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November 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Visionism at the Covey Center for the Arts
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

Covey Center for the Arts UP: The Written Word, Calligraphy by Carole Taylor. Many years of experience and attendance at numerous seminars helped Taylor develop her own style. In 1988 she began writing scripture and inspirational quotes and gifted them to friends and relatives. Over 30 years later and her calligraphy has become more than great gifts. She has added the “spark” of oriental watercolors to some of her work, but most of her pieces reflect the influence of ancient manuscripts. Through AND: Visionism: Hagen Haltern and Jared Harlow consists of digital images printed with archival inks and paper in limited editions. These images are created from a variety of source material (ink washes, paintings, drawings, photographs, etc.), and composed in Photoshop on an iMac. They follow the ideal of greatest variety in strongest unity.|0|

Brigham Young University Museum of Art
Think Flat: The Art of Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami
features selections from the Freedman Family Collection and the BYU Museum of Art and focuses on the two artists' relationships to works that explore the "low" of pop art and a celebrity-driven world (see our review in the October 2012 edition).|1| AND: People in a Hard Land: Iconic Images of Life in the Southwest focuses on iconic images of people in the American Southwest: pioneers, cowboys, and Indians moving across a vast uninhabited landscape; men and women engaged in the hard labor of taming a wild land.|2| AND: Object of Devotion, medieval English alabaster sculpture from the Victoria and Albert Museum that date back to the early 1300s.|3|AND: michael whiting: 8-bit modern, in the Museum's Sculpture Garden, features brightly painted, massive, pixilated sculptures exploring the visual relationship between early video games and 1960s minimalism. AND: In the Shadows of Timpanogos, photographs by John Telford. Telford contrasts the stability of geologic formations with variation in atmosphere, color, and vegetation over time and season. The photographs come together as a visual poem that ponders the cyclical rhythm of nature and diversity of form that provide an unending source of interest and renewal.

BYU Library Exhibits UP: Weir Was Here – Secret Rooms, Doors and Windows, photographs by New York artist Xiomáro, featuring photographs from the first artistic collection documenting the beauty and textures of the interiors of American impressionist Julian Alden Weir's house and studio, never seen by the general public.|4| These photographs feature rooms, doors, and windows, adding a sense of intimacy with their lives, thus humanizing their art. AND: To Grow Old With You, photographs by student artist Stephanie Jarstad.

Springville Museum of Art UP: Milne & Swanson Collections Exhibitions, with Soviet/Russian Art donated by Gordon and Hollie Milne will be in the Steed Gallery and Utah Art donated by Vern and Judy Swanson will be in the Four-plex Gallery. UPCOMING: 27th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah Exhibition. This annual exhibition celebrates spirituality and belief through the visual fine arts. Artists working in any style or media are invited to submit their work for the exhibition. AND: 27th Annual Christmas Lamb Exhibition showcases the art of school-age children from around Utah County. AND: Nativity: Images of the Life of Christ celebrates scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. A series painted by figurative artist Mark Missman and designer Jason Bullard, this series offers insights into the childhood and circumstances of Christ through a series of twelve stunning paintings. Themes include the Birth of Jesus, Mary Holding the Infant Christ, The Three Wise Men and others.

St. George Art Museum UP: For the Love of Travel & Art by Sue Cotter & Spike Ress. The artist couple will be exhibiting works inspired by their various travel experiences. Spike paints directly on location, Sue often writes, sketches, collects found objects, seeks stories and details she will later assemble into a symbolic whole. AND: A Dream, works by J. Kirk Richards and Brian Kershisnik. J. Kirk Richards is a favorite among admirers of contemporary spiritual artwork. In a genre dominated by sanitized, manufactured-under-studio-lights imagery, Richards has embraced subtlety with textural, poetic, and mysterious images (see our article in the October 2012 edition).|6| Kershisnik's images of simplified drawing and washes of color display a deep understanding of human psychology. AND: Metal Imagined, sculptures by Matt Clark. A self-taught welder who has been in a wheelchair since an injury at age 17, Clark has been creating sculpture for thirty years. The steel, stainless steel, copper, stone and found objects he uses in his art were originally created to perform a specific function but had outlived their usefulness. |7| AND: Idaho Gallery of 12, a group of 12 professional artists residing in Idaho Falls, Idaho who have banded together to promote each other and themselves at the same time.

Sears Art Gallery UP: It's All Relative, work by Merle Fish Olson, Darlene Morgan and Brian Challis. .

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP: Everything In Between: Art Quilts, Fabric Collage, and Embroidery features 48 invited international artists from six countries and 21 states with works spanning traditional, realistic, abstract, non-objective, and conceptual works.|8| UPCOMING: Senior BFA Portfolio Show.

 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

10/1 Susan Kirby On the cover of Catalyst Magazine:

10/1 Andy Warhol & Takashi MurakamiPop Art masters show at BYU Museum of Art

10/3 Couple have long history of influence on Salt Lake art scene

10/3 SLC artist promotes the value of creativity

10/2 Top architects raise anticipation for Utah Performing Arts Center

10/4 WSU exhibit reveals the cultures along the Silk Road

10/6 Art, music event to help those with brain injuries

10/10 Art project on S.L. underpass is complete

10/10 Murals brightening South Ogden's two water towers

10/11 Art by suspect in 1983 rape, murder in Ogden all hearts, butterflies, peacocks

10/11 UMFA exhibit looks through Nancy Holt’s viewfinder

10/12 Glass artist Chihuly’s ‘Venetians’ on display in
Park City

10/12 Park City artist Josée Nadeau will paint by music

10/20 Barsch code: Springville MOA presents retrospective
of artist

10/22 Art of Politics: Two exhibits explore presidential election

10/25 Writings on the wall: Covey exhibit examines calligraphy

10/28 Sunset man draws fame by luring fan base for ‘Zombie Nation’

10/30 Davis County artists in inspirational exhibit at Deseret Book

10/31 Weaving the Night Sky' into Adopt-A-Native Elder Navajo rugs

SUU Hunter Conference Center UPCOMING: Ron Spears, Landscapes from Zion National Park features 20 remarkable vistas as depicted by the artist. In spring 2012, painter Ron Spears, Assistant Professor of Drawing/Entertainment Design at SUU, was an artist-in-residence at Zion National Park for two full weeks. This remarkable program gave Ron the opportunity to experience the wonders of the Park on a deeply personal and life-changing level.
Ron Spears at SUU

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