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March 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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John Bell at Nox Contemporary
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

NOX CONTEMPORARY UP: Postmodern Blues, with new works by John Bell features paintings, installation, mixed media and a photographical display, Portraits without Faces, where the subject's primary source of expression, their face is removed and replaced with a mask. At the core of the exhibition are Bell's paintings, wrought with recurring images of celebrities, modern art masters, monkeys and iconic cartoon characters, many of which are appropriated from what Bell likes to call "Google collaborations."|0| During the opening Bell will be signing copies of a self-published chapbook, Fresh Oil!, in which the artist has a humorous and revealing conversation with himself.

UMFA UP: Georges Rouault: Circus of the Shooting Star.|1| The images in Rouault's portfolio of etchings, Cirque de l'Etoile Filante (Circus of the Shooting Star), demonstrate Rouault's attempt to strip away the "spangles" of the clown's costume and reveal the "reflection of paradise lost"(see page 4). AND: At Work: Prints from the Great Depression features Depression-era prints focusing on men and women at work, and speaks powerfully to contemporary questions—underscored by anxieties surrounding the great recession—about the place of labor in our lives.|2|AND: The Faculty Show: Recent Work by The University of Utah Art Faculty. UPCOMING: salt 5: Daniel Everett. In his installation, Everett contemplates the changing role of now-obsolete technologies by repurposing them and putting them to use in fresh and inventive ways.

UP:Joshua Lutherís Meaning, the second installation at UMOCA's Locals Only, features semiotic based work that uses languages and symbols to play with meaning and arbitrary relationships.|3| AND: Sundance Film Festival's New Frontiers 2012 exhibit (see our review in the February 2012 edition). |4|AND: FAX, guest curated by Jo„o Ribas and co-organized by The Drawing Center and Independent Curators International, has traveled world-wide, amassing faxes in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.|5| For this installation UMOCA curator Aaron Moulton has added the following artists: Mike Bouchet, Salotto Buono, Roisin Byrne, Keren Cytter, Sejla Kajmeric, Daniel Kingery, Forniture Pallotta, Bertrand Planes, Jared Steffensen, and Ignacio Uriarte.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UPCOMING: Mixed media work by Roldan Din, sculptures by Bryon Draper and photographs by members of Salt Lake Seven. Roldan Dinís mixed media work focuses on change, and this exhibit features work from 2006 to the present.|6| Bryon Draperís exhibition includes large and small stone and bronze sculptures. Each piece is made of limestone and cast bronze figure fragments and emphasize the artist's process.|7| Members of the Salt Lake Seven (SL7) photography group title their Finch Lane show Prisoners of Consciousness.|8| The current members include Carolee Beckham, Rocio BriceŮo, Brian Buroker, Jeff Edwards, Kent Fairbanks, Justin Hackworth, Brett Howell, Alan Jackson, Kent Miles, Rich North Carl Oelerich, Bill Patterson, Steve Proctor and Greg Sumner.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP: Renewal: Finding Life through Art, nine artists breathe life into discarded or forgotten objects through collage and assemblage. Features Zane Anderson, Amy Adams, Marianne Cone, Brian Christensen, Jason Lanegan, Adam Larsen, Suzanne Larson, Frank McEntire, and Reclaimed Sentiment. A few writers will be invited to look at the work and use it as inspiration for a short work of their own. These written responses will be on display, and a reading will be organized for the opening night. A musical group will perform a number during the opening; the piece will be inspired by the work on display.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: Sunny Strasburg: The Alchemist's Path: Navigating and Reclaiming the Depths of Your Soul. . AND: After So many Years by Steven J. Fawson, portraits of Fawson's artist friends. AND: Animals of Affection, mixed media by Andre Pike. In the Canteena, Level 2. UPCOMING: Worry Lines by Mary Toscano. Influenced by traditional fables and myths, and contemporary news stories on science and the natural world, Mary Toscano focuses her work on themes of isolation, fatalism, and the threat of impending cultural and environmental shifts. AND: Body Immigrant by Alex Moya.

A showcase of artwork from the State Fine Art Collection on the fourth floor of the Utah State Capitol features 20 works by well-known artists such as J. Leo Fairbanks and Alvin Gittins.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UPCOMING: 10-Year Anniversary Celebration, a group show from the UTah Artist Hands family.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Dayle Recordís photographic exhibit Singular Images, The Lake I Love, altered Earth images which are in part a tribute to the era in which the environmental movement was born. |9| UPCOMING: Janelle Call Davisí art and pottery exhibit: Waking up to Life, inspired by the unfolding new seasons of life.|10|

ALPINE ART UP: 24 x 24, a photographic exhibition that looks at the first twenty-four hours of 2012 (see our article in the February 2012 edition). |11|

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: Direct from the Springville Museum of Art, an exhibit of 30 works by Hilma Mole Payne, a student of LeConte Stewart, whose accomplished landscapes have rarely been seen by the public (see our article in the January edition). |12|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: An exhibit by Maritza Torres, Veronica Perez and Ruby Chacon inspired by the ancient stories and cultures of their ancestors. Access II is featuring a recycled glass exhibit by Amber DeBirk and paintings and recycled mixed media by Eleanor Scholz (see page 7). UPCOMING: Metal sculptures and jewelry by Ric Blackerby and oil paintings by Mary Boerens Sinner.

MESTIZO ARTS UP: The Forgotten, the Homeless & Mentally Ill. Naomi Garcia takes pictures to tell a story. The collaboration with the people (subjects) is important to help those in need and to show how our society is impacted. UPCOMING: I Know A Leader for Social Justice, the work of the winners of the Salt Lake City School District's Fourth Annual Cesar Chavez Visual and Language Arts Contest.

UAF GALLERY UP: Travelogue, photography by Randy Laub, Steve Midgley and Paul Titus. UPCOMING:Perception, Works by Verl Adams, Blake Palmer & Miranda Whitlock.

ROUND 8, Kayo's anniversary group show. UPCOMING: New works by Wren Ross and Steven Larson.

RIO GALLERY UP: Utah Arts Council Fellowship Invitational, featuring work from five past winners: Sue Cotter, Gary Barton, James Charles,|13| Madison Smith and Jane Catlin.

James Charles at Rio Gallery

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Reminiscing, group show including Waldo Midgley, Francis Zimbeaux, Irwin Greenberg, George Dibble & more. UPCOMING: New work by Joe Carter,|14| and in the Dibble Gallery: "10 X 3" 10 photographs X 3 photographers Kim Riley, Weston Hall, & Maureen Brannelly.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: Carl Purcell: Solo Exhibition, work by the longtime Snow College professor of art.|15|

HORNE FINE ART UP: Scenes of the Wasatch front by Phyllis Horne, including new garden and pasture paintings. Also additions to Karen Horne's Art of Performance series,|16| including scenes of ballroom dancers from the Salt Lake Symphony's Vienna Ball.

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER UP: Mike Belden. In his oil painting Mike Belden seeks to respond to the dynamics of a continually changing world in nature, architecture and the human figure.|17|

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP: New airbrush works from artist Keith Eccles and the Laser People photo series from artist, Derek Dyer.

SOUTHAM GALLERY UPCOMING: An Asian-themed celebration for the Grand Opening of their new location at 152 South Main.

GALLERY UAF UP: Travelogue, photography by Randy Laub, Steve Midgley and Paul Titus. UPCOMING: Perception, multi-media works by Verl Adams, Blake Palmer & Miranda Whitlock.

HOUSE GALLERY UP: Full Steam Ahead an intimate collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, feature interlocking botanical shapes, knotted forms and rich patterns. Wilson has said that her work is an ďattempt to layer, obscure and cross out, while still coming to a clear visual answer, the complexityĒ she feels ďabout being in this chaotic, contradictory world.Ē

Laura Sharp Wilson at House Gallery

Caryn Feeney at Art at the Main
UP: Return to the Mountains, new watercolors by John Stout, who has lived and worked in many wild places around the world. Those wild places, and especially his beloved Rocky Mountains, figure prominently in his watercolor paintings. UPCOMING: Watercolorist Caryn Feeney. She has traveled to far sides of the globe to photograph animals. The photographs serve as references for her highly realistic paintings in Animal Magnetism.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Colorful art exhibit by Karen Jackson titled Now I See. UPCOMING: Using delicate watercolors Bassann Swanson captures the vibrant light and color of Utahís landscapes.

THE GALLERY AT EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE (461 East 200 South) UP: New works by David Estes, Bill Fulton, Carol Fulton, Mary Tull, Kathryn Lindquist, Merrit Stites.

BLONDE GRIZZLY UP: Casey Kawaguchi and Andrew Sato. UPCOMING: Second Annual Utah Jazz Show. We will be debuting two new Jazz shirts and Copper Palete Press is designing a special limited edition Jazz print for the show.

Paintings by Kevin Hogge & Dianne Gulezian.

CENTRAL GALLERY (228 East 500 South, Ste 100) UP: Iron Within, oil paintings by Paul Winter. Winter captures the essence of our own age old lands standing within Utahís National Parks, and fueled by long standing silent history offering viewers the quiet spirit of these terrains. One may find a profound relationship between rock and soul expressed in his recent works.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Between Earth and Orion, mixed media by Kay Hale.

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL & DAY-RIVERSIDE LIBRARY BRANCHES UP: SL7: Retrospective, photography by the Salt Lake Seven: Carolee Beckham, Rocio Briceno, Brian Buroker, Jeff Edwards, Kent Fairbanks, Earl Gilmor, Brett Howell, Alan Jackson, Kent Miles, Rich North, Steve Proctor, Dave Ricketts and Benny van der Wal.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Red Rock Refraction, landscape paintings by Carol Berrey.

A GALLERY UP: New works by glass artist Seth Fairweather. UPCOMING: Woven geometry, new work by textile artist John Hess.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY UP:The photography of Arsham Zakarian, paintings by Paul Heath, Clarance Bowman and Irene Rampton, and glass art by Donna Pence. UPCOMING: Docents from the UMFA in a group show.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Watercolors by Lauri Franks, oils by Colleen Howe as well as work by Steve Smock. UPCOMING: Oils by Dennis Smith and Sheryl Thornton, as well as work by Lindsay Frei.

LOCAL COLORS UP: Sunshine depicts the bright colors of spring in the work of three featured artists: Sandi Olsen, painter; Mae Wellington, glass artist and Jane Autry, painter.

6th Avenue Gallery & Frame Shop (752 E 6th Avenue) Present Future, contemporary landscapes by Ryan Akerley utilizing bright oil paints.

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