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August 2012
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Kent Wing at Finch Lane Gallery
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month
ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UPCOMING:An exhibit of paintings by Kent Wing|0| and a video installation by David Baddley.|1| During his travels, David Baddley video-documented the river Seine flowing through Paris at different times of the day. They were shot hand-held, looking down at the play of light on the moving and changing texture of the water, and nothing else. Recorded in real time of ten minutes, they have been slowed to a playing time of one hour. At this rate, these abstract patterns of fluttering colors can almost be viewed as a rapidly changing sequence of still images while still embracing the continuity of film. Kent Wing’s Personal Myths and Quotes is a series of paintings that explore the boundaries of a personal landscape within a narrative context. The paintings often refer to and borrow from past painting traditions and are "played out in stage-like dramas that invite and probe the mystery of what is at once both hidden and openly revealed."

ALPINE ART UP: In City Heat curator Matt Chiodo has selected a variety of work from local artists who employ “street” technique and aesthetic. Works included will span from stencil and free-hand spray can art to mixed media pieces using paint and collage over photography. Participating artists include: Trent Call, Mason Fetzer,|2| Anthony Granato, Daniel Overstreet, Dusk Raps, Iosua Tai Taeoalii and Justin Wheatley.
UMFA UP: Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile explores the art of the automobile, featuring antique and vintage racing cars that exemplify the beauty of vehicles designed for speed. |3| Artistry and engineering come together in these functional yet highly crafted works of art. AND: Photo Finish showcases the diversity of ways artists have depicted and interpreted the omnipresent automobile.
UP: Mark Hedengren’s The Invincibility Fable is featured in round 3 of the Locals Only Gallery. The exhibit is a survey of over 30 color photographs taken from Hedengren's “Cliff Jumpers” series that depict the exuberant youth culture found at swimming holes across the American South and Mountain West.|4| AND: Situated between Homer, Twitter, and the singing telegram, Cantastoria is an exploration of how contemporary artists communicate histories and culture using languages, messengers, and witnesses as creative material. This exhibition explores the notion of the cantastoria as a metaphor across cultures and specifically within contemporary art.|5| AND: Mr. Winkle: Object of Projection, Photographs by Lara Jo Regan. Rescued from the side of the freeway in Bakersfield, California by Regan, a renowned documentary photographer based in Los Angeles, Mr. Winkle has since served as her muse and conduit for exploring the very nature of humanity. Her series of photographs draws connections between 19th century tableaux and portrait photography and 20th century photographic genres.|6|UPCOMING: Alex Israel's As It Lays uses Hollywood as a material to produce videos, objects, performances, and installations. Creating sets using his own flat and backdrop artworks, Israel interviewed some of Hollywood’s most fascinating personalities in a manner that is uncomfortably blank and stoic. In episode after episode, guests respond to different sets of 20 questions that were formed by the artist who plays the role of TV host. “Have you ever thrown a party when your parents were out of town?”, “ Do you read your daily horoscope?”, “What are the key ingredients for your dream salad?” |7|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Installation by Suzanne Kanastiz |8| and paintings by Vojko Rizvanovic. UPCOMING: 18th Annual Partners Exhibit and 15th Annual Teen Exhibit.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP:Christene Jones' watercolors move freely with brilliant hues to create old gardens, deserts, and local buildings.|9| UPCOMING: New oil paintings by Judith Romney Wolbach that emerge from her imagination, previously devoted to her clay sculptures, ink drawing and watercolors. Many of these paintings include elements of landscape, each with a rising moon. Others are figurative.|10|

MESTIZO ARTS UP: In Neighborhood Stories, graphite artist Manuel Alvarez and painter Ruby Chacón use street images and cultural icons to portray everyday life. UPCOMING: In Ez Come, Ez go: Growing Up Through Graffiti, Justin Johnson and friends use graffiti-influenced art to show how they turned from angry young punk rockers to active, contributing members in society, who strive to make a positive difference.

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: Featuring new arrivals by three well-known oil painters, Kimbal Warren, John Berry and Richard Hull. UPCOMING: Urban-themed paintings in the tradition of Robert Henri and the Ashcan School. A variety of distinguished oil painters will be featured including Richard Hull, Dennis Smith, Stephanie Deer, Angie Woods, Nick Rees and Ken Baxter.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: "Enchanted Forest features Sendy Issanti’s watercolors, where her delicate hand makes her detailed figures seem to dance on the bright white background of her paper. John Stout’s realistically detailed landscapes are inspired by the mountains and forests of the West. UPCOMING: Playing in the Mud features the imaginative clay sculptures of Brent Hale. Reminiscent of, but not exactly like, the animal kingdom, Hale's creatures sometimes double as utilitarian vessels, such as coin banks, tea sets, or lidded jars. |11|

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP: Face of Utah Sculpture 8 features both well-known and emerging Utah sculptors, showcasing both traditional and contemporary sculpture in a variety of techniques, styles, mediums and forms (see our review page 2).|12|

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UPCOMING: Pop-ups: Books That Spring to Life features works from the collection of Ann Montanaro Staples, who has been collecting, researching, and writing about pop-up books since 1986. Her extensive collection includes almost all of the pop-ups books produced since 1900 as well as many earlier works.

Jamie Reeve at Sprague Branch Library

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Value in Genes, an installation work by Jamie Reeve about identity. |13|

ANDERSON-FOOTHILL BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING:The Blissfulness of Being features photographs that attempt to capture the "unseen energy in people’s faces and bodies." |14|

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Forms and Colors of the American Southwest, Photography by Nadia Dolzhenk
Western Landscapes by Michael Rusnack. Rusnack draws inspiration from the sweeping vistas, contemplative moods, and sensual pleasures of the Western landscape. His high-key palette celebrates the light, freshness, and continual change each season brings. |15|

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UPCOMING: Totally Wired People abstracted portraits in wire by Mike Melendez.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Landscapes by Aaron Bushnell, work by Steven Larson and abstracts by Gia Whitlock (see our review page 3). UPCOMING: Justin Wheatley and Santiago Michalek.

RIO GALLERY UPCOMING: Placemaking, the process and influence of public art in Utah.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Critters & Cause. New work from Ron Russon and a continuation of the benefit for Utah Aids Foundation, featuring work from Steve Salget and Steven K. Sheffield.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Summer group exhibit.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE UP: Paintings by Steve Larson. UPCOMING: Oil paintings by Justin Caruth.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E Broadway (300 S); 801-521-0243) UP:Intermountain Society of Artists Members Show featuring 69 paintings by 32 local artists. UPCOMING:
Featuring Spring City artists M'lissa Paulsen, Chis Anderson, Ed Soper Kerry Soper, Lynn Ferar, Susan Gallagher, Carol Johansen and Cassandria Parsons.

A GALLERY UP: New work by Wynter Jones (see page 1).


SLUSSER GALLERY UPCOMING:a group exhibition featuring figurative, abstract and still life paintings by Vincent Fitches, Nathan Florence, Susan Gallacher, Andre Pike and Mark Slusser.

BLONDE GRIZZLY UP: Saturday Morning Cartoons is co-curated by Paper Wasp and sponsored by Big Shiny Robot. Over 20 artists will be participating. UPCOMING:Stuff of Dreams, featuring new works by painter Emily Hart-Wood.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Summer Pleasures, highlighting the refreshing role of water. Revel in vivid, painterly, large-scale beach scenes by Karen Horne (see attached Beach Family, and Skyscape with Bathers), and playful swimmer paintings by Jamie Wayman. Also visit lake and garden scenes by Phyllis Horne.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Drawing Together, an exhibit of collaborative works by Cassandra Barney & Brian Kershisnik. UPCOMING: Sandra Brunvand and Allison Denyer.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Mixed-media paintings by Gia Throndsen Whitlock. UPCOMING: Award-winning photography of Christine McDonough.

SOUTHAM GALLERY (152 South Main) UP: In Journey Through Time, American Artist Magazine's cover artist, Richard Boyer shares his new works of the Grand Canyon.

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE GALLERY UP: Dave Borba's Interactive Vintage-Inspired Folk Art Exhibit.

LOCAL COLORS OF UTAHUPCOMING: Essence of Summer features artists Rebecca Gates, photography, and Ruth Kadas, jewelry.

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