams looks for the light as she paints the Simple Things In Life. Her paintings – whether landscapes or still life – glow with light. Williams achieves the luminescent quality of light in her work by using the process of the old masters, such as Vermeer or Rembrandt. UPCOMING: Abstract painter Bill Reed constantly reinvents himself as an artist but is always true to his fascination with line and color. Art at the Main will feature his newest works, Seas of Neptune and Other Flowed Abstracts. Reed uses multiple layers of acrylic paint on canvas to capture flowing images between semi-linear boundaries. His paintings are “emotional landscapes,” in which the artist moves from calm to turbulence to calm again.|8|

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Artists Michelle Condrat, David and Nancy Starks, and Julie Stutznegger exhibit their most recent work at the Finch Lane Gallery. Condrat’s exhibition “Little Moments” features portraits of individuals caught in a moment of unconscious activity.|9| Husband and wife artists David and Nancy Starks marry his sculpture and her glass work in an exhibition of lamps called “On the Light Side.”|10| Glass artist Julie Stutznegger creates compositions using kiln-fired glass in her exhibition “Abstracts in Glass”.|11|

HORNE FINE ART UP: More Summer Pleasures, including new scuba paintings by Jamie Wayman, and selections from Karen Horne's monumental "Night and Day" show, fresh from the City Library. Also western landscape scenes by Ken Baxter and Phyllis Horne.

RIO GALLERY UP: DesignArts '14. Juror Ellen Lupton has selected 31 designs, ranging from a store interior to packaging for an indie band. Lupton’s overall comment about these Utah designers was one of respect for their awareness and work that confronts and communicates issues of sustainability in their designs.|12|

ALICE GALLERY UP: Devotees and Their Shrines. One hundred years ago, in 1914, Alice Merrill Horne published her treatise and history of Utah art and culture called “Devotees and Their Shrines.” Ms. Horne, Utah’s second female legislator, was in the position to know, as the founder of the Utah Art Institute (now called the Utah Division of Arts & Museums). The artworks included in this exhibit are from the State Fine Art Collection (aka Alice Art Collection), created by the establishment of the Utah Art Institute. Some of the works included are the specific works mentioned in Ms. Horne’s treatise, while others are by the artists she writes of so passionately. . UPCOMING: Bernard C. Meyers, a Utah based contemporary artist and fine art photographer recognized internationally as a master printer, artist, photographer and teacher. Meyers' passion for gardens and greenhouses is visualized in his unique images that combine man-made structure and screens with organic flora, but more importantly explore other realms of consciousness.

SALTGRASS PRINTMAKERS UPCOMING: Michael Gaffney: Photogravure Prints. Michael Gaffney works within the tradition of photogravures portraiture but with contemporary photopolymer print plates.|13|

ALDERWOOD FINE ART UPCOMING: In 2014, Friends of the Great Salt Lake established The Alfred Lambourne Prize. FRIENDS will award one prize of $1000 to a work that most speaks to the inspiration and wonder that our inland sea. The prize will be awarded at 7:30 pm on Friday, September 12.

UTAH ARTS FESTIVAL GALLERY UPCOMING: Abstract Movement - The Real and Ideal features five area artists working in various mediums: Barret Lybbert (digital), David Maestas (painting), Cheryl Nickisch (jewelry) Serg Wiaderny (2D Mixed Media).


GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Inland/Outland: Utah, a Multidisciplinary Exploration of Landscape by Svavar Jónatansson. UPCOMING: Traveller: Paintings by Alexander Hraefn Morris. . AND: Where the Soul Lives: Paintings by Catherine Downing.

SUGAR SPACE UP: Mary Sinner's MFA exhibition.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Missing Pages: A Literary Series by Shannon Troxler. UPCOMING: Contemporary Antiquity: The Art of Bromoil by Elise LaJeunesse.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Spirits of the Season: Paintings and puppets by Mary Anne Heider.

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH LIBRARY UP: In Tempo With Nature: Photography by Jeffrey Favero.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Presenting a mix up of the gallery's talented artists. UPCOMING: an eclectic group of talented artists including Brad Overton, Rachel Pettit, Darryl Erdmann, Aaron Bushnell, Laura Boardman, Paris Gerrard, Lindsay Frei, Trent Call and Courtney Derrick.

ATELIER AFA UP: Featured works by Simone Simonian. UPCOMING: Cowboys, Indians and Angels, limited edition giclée prints by fine art photographer Portia Snow.

Introducing Greg Gorsuch, bright colorful abstract oils on canvas. Also, new works by Mark Lee, beautiful blown glass chopsticks and delicate rice bowls.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Still Life & Trompe L'oeil Exhibition, featuring paintings by Anastasia Dukhanina, Scott Kiche, Ti Ku, Randall Lake, Jeff Mauger, JoAnn Musser, Rita Pacheco, Elizabeth Robbins, Simone Simonian and Mark Slusser.

MESTIZO INSTITUTE OF CULTURE AND ARTS GALLERY UPCOMING: SELF_Created: Identity Today, a multi-media exhibition that critically investigates the role of artistic self-identity in contemporary visual culture.

LOCAL COLORS OF UTAH UPCOMING: Escape to the Mediterranean via Stacy Tonozzi’s wonderful travel photographs and Ruth Kadas’ exotic jewelry. Come to Local Colors Gallery and experience for yourself the vivid and varied Colors of the Mediterranean.

URBAN ARTS GALLERY UPCOMING: Urban Alchemists, featuring the work of SRIL, KUHR, Scott Filipiak, Preston Grimes, Liza Julie, Cory Gurney and Christian Rothenhagen.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UPCOMING: Presenting new work from Ron Russon and introducing airbrush artist, Brian Lindley.

A GALLERY UP: Jennifer Rasmusson.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Summer group show. UPCOMING: Joe Carter and Stephen Seko in the Main Gallery with Harry Taylor in the Dibble Gallery.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UPCOMING: Brian Kershisnik titled Small Ideas: New Paintings and Drawings.

MODERN WEST FINE ART UPCOMING: Arizona based mixed media artist, Dave Newman.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E 300 S; 801-521-0243) UPCOMING: Visual Art Institute's 2014 Figure Academy Teen Art Show. 40 different students will be showing their figure drawings and oil paintings produced during this summer's Figure Academy.

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