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April 2014
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ARTUP: do it, an internationally traveling exhibit curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist that begins with instructions conceived by 12 artists, translated into 9 languages, that are then realized locally in site-specific ways. AND: Trent Harris: Echo Cave, a retrospective of the Utah cult filmmaker featuring drawings, photographs, artist books and short films that illuminate the artist's process and style (see our review page 4). AND: Entropostasis by Andrea Jensen. Oscillating between moments of stillness and devastation, Jensen’s mixed media paintings reimagine sublime landscapes as blueprints of impermanence. Jensen’s splintered and fragmented treatment of bygone residences and neighborhoods creates a haunting effect.|1| UPCOMING: A mid-exhibition event, Good Blood, based on artist instructions from do it: the compendium.

RIO GALLERY UP: Partial and Plural: Tracing the Intergenerational Self is an exhibition of seven contemporary artists whose work investigates the search for, or the making of, identity that draws upon the plurality and fraction of the self, and the span of influence that is made from generation to generation. Artists include, Valerie Atkisson, Liberty Blake & Shawn Rossiter |2|Angela Ellsworth, Jann Haworth, Amy Jorgensen & Annie Kennedy.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Depth by Annie Boyer.|3| Working in acrylic, Boyer uses layers of paint, coupled with air and water, to create the layers of depth within her work. AND: Ceramic artist Barbara Ellard combines wheel-thrown and hand-building techniques to create pieces that have mass and challenge the negative space around them in her exhibition Fired: New Works in Clay.|4| After creating a wheel-thrown piece, Ellard often sculpts onto the surface of her work to enhance its full-bodied shape. AND: Portrait painter Jeffrey Hale uses his humanist perceptions of people and intuitive sensibilities to draw out the unique characteristics of his subjects.|5| The resulting body of works is called Beyond Likenesses: Essential Truths in Modern Portraiture. AND: Perspectives on Race: The Race Card Project, based on Michele Norris’s online project, The Race Card Project, instigates candid dialogue about race, ethnicity and cultural identity. The writing in the exhibition is a response to the six-word sentence that has been expanded into six-hundred words (or more) as a poem, an essay or short story. Excerpts from the writing will be on view.

UMFA UP: The Savage Poem Around Me: Alfred Lambourne's Great Salt Lake. Of the varied landscapes Alfred Lambourne painted, nothing held his imagination so thoroughly as the Great Salt Lake. |6|(see our review January 2014). AND: salt 9: Jillian Mayer. Cloaked with humor, fast editing, and pop soundtracks, Mayer's videos are designed for mass appeal but ask big questions about human connection and manufactured realities.|7| Her work lives in, and is activated by, viewer participation. AND: Tacita Dean's JG. Employing her patented technique of “aperture gate masking,” in which she uses stencil-like masks to alternately cover up and re-expose her film, Dean transfers images from one place to another, generating visual and conceptual juxtapositions within the space of the individual 35mm frame. Shot in Utah’s desert, the Great Salt Lake, and even the Hogle Zoo, the film intersperses a variety of salt-encrusted landscapes, machines, and animals with a host of abstract shapes and voids (see our article February 2014). AND: The Center for Land Use Interpretation: Great Salt Lake Landscan, a commissioned work that uses gyro-stabilized high-definition video to create a portrait of Utah's largest body of water (see our article February 2014).

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Paintings by Caitlin Connolly and THRIVE, a community art project with school children, by Megan Hallett. UPCOMING: Ceramics by Dennise Gackstetter and Autobiographical paintings by Logan Madsen.

CUAC UP: Utah Ties, in its seventh year, features works by Utah artists or artists with a Utah connection. Juried this year by Adam Gildar of Gildar Gallery and an artist residency program called Art Plant in Denver, Colorado. UPCOMING: Presenting Oyster Pirates, a collaborative painting project involving Sri Whipple, Christian Rothenhagen, James Lichnowsky, Joel Mejia, Michael Page, Shawn Webber and Jason Wheatly and Momu & No Es, a collaborative from Spain who will be presenting their first exhibition in the US.

ALDERWOOD FINE ART UP: Work by Erin Berrett, Aerin Collett, and Erynn Knowles.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: The West by Robert Hall. Using an "old fashioned" 8x10 view camera Robert has created iconic western images that capture unexpected revelations of light and form. Each unique limited edition photograph is hand-printed.|8| UPCOMING: Blue Like Jazz features painters Rebecca Cooper, Yvette Melby and Jodi Stone. These three friends share a quirky hypnagogic style that manifests as ocular jazz. Their capricious use of color, delicacy of subject and delightful detail coalesce in an exhibit that is refreshing.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: A Traveling Show. Marsha Ercegovic’s painterly realism is colorful and reminiscent of Van Gogh’s impasto texture. Her paintings are impressions of all those places she has called home in recent years: New Orleans’ French Quarter, San Francisco’s Castro District, Carlsbad, CA, Salinas, CA, and Pacific Grove.|9| She now calls Tooele home. UPCOMING: For abstract painter Cary Griffiths, “works of art should appear to be mute, neutral, and enigmatic, so that the viewer can infuse them with his or her own experience.” His new works, from Light in Dark Places, offer that opportunity.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Fresh watercolor landscapes by Lindey Carter and Sean Toomey.|10| Showing concurrently in our Dibble Gallery are silver litho prints by Kamelia Pezeshki. UPCOMING: Heather Barron and Deborah Brinckerhoff showing concurrently with Don Athay in the Dibble Gallery.

UTAH ARTS FESTIVAL GALLERY UP: Slightly Abstract View of Nature. Photographer Gray Halowell’s photos are a byproduct of his endless quest to discover nature's pure and uncorrupted beauty. Barbara Hall creates mixed media with a simplified version of nature and nature’s textures. Dianne Gulezian paints landscapes exclusively in oil in order to bring out the expression of what is felt within. UPCOMING: Captured Moments / Scenes, featuring photography, bromoil and digital works by three artists: Elise LaJeunesse, Stephanie Swift and Samantha Peterson.

MESTIZO INSTITUTE OF CULTURE AND ARTS GALLERY UP: Winning art works of students, from elementary to high school levels, which are part of the 6th annual social justice-themed "César Chávez" contest sponsored by the Salt Lake City and Granite School districts with the support of the Utah Coalition de la Raza. UPCOMING: We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe, a photographic and document exhibit related to the experience of Latinos/as in Utah through time. This exhibit aims to increase the level of awareness of the presence of Latinos/as in the state of Utah and bring tolerance and understanding in our communities.

ALICE GALLERY UP: Mark by Mark, an exhibit of works by Al Denyer, Lydia Gravis and K Stevenson. Employing one of the artist’s most elemental tools – the mark – these three artists, through accumulated mark-making, conjure the complexities and ambiguities found in both personal and collective experience. All three artists stake out individual territories in which the polarities of this art-making process, from the singular gesture to the densely layered, examine formal and conceptual commonalities (see our review page 7).

ALPINE ART UP: You've Been Instantly Framed Exhibition and Official Launch Party. The exhibition aims to highlight the transformation of photography with the accessibility of the phone as a medium. Spotlighting individuals both locally and internationally, the exhibition will also showcase the frames from Instantly Framed to demonstrate the quality of the new product, and celebrate the official launch of the app.



GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Seeing Through Water: Photographs by Allyn S. Hart.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: The Language of Light, photographs by the Wasatch Camera Club.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: The Language of Light, photographs by the Wasatch Camera Club.

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH LIBRARY UP:The Language of Light, photographs by the Wasatch Camera Club.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Featuring works by Trenton Higley, Michelle Condrat, and Soren Urry.

ATELIER AFA UP: The Art of Restoration & Reproduction by Jim Frankoski, Jamie Kyle and Alicia Konzen.

SLUSSER GALLERY UPCOMING:Contemporary Impressionism: Plein Air Paintings by Anastasia Dukhanina, Randall Lake, and Bryan Mark Taylor.

LOCAL COLORS UP: Rock Solid & Upcycled. This show features the rock art painting of well-respected, Park City native, Felix Saez and Lawrence Adkinson’s intricate and artistic sculptures made from cast-away items and antique pieces of this and that.

A GALLERY UPCOMING: Featuring the artwork of Roland Thompson in a solo exhibition. His works range from subtle, flowing line drawings to colorfully painted designs on aluminum.

UTAH CULTURAL CELBRATION CENTER UP: The Utah Travels photo exhibit showcases the remarkable photographic images captured by Utahns during their diverse travel experiences. Images may represent destinations thousands of miles away or a few miles from home. These photos reflect the beauty, richness and diversity of people, events, nature, culture and all that celebrates humanity and planet earth.

WESTMINSTER COLLEGE UP: Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College is pleased to host Motoi Yamamoto as he creates one of his mesmerizing saltworks in the Meldrum Science Center. The internationally acclaimed artist will install a piece entitled, Return to the Sea: Saltworks, out of hundreds of pounds of table salt (see our review page 1).

HORNE FINE ART UP: Enjoy signs of spring - lush figures in the garden scenes, filmy dance dresses, hillside blossoms, sunlit gardens and ponds. Browse fine examples of the work of Phyllis Horne, Karen Horne, Jamie Wayman, Ken Baxter, Barbara Edwards and Glen Edwards.

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