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July 2013
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

UTAH MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART UP: Gianni Pettena: Forgiven by Nature is an immersive exhibition of Pettena’s artistic practice and architectural propositions. The span of work presented looks back at his early roots in the Italian Radical Architecture Movement in the late Sixties and early Seventies up to current productions from the past year.|1| AND: David Ruhlman: A History of the Hidden World features mixed-media paintings that are visual palindromes reflecting the circular nature of beginnings and endings and explore double entendres, surreal metamorphosis and natural phenomena.|2| AND: Faithful Abstraction, a collaboration with CUAC curated by Adam Bateman exploring the connection between abstraction and Mormonism. AND: A selection of religious artworks from the LDS Church History Museum that shows views of Mormon culture by outsiders and insiders.AND: A Sublime of Conceptual Landscapes, a selection of works from the Salt Lake Art Center Collection.

NOX CONTEMPORARY UP: The Soft Animal of Your Body, an exhibition of sculptural works by Colour Maisch (see our Artist Profile in the June 2013 edition).|3| Maisch uses unorthodox, often fragile, uncertain materials to make connections and construct narratives that may seem to have little rhyme or reason, but in the end touch on something familiar and collective.  The results are still lifes of lived moments that make perfect sense in a perfectly nonsensical way. “There seem to be two ways in which I understand the world: through my head and through my gut. While both modes have their place, I am drawn to the lush, animal nature of the gut.” 

THE LEONARDO UP: Nature's Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention is a contemporary art exhibition that draws attention to the life-or-death interdependence between the 10-20 million species on Earth, including humans, and the quality of the environment we share. AND: Lab@The Leo; Al Denyer is a British-born Professor of Art at the University of Utah here for a return Summer Visit to the Lab. Al Denyer's scale of attention is microscopically fine. Her abstracts full of fractal resonance. You wonder if you are looking at the landscape of the brain or flying high above a landscape.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Carl Oelerich presents his photographs from a decade-long project documenting the guajiros of western Cuba. Guajiros are peasant farmers who are the agricultural backbone of Cuba in their economically-challenged countryside; they farm by hand, without use of machinery. The photographs depict the resilient and proud guajiros, from the challenges under which they work in tobacco fields, to the simple wood houses in which they live.|4| AND: Heidi Moller Somsen's mixed media and ceramics examine the human figure in motion from an intuitive point of view, as the artist performs the movements of her figures and approaches sculpture from the inside out. The resulting artistic piece can be an extruded rope of clay or the drawn line on a photograph. Her love of material and their differences is expressed as well, as she combines clay, wax, wood, paper, and paint sticks.|5|

UMFA UP: The Coen Brothers, Ralph Lauren and guitarist Bill Frisell are just a few artists who have found inspiration in the photographs of Mike Disfarmer, a small town photographer from Heber Springs, Arkansas (see our review in the February 2013 edition)|6|. AND: Bierstadt to Warhol: American Indians in the West features over 100 oil paintings, sculpture and works on paper drawn primarily from the Diane and Sam Stewart Collection examining depictions of American Indian identity (by both natives and non-natives) in a diverse array of styles (see our review in the April edition).|7| UPCOMING: salt 8: Shigeyuki Kihara. The latest in the UMFA’s exhibition series focusing on emerging international artists features the artist’s photographic, video, and dance-based explorations of cultural identity, colonialism, representation, gender roles, and spirituality.|8|

CUAC UP: SOOTHSAYERS AND BACKYARD OASIS. Painting is the use of color and plane to create composition; these artists push the boundaries of that tradition. Although in practice, both artists make physical objects that exist dimensionally, their modes of production lie firmly within a painterly practice. Eva Speer uses industrial materials like Plexiglas, casting resins, oil, glass, as well as acrylic paint to build highly layered art pieces that are more constructions than traditional paintings, though they occur within a rectangular frame with a flat surface.|9| Kasey Lou Lindley’s works explode past the picture frame and engulf the viewer, but her materials tend to be more traditional in nature as she applies acrylic paint directly to the architecture of the space using walls, ceiling, and floor as her canvas.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Anthony Granato's exhibit Dichotomy. This show is a fusion of image and technique that juxtapose old and new, beautiful and ugly or good and evil in a colorful social commentary.|10| UPCOMING: Adventures in Teapots and Platters, an exhibit by Rob Marquardt, Rachel Hsieh, Tami Searle, Jacey Myers and Stef Voigt of The Feral Clay Pottery Studio.  Form doesn't always follow function in this diverse showing of the completely functional to the completely aesthetic.


ART AT THE MAIN UP: Water media painter Nancy Swanson's new exhibit at Art at the Main includes landscapes, cityscapes, still life, figures and abstracts - all inspired by glimpses of life close to home or far away. Her travels in Utah and around the world afford her beautiful vistas, both urban and rural, but she is often drawn to "the funky stuff others might overlook." From her photos, she works in watercolor and acrylic back in her studio. UPCOMING: Summer Splash. Known for the diversity of original art by its 17 local artists, Art at the Main’s walls and shelves are packed with paintings in watercolor, oils, pastels, acrylics and mixed media, as well as glass art and ceramics. Styles vary from traditional realistic to whimsical and abstract.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Ceramic wall pieces depicting waves and tides by MiYoung Kim. AND: And Justice for Some installation with multimedia performance on gallery stroll opening by Brolly Arts. UPCOMING: Joe Norman creates art from reclaimed, discarded and recycled materials. In the past, his work has included shoe remnants, bicycle chains and wheels, pick-up truck hoods, bullet casings and ice-climbing tool remnants. “My intent is to make art that contributes to a wider conversation about justice and care and our impact on the world,” he says. AND: 2nd Annual Kindred Spirits Exhibit. The exhibit will include astronomy-themed pieces created in the Kindred Spirits workshops in partnership with the Clark Planetarium, as well as collage portraits by the summer camp participants.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Tom Bettin (see our article in the June 2013 edition), Connie Erickson, and Meri DeCaria. UPCOMING: Summer Group Show.

EVERGREEN FRAMING CO. & GALLERY, INC. UP: Featured artists Aaron Fritz and Linda Kalmar. Fritz's inimitable paintings create an approachable style and reflect his love of the outdoors. Kalmar's glass creations are both whimsical and bold and really reflect her love of the medium.

ALICE MERRILL HORNE GALLERY UP:Love Hours is an exhibition that investigates motherhood in a contemporary setting, particularly through the lens of labor (work). The artists render the mother figure without any efforts to idealize her, but rather complicate motherhood outside of its traditional idealism through a variety of media (see our review on page 5).

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: Several new and notable artwork arrivals, including works by Kimbal Warren, as well as early Utah artists Mahonri Young, Paul Fjellboe,|11| Joseph A. Everett, Florence Ware, and Louise Richards Farnsworth.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: The All-State Utah High School Art Exhibition.

HOPE GALLERY AND MUSEUM OF FINE ART UP: Featuring a distinct collection of European masters from the 16th to 21st centuries, including the largest collection of original Danish works (outside the national museums) by notable artists such as Bloch, Kroyer, Henningsen, Wegmann and Molsted.

KUDU AFRICAN ART UP: Presenting landscape artists of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

MESTIZO INSTITUTE OF CULTURE AND ARTS GALLERY UP: Lalo Alcaraz, award-winning editorial cartoonist and Latino journalist, captures the essence of the country's changing cultural and political landscape.

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP: Todd Powelson's Angels, Demons and Animals.“Of course birds represent freedom,” says Powelson. “But there is also something very mysterious about ravens, hawks, owls and falcons. My show is about survival at the gut level and how animal instincts continue in humans despite the fact that today we drive a Lexus and drink cappuccino.”

UTAH STATE CAPITOL UP: People of Utah 1892-2011 on the 4th Floor of the Utah State Capitol. The pieces demonstrate a variety of styles, from 19th-century painting to 21st-century mixed media on canvas and bronze sculpture.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UPCOMING: The Face of Utah Sculpture 9. Every year the Face of Utah Sculpture provides Utah artists a forum to present Utah culture through sculptural form.  The origins of this dynamic exhibit, envisioned nine years ago by glass artist Dan Cummings, features both well-known and emerging Utah sculptors, showcasing both traditional and contemporary sculpture in a variety of techniques, styles, mediums and forms.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Celebrating Salt Lake City. Featuring summery scenes from Karen Horne's ongoing Salt Lake series, which have just won her the Mayor's Visual Artist Award, as well as refreshing pool scenes by Jamie Wayman, and dappled garden scenes by Phyllis Horne.


ALPINE ART UP: Alpine Art is hosting a benefit for Artists for Local Agriculture, a local non-profit, and the Railyard, a community garden. Displayed works include donated pieces by Vic Back, LuckySeven, Tai Taeoalii, Adrienne Taeoalii, Halee Jean, Daniel Overstreet and others. UPCOMING: Designed.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Group exhibition featuring new and old gallery artists.

CORNERSTONE GALLERY OF FINE ART UP: Announcing the addition of Robert Duncan to our group of artists. Also, new works by Kent Ullberg and Bruce Dodd.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Photographs by local artist, John Fortuna. The theme is metallic meets mountains. The new exhibit will feature a new print medium with metallic photo paper. The photographs capture the majesty of the Wasatch Mountains.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UP: Featuring giclee’ prints on watercolor paper by Portia Snow and powder graphite on watercolor paper and illustration board paper by Regina Stenberg.

LOCAL COLORS UP: Much construction leads to much new business and a much revitalized Sugar House. Come see how local artists celebrate this as Local Colors exhibits a group show.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E Broadway 801-521-0243) UP: Oils, Acrylics and Watercolors by the Intermountain Society of Artists.

SOUTHAM GALLERY UP: Presenting a group show, Thirty Years of Excellent Utah Art, featuring 30 artists’ work.

ATELIER AFA UP: Presenting Collective Wisdom: Landscapes & People of Peru & other Stories by Judy Lynn Nelson.

BLONDE GRIZZLY UP: 2nd Annual Star Wars Group Show. Over 20 artists are participating.

RIO GALLERY UP: Presenting DesignArts Utah ’13 – This juried exhibition features some of the best Utah designers in graphic, industrial/product, and architecture design.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Presenting BLUE, a collection of fine art photography by Salt Lake artist, Stephen Speckman.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Threaded Thoughts of Judith Dierkes.

DAY-RIVERSIDE BRANCH UP: Marry the Night by Mark Rindflesh. UPCOMING: Skin Deep by Nadia Rea Morales.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Dordogne Dreams: The Perigord of Old, in a Different Light by Jeff Clay.

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Spending Time in Tuscany by Suzanne Barton.

CONCEPT UP: Featuring new works by John Harris including giclee' on canvas and high-key photography, and new watercolor works by our young artist, Ruby Williams. Concept is also introducing abstract pieces by Trent Pettry.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Figures, an exhibition featuring oil paintings by Lee Udall Bennion, Bryce Billings, Paul Davis, Nathan Florence, Jeffrey Hein, Randall Lake, Matthew Larson, Zachary Proctor, Randall Sexton and others.

LANNY BARNARD GALLERY UP: Lanny's landscapes have always been at the heart of her most loved paintings. This newly finished, mostly olive toned, very tranquil piece measures 30 by 30 inches. Come in and visit this one, you'll feel as if you traveled to far off Utah.

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