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July 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Mason Fetzer at Alpine Art
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

ALPINE ART UP: Alpine Art partners with Best Friends Animal Society (formally No More Homeless Pets in Utah) for its third-annual Best Friends exhibit. Enjoy artwork inspired by pets made by local artists: Leia Bell, Cristall Harper, Corinne Humphrey, Darrell Driver, Kari Egan, Amanda Moore, Zoe Rodriguez, Suzanne Tornquist, Angela Woods, Toni Youngblood. UPCOMING: In City Heat curator Matt Chiodo has selected a variety of work from local artists who employ “street” technique and aesthetic. Works included will span from stencil and free-hand spray can art to mixed media pieces using paint and collage over photography. Participating artists include: Trent Call, Mason Fetzer,|0| Anthony Granato, Daniel Overstreet, Dusk Raps, Iosua Tai Taeoalii and Justin Wheatley.

Artists Catherine Downing,|1| Tawni Shuler and Nancy Steel-Makasci title their exhibit The Power of Place and explore their individual relationship to ‘place’ incorporating painting, mixed media and printmaking. “Not necessarily traditional landscape,” note the artists, “we have broadened our approach to include: culture, habit, artifact, dialogue." AND: Vance Mellen’s mixed-media paintings, sculptures and videos explore the thin line between “what is” and “what might have been.” A self-described “stay-at-home prophet,” his work deals with the nexus of fatherhood and sometimes darkly ironic religious themes: death, resurrection, chance, prophecy, and visions, carried to absurdist extremes.|2|
UMFA UP: salt 5: Daniel Everett. In his installation, Everett contemplates the changing role of now-obsolete technologies by repurposing them and putting them to use in fresh and inventive ways (see our review in the May edition). |3| AND: Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile explores the art of the automobile, featuring antique and vintage racing cars that exemplify the beauty of vehicles designed for speed. |4| Artistry and engineering come together in these functional yet highly crafted works of art. AND: Photo Finish showcases the diversity of ways artists have depicted and interpreted the omnipresent automobile.

UP: Mark Hedengren’s The Invincibility Fable is featured in round 3 of the Locals Only Gallery. The exhibit is a survey of over 30 color photographs taken from Hedengren's “Cliff Jumpers” series that depict the exuberant youth culture found at swimming holes across the American South and Mountain West.|5| AND: In Casting Jesus, Christian Jankowski allows the viewer to become a fly on the wall, observing as a distinguished panel of representatives from the Vatican engage in the process of casting actors in the role of Jesus Christ. |6| AND: Situated between Homer, Twitter, and the singing telegram, Cantastoria is an exploration of how contemporary artists communicate histories and culture using languages, messengers, and witnesses as creative material. This exhibition explores the notion of the cantastoria as a metaphor across cultures and specifically within contemporary art.|7| UPCOMING: Mr. Winkle: Object of Projection, Photographs by Lara Jo Regan. Rescued from the side of the freeway in Bakersfield, California by Regan, a renowned documentary photographer based in Los Angeles, Mr. Winkle has since served as her muse and conduit for exploring the very nature of humanity. Her series of photographs draws connections between 19th century tableaux and portrait photography and 20th century photographic genres.|8|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Aluminum Plates by Paul Vincent Bernard (see our profile page 1) . Bernard creates minimalist landscapes - abstract shapes, paths, and margins inspired by the spare Utah geography. Dark monoliths and deep black forms are threaded with slender fissures, edged in loose fast scrawls, and often jut into only the merest slip of pale horizon.|9| AND: Florentine Memoirs by E. Clark Marshall features ceramic works incorporating silkscreen reproduction of Renaissance era documents.|10| AND: Marina Alexandrescu's melancholy collage images evoking a sense of memories, thoughts, dreams and emotions.|11| UPCOMING: Installation by Suzanne Kanastiz and paintings by Vojko Rizvanovic.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: John Bell fuses abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, pop art and many other artistic styles while employing recurring images of iconic pop culture, snippets of news feeds, and social media. Trent Call’s work combines formal academic painting with comics, graffiti, and popular culture. For artist Paris Gerrard, “painting is all about the connection between the hand and the spirit, finding that connection and really following your intuition." UPCOMING:Landscapes by Aaron Bushnell, work by Steven Larson and abstracts by Gia Whitlock.

NOX CONTEMPORARY UPCOMING: Alternative Genres features a selection of contemporary performance art and video pieces taking up the entire gallery.|12| Video art from Jan Andrews, Trent Alvey, Brian Patterson, Heidi Moller Somsen, Emily King, Aniko Safran, Kelley Parker, Ian Tsung-Yin Hsieh and Ben Jacobsen will take up the entrance gallery space. Two nights of performances: Friday, July 20 features works by James Sproul, Jenevieve Hubbard, Stefanie Slade, Kim Schmidt, Mattson McFarland, Derek Fonnesbeck, and Miguel Peterson. Friday, July 27 features works by Kristina Lenzi, Samuel Hansen, Valerie Atkisson, and Ashley Anderson.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: “Art and Sole”, recent clay fish works by Randi Lile. |13| UPCOMING: Christene Jones' watercolors move freely with brilliant hues to create old gardens, deserts, and local buildings.|14|

MESTIZO ARTS UP: Making a departure from her prior science-based works, Amy Caron's new solo show at the Mestizo Gallery delves into contemporary craft and draws inspiration from Mexican folk and decorative arts. UPCOMING: In Neighborhood Stories, graphite artist Manuel Alvarez and painter Ruby Chacón use street images and cultural icons to portray everyday life. Alvarez's work depicts the trials and tribulations of a less than ideal life, with the purpose of putting a face to his and many others struggle.|15| He hopes to create mutual understanding through these images by connecting with those who have walked the same path. Chacón is influenced by stories told in the faces of everyday people in her life.|16| Her work is inspired by her Chicana roots both culturally and politically.

Manuel Alvarez at Mestizo

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: Greatly contrasting in both subject and style, the well-loved artists Morgan Coleman and Stephanie Deer will be co-exhibiting a show beginning with June's Gallery Stroll. |17| UPCOMING: Featuring new arrivals by three well-known oil painters, Kimbal Warren, John Berry and Richard Hull.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: "Fifteen artists, fifteen styles" sums up the group show featuring the varied works of its fifteen member artists. UPCOMING: Enchanted Forest features Sendy Issanti’s watercolors, where her delicate hand makes her detailed figures seem to dance on the bright white background of her paper. John Stout’s realistically detailed landscapes are inspired by the mountains and forests of the West.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UPCOMING: Face of Utah Sculpture 8 features both well-known and emerging Utah sculptors, showcasing both traditional and contemporary sculpture in a variety of techniques, styles, mediums and forms.

RIO GALLERY UP: Design Arts annual competition features a selection of designs, prototypes and produced samples by some of the best of Utah’s various designers and fields. The juror for 2012, David Revere McFadden of New York City, reviewed 55 projects submitted by 28 Utah designers and selected 11 for exhibition.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Steve Salget Memorial (1957 - 2008). Work by an exceptional artist in a show of appreciation for the work of the Utah AIDS Foundation. With a special showing of new work by Steven K. Shefield. UPCOMING: Critters & Cause. New work from Ron Russon and a continuation of the benefit for Utah Aids Foundation, featuring work from Steve Salget and Steven K. Sheffield.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Heather Barron's images of mainly female figures, posing pensively, gaze gracefully or shall we say "full of grace" out toward the viewer. UPCOMING: Summer group exhibit.

Heather Barron at Phillips Gallery


SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Efflorscent Light, an exhibit of photographs by Rachael Carver, features intimate, chiaroscuo portraits of flowers.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Forms and Colors of the American Southwest, Photography by Nadia Dolzhenk
The Little Guys: The Young and the Small, landscape and wildlife photographs by Brad Clinch focusing on the smaller aspects.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Michael Bernard's acrylic paintings on panel reveal the artist's process of destroying and repairing his surfaces.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E Broadway (300 S); 801-521-0243) UP: Glimpse a fiber art installation by the Utah Surface Design Group. UPCOMING: Intermountain Society of Artists Members Show featuring 69 paintings by 32 local artists.

A GALLERY UP: Summer Solstice group exhibition. UPCOMING: Introducing Benjamin Duke.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: New works by Michael Workman and Ron Richmond.

SOUTHAM GALLERY (152 S. Main) UP: Past Governor's Art Award Winner, A.D. Shaw, highlights the Back Roads and Small Towns of Utah.

SLUSSER GALLERY UP: An exhibition of landscape and still life paintings in a contemporary realist style by Utah artists.

BLONDE GRIZZLY UP: Local tattoo artists, Rick McGrath and Miss Amanda. UPCOMING: Saturday Morning Cartoons is co-curated by Paper Wasp and sponsored by Big Shiny Robot. Over 20 artists will be participating.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Embrace summer at the gallery- travel the state and beyond with Phyllis Horne, with paintings of fertile pastures, cooling lakes, and dramatic redrock. Enjoy dappled patio and cafe scenes by Karen Horne. Dip into pools by Jamie Wayman.

CENTRAL GALLERY (228 East 500 South) UP: Captivated by the wonders in the garden and the secular outdoors, oil painter Dianne Dalton captures this detail of our own local landscapes and backyards in her colorful oil paintings.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: ( Expressions in Color, featuring the work of painter Pilar Pobil, in conjunction with the Utah Arts Festival.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Elmer Presslee, in Kayo's new location (see our studio feature June edition). UPCOMING: Cassandra Barney & Brian Kershisnik.

CAFFE NICHE UPCOMING: Mixed-media paintings by Gia Throndsen Whitlock.


SOUTHAM GALLERY (152 South Main) UPCOMING: In Journey Through Time, American Artist Magazine's cover artist, Richard Boyer shares his new works of the Grand Canyon.

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