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February 2013
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South

St. George Art Museum UP: Quilts: Reimagined. Susan McBride Gilgen has 18 quilts on display in the Main Gallery.|1| They showcase over a decade of her art beginning with a quilted coat Clown Under Wraps designed and created in 1999 to honor the first woman in America to graduate from Clown College, Peggy Williams. AND: Photo to Fabric exhibit includes the work of seven quilters inspired Rob Lefkow's photographs of Zion National Park. |2| AND: In the Upstairs Galleries Karen Andrus, Janey Argyle, Charlotte Purcell Gary, Sue Gilgen, Cathie Purdy and Carroll Lee Stolz display quilts based on a challenge put forth by the Painted Hills Fiber Artists group. Seven women started with seven different one-yard cuts of fabric plus some embellishments. Each person kept half of her original fabric and passed the remainder to the next quilter who again tore it in half and passed along to the next.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP: Art and Design Faculty Exhibit.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP:
Think Flat: The Art of Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami
features selections from the Freedman Family Collection and the BYU Museum of Art and focuses on the two artists' relationships to works that explore the "low" of pop art and a celebrity-driven world (see our review in the October 2012 edition).|3|AND: michael whiting: 8-bit modern, in the Museum's Sculpture Garden, features brightly painted, massive, pixilated sculptures exploring the visual relationship between early video games and 1960s minimalism. AND: We Could Be Heroes: The Mythology of Monsters and Heroes in Contemporary Art, delves into the growing captivation with super heroes and monsters in contemporary pop culture.|4| Includes artists from Korea, Romania, Poland, Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, Mexico, Japan, the U.K., and others (see our review page 1).

BYU Library Exhibits UP:Weir Was Here – Secret Rooms, Doors and Windows” is a solo exhibit by New York artist Xiomáro (pronounced “SEE-oh-MAH-ro”), featuring photographs from the first artistic collection documenting the beauty and textures of the interiors of American impressionist Julian Alden Weir's house and studio, never seen by the general public. These photographs feature rooms, doors, and windows, adding a sense of intimacy with their lives, thus humanizing their art. .

Provo Library @ Academy Square Art Gallery UP: Hue + Me, explores the ambiguous nature of color and its oxymoronic existence as a pool of "shared imagination" from which artists and viewers draw inspiration and fashion individual and collective understandings. Curated by BYU Art History student Kev Nemelka, the show features a wide range of spectacularly colorful works by Andrew Ballstaedt,|5| Fidalis Buehler, Kev Nemelka, Jann Nielsen, Colin Pinegar, Steve Santore, Rachel Stallings-Thomander, Rachel Van Wagoner, and Caitlin Watson.

UP: Global Spotlight Russia: Military chronicles the daily realities of the Soviet Union’s military-industrial complex c.1950-1980.

Springville Museum of Art UP: Milne & Swanson Collections Exhibitions, with Soviet/Russian Art donated by Gordon and Hollie Milne will be in the Steed Gallery and Utah Art donated by Vern and Judy Swanson will be in the Four-plex Gallery. AND: Sacred Settings: Selected Photography by Val Brinkerhoff, black and white photographs by Brinkerhoff, who has traveled the world studying sites and spaces created for the worship of God. His interest in sacred spaces, symbolism and their cultural meanings has generated a wealth of images spanning 40 countries and thousands of years.. AND: New Acquisitions.

UP: Painter of the West: Artwork by David J. Harris.

Terra Nova Gallery UP: My Parents are Artists...No, Really! Ben & Kerri Hammond

Utah County Art Gallery UP: BYU and UVU Illustrators Show UPCOMING: Utah Valley Art Guild Show.

mixed media
 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

1/2 Exhibit features four friends who share passion for painting

1/3 Focus on photos:
BYU exhibit zooms in on 'Thirty Years'

1/3 Sixth 'Basin and Range' exhibit focuses on water

1/10 Triple the pleasure:
'Three Part Harmony' meshes mediums

1/14 Every work of art tells its own story

1/14 Palette Club of Ogden names top artwork

1/14 Layne Meacham's 'Sidewalks': Paintings draw focus to unnoticed marks

1/21 Japanese artist Ushio Shinohara boxes his way to a knockout

1/22 WSU’s annual student juried show opens Friday

1/23 Sundance’s New Frontier exhibit at the border of art and technology

1/24 Seeing red: Art from former Soviet Union at Woodbury Museum

1/25 'Wild Land’ showcases American artist, Thomas Cole

1/30 WSU costume designers show their stuff at ‘Arté Gras VIII’

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