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March 2013
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP:The Artists of Utah 35 x 35 Exhibition features work by 35 artists, 35 and younger.|1| Styles range from the traditional to the cutting edge, as Artists of Utah strives to present Utah with a snapshot of the best art being made by the state's younger artists.

ALICE MERRILL HORNE GALLERY UP: Portrait as Narrative and Narrative as Portrait features three Utah artists: Jethro Gillespie,|2| Andrew Ballstaedt,|3| and Rebecca Pletsch.|4| Each artist’s works come within the realm of portraiture, and each are interested in narratives and experiences related to their own personal histories. All three artists grew up in Utah which thematically ties the work together, yet each artist’s style, technique, and use of media is quite different, and when juxtaposed, create a visually strong collection of work from emerging Utah artists.

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: The Sublime is Light and Easy-to-Assemble by Venessa Gromek in the Locals Only Gallery. Drawing on notions of the sublime in both nature and design, Gromek’s “Tents” series addresses the intersection of the outdoor industry with the aesthetics of modern sculpture, conflating the line between utility and creativity, as well as between masculinity and femininity. |5|AND: Analogital is an exhibition of international artists who engage with concepts generated from the transitional space between analogue and digital. Specifically the notion analyzes the forms that emerge from our culture’s conversion from film grain to computer pixel (see our review in the February 2013 edition).|6| . AND: Ignacio Uriarte: Binaries, a survey of the workplace as a total medium. AND: Ana Prvacki: Neutralize Negative Feelings, an installation about etiquette.

UMFA UP: 5 Blocks is an exhibition of youth artwork created in collaboration with UMFA educators by students at Hawthorne Elementary and Granger High School. AND: Dale Nichols: Transcending Regionalism, an exhibition spanning much of the artist's long career.|7| AND: The Coen Brothers, Ralph Lauren and guitarist Bill Frisell are just a few artists who have found inspiration in the photographs of Mike Disfarmer, a small town photographer from Heber Springs, Arkansas (see our review in the February 2013 edition)|8|. AND: Bierstadt to Warhol: American Indians in the West features over 100 oil paintings, sculpture and works on paper drawn primarily from the Diane and Sam Stewart Collection examining depictions of American Indian identity (by both natives and non-natives) in a diverse array of styles: from the traditional European schools to Modernist abstraction and conceptual renderings of cultural motifs.|9| AND: salt 7: Lynette Yiadom-Boakye. Employing a palette and brushwork not unlike that of traditional western portraiture, Yiadom-Boakye's luscious, gestural paintings consider the role of the black figure, as both subject and author, in the art historical canon.

CUAC UPCOMING: In CINEMATIC six artists explore connections between film and 2D media in visual art. Jeff Larsen's work from the Insomnia series are paintings that are snapshots of a mysterious narrative. John Bell's “de Kooning may have been right about women” is an exploration of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as portrayed in the Julian Schnabel film, Basquiat. The collaged images are culled from internet search results about the artist and film. Justin Nelson-Carruth paints consecutive frames then groups the paintings like a film-strip. In this series, he is making large-scale paintings from frames taken from the movie Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky. Matt Glass's photographs stage what could be scenes from a movie and shoots them as if he were a cinematographer, though only one photograph of each scene exists. He also makes a number of animated movies that engage with the relationship between drawing and film from the other direction. Four of those films will be screened April 18-May 4. Mary Toscano is exhibiting a multi-media drawing that encourages viewers’ participation in progressing through a narrative using a slide projector to create an interactive drawing experience. Rosi Hayes's work in video creates layered elements of narrative that blend together with painterly ‘windows’ that convolute the layers playing with depth and flatness using video to engage with a painting tradition. AND: Six Memories I’ve Never Had a video by Chilean artist Andrea Wolf where she explores the relationship to video and painting using layering and performance and an installation using found film footage and sculptural elements engaging in the relationship to film and sculpture and architecture as well as ideas about nostalgia and appropriation.|10| .

PINNACLE PERFORMANCE UP: New Topographies, Altered Landscapes and other Identities, delves into the way landscapes are rendered and manipulated by personal visions in contemporary art. Curated by Laura Allred Hurtado, who writes regularly for 15 Bytes, the exhibit includes work by five Utah artists: Adam Bateman, Steven Larson, Leah Moses, Jared Steffensen, and Mary Toscano|11|(see our review page 4).

NOX CONTEMPORARY UPCOMING: Stephanie Leitch’s exhibition at Nox Contemporary, Untitled Congregation, is the first full space installation to be hosted at Nox.  Comprised of some 6000 LDS plastic sacrament cups filled with water, Untitled Congregation, is an immense installation utilizing the entire main space of the gallery.|12| The work speaks of the dominant local culture both as the origins of the artist and as the culture we in the community interact with, whether it be from within or without (see our review page 4).

HORNE FINE ART UP: Featuring the evolving show "ROMANCE OF DANCE"   Enjoy this latest series of works in the Karen Horne's ongoing "Art of Performance" series, with a new focus on ballroom dancers. An amateur ballroom dancer herself, this artist also draws on her extensive experience and skill as a figurative artist depicting gesture and movement. |13| 

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Pen and ink paintings of Stephen Duncan exploring the Jordan Parkway trail. UPCOMING: Oil and acrylic paintings of Beverly Alvarez.|14| She draws on surrealistic, impressionist and street art inspiration to create striking images.

THE LEONARDO UP: The Labyrinths of the Mind, featuring the art of Anna Campbell Bliss (see our article in the October 2012 edition), with a screening of Arc of Light: A Portrait of Anna Campbell Bliss. UPCOMING: Swinging Narratives, an exhibition and artist residency at The Lab@The Leo by 15 Bytes editor Shawn Rossiter. An exhibition of recent works, including drawings, sculpture and video will run for the month of March. For this residency, Rossiter will be creating another large scale, floor-to-ceiling, multi-layered work.|15| He’ll also be creating works in collaboration with other artists as well as visiting patrons to The Lab. “I’m interested in how one story, or one image, gets transformed into another,” says Rossiter. Admission is free for ides of March Gallery Stroll, March 15.

CONCEPT UP: New pieces by Rachel McKinnie, Anthony Granato, John Harris, Mark Seely and Ruby Williams. We are also featuring new artist: Paula Biesinger (see our Gallery Spotlight page 3).

UAF GALLERY UPCOMING: Liza Julien's collage and mixed media work, Kent Budge's photography and Stephanie Swift's digital illustrations.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: New work by Courtney Derrick and photographs from the Utah Film Center. UPCOMING: Featuring John Collins, Gary Max Collins, Cheryl Collins, Lane Bennion and Patrice Snow-Whitby.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UPCOMING: Clay Arts of Utah’s Biomimicry, innovations inspired by nature and Westish, animated Western characters by Ryan Perkins.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UPCOMING: New mixed media paintings by Joe Ostraff and figurative ceramic sculpture by Heidi Moller Somsen. AND: In the Dibble Gallery, Gerald Purdy's new paintings embrace anarchy through comedic irony and humor.

ALPINE ART UP: Abiogenesis, a two person show featuring local artists Jane-Anne Mulholland and Mark Seely. Both artists use naturally uncontrollable processes and materials to compose work with organic results and naturally beautiful details.

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: New works by John Collins, John Berry and Kate Starling. UPCOMING: Art Roadshow, based on the PBS hit “Antiques Road Show.” Specialists in art appraising, restoration, framing and art insurance will be available and will offer free estimates and advice on your artworks.

RIO GALLERY UP: Arrivals/Departures, a group show curated by loveDANCEmore. Featuring dance film and video during gallery hours and live performance during Gallery Strolls (see our review in the February 2013 edition). UPCOMING: Presenting LENZI, REYNOLDS, TACHINN.

ART AT THE MAIN UPCOMING: "Art and Whimsy" Joan Zone's new collection of whimsical paintings are inspired by the natural world and her travel destinations, but they reflect her own quirky world view. Her exaggerated colors, shapes, perspective, and pattern create an exciting dynamic between the painting and the viewer. On view from March 11 - April 13. Gallery Stroll on March 15 will include live music by The Avenues Duo and light refreshments..

CENTRAL GALLERY UPCOMING: Captivated by the alluring things he sees, Richard Vroom captures everyday glimpses of our time and lands while standing in the shoes of an artist. Vroom’s current exhibit features a love of the beach; expanding from coasts of California to Florida in his newest “Beach Scenes” series, which reflects the most wonderful places for surfing, cruise biking and sailing.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Closing In: Paintings by Lenka Konopasek (see our review page 1). UPCOMING: Resurfacing, new paintings by Claire Wilson with rust, concrete, nails, and other industrial products/byproducts that reveal their origins and history.


ATELIER AFA UP: Presenting Ink & Water Don't Mix, fine art giclee prints by Sherry Meidell.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E Broadway 801-521-0243) UP: Eclectic, new works by David Estes, Bill Fulton, Carol Fulton, Mary Tull, Merritt Stites and Kathryn Lindquist. UPCOMING: presenting the Utah Watercolor Society's 2 Star / Signature Show.

BENGT ERLANDSSON INTERIOR DESIGN UPCOMING: Contemporary art from artist Lloyd Tabing and landscape art from artists Steve Chamberlain and Darrell Thomas.

BLONDE GRIZZLY UP: JJ Shelton and Phil Lambert. UPCOMING: A tribute to two of our favorite actors: Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. Over 20 local artists will be participating.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: Something Happening About the Sky, new paintings by Frank Ray Huff Jr.

A GALLERY UP: Introducing select abstract paintings by Tom Ortega. His work has been shown in galleries in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, France and Guadalajara.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: The Love Show, celebrating the gallery's 8th year.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Botanical Prints and Encaustics by Michael Peterson.

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Mysticism in Art: Featuring works by Denver Sasser.

DAY-RIVERSIDE BRANCH UP: IMPRESSIONS of the Utah Landscape: Featuring works by Eileen Guernsey Brown.

BALDWIN RADIO FACTORY (3474 S 2300 E; 801-842-9167)
UPCOMING: Grotto Gallery presents works from Chase Coleman and Josh Savage. Art studios will be open featuring original paintings, fused glass, mixed-media, metal sculpture and fine woodwork.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Ready, Aim, Shoot photographs of friends by Kelly O'Neill.

CORNERSTONE GALLERY OF FINE ART UPCOMING: Presenting new works by new gallery artists Sherrie McGraw, Lloyd McCaffrey, Jim Wilcox, Luke Frazier and Gary Hale.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Encaustics by Mary Tull.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UP: Megan Mitchell, Chuck Landvatter and Joe Strickland in Exposure, which focuses on the ways we perceive worlds usually kept private.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Recent oil paintings by Courtney Miles Derrick. UPCOMING: A group exhibition featuring paintings by Randall Lake, Bryan Mark Taylor, Rod Heiss, Courtney Miles Derrick, Corinne Busby Slusser and Geoff Scott.

LOCAL COLORS UP: Between the Lines. Painter Catherine Darling Hostetter, glass artist Mae Wellington, and photographer Kerry Jones interpret the theme in unique ways.

EVERGREEN FRAMING CO. & GALLERY, INC. UP: Presenting all new work by David Meikle with landscapes of the expansive west.

UTAH ART AND ENVIRONMENT COLLABORATIVE UP: Featuring Brush with the Wild Bessann Swanson's vivid and sensual watercolors that recall the teeming mountains, expectant deserts, rushing rivers and clear skies of Utah wilderness.

UTAH STATE CAPITOL UP: People of Utah 1892-2011 on the 4th Floor of the Utah State Capitol. The pieces demonstrate a variety of styles, from 19th-century painting to 21st-century mixed media on canvas and bronze sculpture.

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