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March 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Bruce Case at the CUAC
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

CUAC UP: 2012 Utah Ties Juried Exhibit, 8th annual exhibition showcasing talent from around the state including Noah Coleman's "Sisyphus" (1st Place Award), Bruce Case's "Vessels" (2nd Place) |0|and Daniel Barney's "If the Odds Are Good, Take That Risk You’ve Been Considering" (3rd Place). AND: The Gang's All Here, new art from Los Angeles curated by Max Presneill.|1| AND: Covered in Stars, featuring Clarissa Lewis Anderson, Maura German, Alex Jameson, curated by Rachel Stallings in the CUAC Annex.|2|

Snow College Art Gallery UP: 2012 Faculty Biennial Exhibition. New Works by Snow College Visual Arts Faculty. UPCOMING: Artists in Residence & Works in Process, The Annual 2011-2012 Snow College Student Exhibition.

Covey Center for the Arts UP: Do Dinosaurs Dream of Electric Sheep? Work by Nicita Larsen |3| and Tim Little.|4| Under Tim Little's welding torch, a discarded piston becomes a horse hoof. Motorcycle tanks become a rhinoceros. Bicycle chains, transmission gears, crane shafts and steel cable become bulls, trees, horses, dinosaurs-- and dragons. Carolyn Nicita, an internationally-published science fiction writer, makes creatures out of the math of chaos. She conjures up IFS flame fractals, known as Electric Sheep. AND: In Related, Marinus E. Wolf and Linnie Brown, a father and daughter pair, selected fourteen sets of crossword clues and answers and created a painting in response to each set. Wolf and Brown’s paintings for that set are displayed next to each other, with the titles coming directly from the clue and answer, showing the divergent paths their visual interpretations took. |5|

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP:Wide-Open Spaces: Capturing the Grandeur of the Southwest. AND: The Weir Family, 1820-1920: Expanding the Traditions of American Art is the first major exhibition to collectively examine paintings by Robert Walter Weir (1803-1889), John Ferguson Weir (1841-1926), and Julian Alden Weir (1851-1919). . AND: Fleeting Impressions: Prints by James McNeill Whistler. Compared to Rembrandt by his contemporaries, American émigré artist James McNeill Whistler’s dual dedication to painting and printmaking invigorated the graphic arts movement and fundamentally influenced a generation of artists in the late nineteenth century.|6|AND: Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with Arts of Islamic Culture poses the question “What makes Islamic Art, Islamic?” To address this, Dr. Al Khemir has created a show with over 250 works that features historical and geographic background with succeeding sections of calligraphy, figurative imagery and pattern. |7| AND: In the Electronic Gallery, Seoungho Cho’s video artwork blends West and East by overlaying the pulsing drum solo from Iron Butterfly’s famous 1960s rock song “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” with a Buddhist drumming ritual. The video focuses on the mesmerizing drummer, whose movements resemble those of a butterfly beating its wings in the air.

BYU Library Exhibits UP: Rachel Stallings Thomander & Jessica Li, Two Moons. UPCOMING: Happy Birthday Charles Dickens, VIsual Arts Illustration 210: Digital Illustration Class Project.

Utah County Art Gallery UP: Utah Valley Artists Guild Artists.

Terra Nova Gallery UP: Pamela Christiansen Simons.

The Chocolate (212 S. State, Orem) UP: A score of works -- watercolors, oil paintings and drawings -- by local Orem artist Matthew Chatterley.|8| The exhibit includes a mixture of landscape, still life and figurative pieces from the BYU MFA graduate.

Woodbury Art Museum UPCOMING: Student Art Show highlights a contemporary body of work from the UVU community and introduces students to the juried show format. Running concurrently, the BFA Final Projects displays culminating bodies of work from graduating AVC majors..

Springville Museum of Art UP: J.T. Harwood: The Ione Years 1927-1940. AND: 40th Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show, . AND: Wayne Kimball, Robert Marshall and Bruce Smith: A Collective Retrospective celebrates the three nationally recognized artists who are known locally for their professional careers as professors of art at Brigham Young University.

Wayne Kimball at Springville Museum of Art

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP: Art and Design Faculty Exhibit. Artwork was developed using a variety of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, digital imagery, ceramics, photography, and illustration.
AND: SUMA - The Preview, provides an overview of the museum from inspiration through concept to a representation of the facility. UPCOMING: Senior BFA Portfolio Show presents the culmination of work by the Senior BFA candidates graduating in May. The exhibit features a wide variety of mediums from ceramics to charcoal to digital photography and graphic design..


Sears Gallery UP:
DSC Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show and Sale.

St. George Art Museum UP: St. George Then & Now - Historic & Contemporary Photographs. Apropos of the City of St. George’s 150th birthday, this exhibit pairs historic photographs from the Lynne Clark Collection of the early days of St. George with photographs taken by photographer Dave Becker. . AND: Collections within the Collection Show contains over 150 pieces of art in both two-dimensions and three-dimensions by artists well represented in the museum's collection. Through

 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

2/1 Martin Stensaas on the cover of Catalyst magazine

2/2 Father, daughter display work at Union Station

2/3 Stick Figure wins top BDAC prize

2/3 UMOCA's new curator calls himself an art-world

2/3 Salt Lake art project asks what is art and what is it worth to you?

2/3 The public crowd Kimball gallery for architect pitches

2/4 New Salt Lake City sculpture grew art out of the idea of algae.

2/10 New U of U dean wants arts to hit higher notes

2/9 A black and white world is surprisingly rich at the Eccles

2/10 Kiimball Art Center picks Bjarke Ingels design for expansion project

2/12 Exhibit of Depression era prints explores the meaning of work.

2/12 Shadows and light combine in BDAC state show

2/13 Nature of Sustainable Art Annual Earth-friendly art exhibit at Red Butte

2/13 Artistic fruits come alive in Redux exhibit

2/15 State fine art shines at Utah State Capital

2/17 UMOCA’s new curator calls himself an art-world ‘anthropologist’

2/18 Art Center, Museum move ahead in Bountiful

2/18 Art Fitness Training
helps with understanding of contemporary art.

2/23 BYU opens Islamic Art exhibit

2/23 Tardi Mardi benefits Arts Festival

2/23 New Gallery East exhibit features works of Southeastern Utah artist

2/28 Painter Peek to have Starving Artist premiere

2/28 R. Crumb meets The Monkey Wrench Gang at Marriot Library

2/29 Utah arts advocate Layeh Chausow, dies

3/2 Artist Anna Campbell Bliss brought Modernism to Utah — in spite of itself



2/13 New Park City Public Art

2/14 BIG news for the Kimball Art Center

2/20 Steven Fawson makes a comeback

2/21 Boomtown: New short explores a Utah ghost town

2/22 Dayle Record at Charley Hafen Gallery

2/28 The Utah Phillips Songbook

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