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April 2014
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah

Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South

Granary Art Center UPCOMING:

Land+Place+Performance is an exhibition of six contemporary artists—Al Denyer, Rachel Farmer, Levi Jackson, Will Lamson, Jared Steffensen, and Claire White—whose work investigates landscape. Divided into two parts, terra firma and terra incognita, the exhibition explores representations of both known sites and foreign places. Photographs, installations, drawings, sculpture and video are all used to explore how the ways in which a place is rendered can often make the site both familiar and strange simultaneously|1|. AND: Kathy Peterson: Local Dialects looks at the intersections between locale and the dialect of place; rural women, architecture and the landscapes of central Utah. Of course, Peterson is well known in Sanpete County for both her artwork and for founding the Central Utah Art Center in 1991.|2|

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: Timothy O’Sullivan: The King Survey Photographs, a new exhibition organized by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Regarded as some of the most compelling photographs taken in the 19th century, Timothy O’Sullivan’s work as part of the King Survey expedition captured glimpses of the American West that struck an ideal balance between fact and interpretation, forever changing the way we think of landscape photography.|3| AND:Edward Burtynsky: The Industrial Sublime. A collection of Edward Burtynsky’s photographs of industrial spaces – from factories in China to mines in Canada – displaying what Burtynsky calls “the beauty in the beast.”|4| AND: Simpler, Brighter, Stronger: Early Modernism and Southwest American Art, features work from the collections of Diane and Sam Stewart and the BYU Museum of Art |5| (see our review in the November 2013 edition). AND: Sacred Gifts: The Religious Art of Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofman and Frans Schwartz. UPCOMING: e.g. Sarah O Donnell features installations that immerse the viewer in a space created with projected light and images. Due to the universally recognizable imagery of these spaces, (a sea-side village, a desert landscape) the installations seem to pivot between the personal memory of a place and the collective memory gained through cultural representation of a place.|6|

BYU LIBRARY EXHIBITS UP: Literatura de Cordel = String Literature:Popular Folk Stories From the Northeast of Brazil.

Woodbury Art Museum UP: Student Art Show & Bachelor of Fine Arts Final Projects. Celebrate the work of Art & Visual Communications students and the UVU student body at this popular and fun opening event. Graduating seniors design and install their own final displays, so come congratulate the next generation of artists.

Springville Museum of Art UP: Curiouser & Curiouser: The Artwork of James Christensen,|7| Cassandra Barney,|8| Emily McPhie|9| & Family. Discover how James C. Christensen's innovative explorations have created a family culture of curiosity, exploration and wonder (see our review in the March edition). AND: Voices: People, Places and Things curates images of individuals from different time periods and social or economic backgrounds as they pursue varied interests and engage in different life experiences; grand landscapes, towering buildings and intimate everyday spaces; and a blend of artistic responses that stimulate the mind and the imagination. UPCOMING: 90th Annual Spring Salon.

UP: The Language of Sacred Space by Val Brinkerhoff featuring 50 photographs intended to lift and educate, to provide answers and questions. In addition to large, traditionally framed photographs, there are also a number of panels highlighting patterns that unite unique settings worldwide, even though they are separated by great distance, vast periods of time, and differing cultural and religious traditions. The patterns reveal portions of an ancient visual language used to address truths tied to man’s journey here and at home, and all that is connected to them. The messages remain very relevant in our modern world.

St. George Art Museum UP: There’s No Place Like Home, photographs by Dorothea Lange and Mark Hedengren. AND: Permanent Collection Comes Into the Light in the Mezzanine Gallery.

Sears Art Museum Gallery UPCOMING: Dixie State University Art Department Showcase. The Art Department of Dixie State University celebrates graduating art students and faculty. This annual exhibit to showcase the year’s work of the finest students as well as the recent work of faculty is always a favorite. The art students experience the benefits of learning to present themselves and their artwork in a professional manner and to improve their portfolios. It also provides DSU art professors the opportunity to show-off the work they have accomplished throughout the year.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP: Senior Bachelor of Fine Arts Portfolio Show.

mixed media
 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

3/1 Pilar Pobil on the cover of Catalyst magazine

3/4 Stone sisters show soft and hard edges of art

3/4 'Stroller Tours' roll into Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

3/4 Utah can boast of a living work of art

3/6 Artist grieves therapeutically with salt art at Weber State

3/6 Essentials: Entertainment Picks March 6-12

3/6 Utah Valley Artist Guild gears up for awards show

3/7 Ogden High's Burningham picks up art show teacher of the year award

3/7 Artists get 3-dimensional at Weber State

3/11 UMOCA: Do It
Touring Exhibition Asks Viewers To Participate In Its Own Creation

3/12 Southam Gallery named as the best gallery in Utah, 2014 by American Art Awards

3/12 Fibonacci fine artists bring a golden spiral of art, music to Southern Utah

3/15 Utah musician teams with paper-cut artist for a nature-filled lullaby

3/16 Seeing all the artistic horizons at Bountiful/Davis Art Center

3/20 'Davis County Today' photo exhibit opens with plenty to see and do

3/21 WSU art exhibit promotes appreciation of world's diverse religions

3/23 'A lasting gift':
USF's Arts complex to break ground Thursday

3/27 Blues from an artist's perspective at Ogden Arts

3/27 Cedar City group plans 'Final Friday' art walk

3/27 SUU, Utah Shakespeare Festival break ground on new art center

3/28 Time and memory combine in new exhibit at Lamplight Gallery

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