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October 2011
Utah's Art Magazine: Published by Artists of Utah
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Kristina Lenzi at Finch Lane
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP:Performance-oriented artist Kristina Lenz exhibits a series of large scale, abstract drawings, created under self-imposed rules, that explore the economy. "Upon entering the studio, my first rule is to sit on a milk crate and stare at the paper while thinking about the economy. I often find my thoughts vacillating between major economic issues and my own economic situation. My second rule is to make a mark or to collage something on the paper as soon as I feel the impulse. After that, I have to repeat rules one and two until the piece is complete." The drawings incorporate paper, paint, collage, colored pencil, Nu-pastel and graphite. AND: In Intentionality, Levi Jackson, a BYU student now pursuing a Masters at Pratt who has pursued installation project, turns to two-dimensional work with a series of photographic archival inkjet prints on Japanese paper hung from wooden braces or pinned to the wall.|1| The works, the artist says, are personal and introspective, examining emotions and the lived life. "It seems like the majority of my day is spent thinking one thing and doing another or thinking things that are so far from what I think I believe that I begin to question my Being." AND: Susette Billedeaux Gertsch brings to the Park Gallery the "best" of her works created during her Limness contract journey, a project to complete 300 plein air works in a year (see our article here).|2|

NOX CONTEMPORARY UP: In Deficient Tyler Spurgeon explores what he terms “our societally imposed sense of inadequacy.”|3| With works emphasizing the pressures and insecurities inherent in modern societal existence, Spurgeon poses the question: Who or what determines the individual’s value? Spurgeon wages a two-pronged visual and thematic attack on the subject of deficiency, using the motifs of hanging meat and abstracted human forms as his visual vocabulary (see our review page 7).

LeConte Stewart: Depression Era Art, organized by Donna Poulton, UMFA curator of art of Utah and the West, features more than 130 paintings and works on paper from the 1930s (see our review September edition). AND: Final Light: V. Douglas Snow in Retrospect showcases a large body of work presented in two locations (UMFA and the Salt Lake Art Center).|4| AND: Containing a diverse range of artworks from around the world, Color utilizes over twenty pieces from the UMFA's permanent collection to explore the relationship of color to artists and audiences using color as a connector across cultures and time. Includes works by Robert Motherwell, Alex Katz, Anna Campbell Bliss, and more. UPCOMING: David Burnett – Too Close is a look at a lifetime of iconic events captured by photojournalist David Burnett. Over 50 photographs by the Salt Lake native offer patrons a glimpse into critical moments of the 20th and 21st centuries. Recognized as one of the “100 Most Important People in Photography” by American Photo Magazine, Burnett has traveled to over 80 countries to cover wars, political figures, celebrities, and ordinary people in everyday life.

Final Light: V. Douglas Snow in Retrospect showcases a large body of work presented in two locations (UMFA and the Salt Lake Art Center) (read a review in our September edition). AND: In the Locals Only Gallery, Bild, an installation by Jared Clark composed of urban and domestic objects which takes as its springboard the tenets of Minimalist primary sculptural forms (see page 4) |5| AND: Looped: Enduring, durational performances by Jamie McMurry and Nikolaj Larsen. UPCOMING: In the New Genres Gallery, Brian Bress’s single channel video Creative Ideas for Every Season explores the difficulties and absurdities confronting the pursuit of a creative practice. |6| AND: Doublespeak, an exhibition of contemporary women artists who work in code and layered meaning, including Jennifer Nelson, Daniela Comani, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Rebecca Campbell, Julie Orser, Carlee Fernandez, Julie Lequin, Carlin Wing, Wendy Red Star, Mary Reid Kelly, Barbara Kruger, and The Fourth Height + Urs Bigler.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Our Intrepid Delusion, new work by Aunia Kahna, whose hybrid art melding photography, painting and collage creates fantastical scenes that deal with emotional tension. |7| UPCOMING:

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP: 99 Most Beautiful Names of God, an exhibit of glass sculptures representing the “most beautiful” names of God in the Qur’an, by BYU professor Andrew Kosorok.|8| After research and discussion with members of Sunni, Shi’a, and Sufi communities Kosorok has responded to each Name, sculpting with cold-worked flat glass, a traditionally Occidental medium. The sculptures are influenced by architectural form, medieval bookbinding techniques, and awareness of mathematical and spatial geometry, a response to Islam's unique modes of expressing God. Also on display, paintings, fabrics and other items reflecting the Muslim faith (see our review page 1).

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: Partners Retrospective, featuring work by artists who have participated in Art Access' 17 year mentoring program. UPCOMING: Third Annual Juried Student Show for the University of Utah. Also included this month will be new arrivals from some of our top selling artists.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Paintings by mother/son duo Dottie and Chris Miles. AND: Whimsical oil pastels on brown paper bags by Brian Bean in Access II Gallery. UPCOMING: Good Fortune: Year of the Rabbit, with 16 artists who have each created their art based on a specific fortune. Access II is featuring painter Laura Boardman and her urban and rural landscapes that feature clouds and skies.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Calligraffiti, encaustic and mixed media works by painter/ architectural designer Toni Youngblood,|9| along with the unveiling of her portrait commission of a Salt Lake City musician (see our review page 6). UPCOMING: Cori Redstone’s paintings celebrating the high mountain deserts, snow-strewn peaks and the rarely-seen urban landscape of Utah.|10|

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Returning from a year and a half mission assignment in Paris, France, artist Diana Stover presents works in her favored medium, pastel, as well as "watercolor batik."|11| AND: Repetere, three-dimensional works by Noah Coleman,|12| Coleman's sculptures are often kinetic and tend to use repurposed materials or objects such as nails, rusted metal, and toys. UPCOMING: Art at the Main Gallery, in the ground floor atrium of the Main Salt Lake City Library, affords a perfect spot for people watching, which is exactly what artist Joy Nunn did one day last year. After snapping hundreds of photos, she began painting "Passers By" in watercolor and acrylic. |13|

THE GALLERY AT EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE (461 East 200 South) UP: Continental Drift. From the Namibian Coast, William Daniel, observes life around him. Nine hours earlier in SLC, Layne Meacham honors his contemporary / elemental style of observation. The two are brought together by local artist, Trent Alvey.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP:The Winds and Words of War: Posters and Prints from the San Antonio Public Library Collection includes forty framed posters, including the iconic Uncle Sam “I Want You” poster, designed by leading artists of the day to assist in the war effort. The U.S. government mobilized an unprecedented war effort with its entrance to WWI, including the establishment of the Committee on Public Information, tasked with encouraging a “united” patriotic effort.

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER UP: 30 paintings by Don Pedersen, many reflecting his travels around the world.

MESTIZO ARTS UP: Ethnography of Loveamor, the reclaiming of loveamor as a revolutionary act. Through the collaboration of artists, writers, poets and familia this exhibit exposes and gives the community the intimacies of loveamor often sheltered out of fear. UPCOMING: Momoxtlis de la Comunidad: Altars for our Communities. Enjoy a festive community-based artistic exhibition of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) inspired altars and other homages to loved ones who have passed.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: A new series of multi-media portrait paintings by John Erickson (see our profile in the September edition).|14| AND: In the Dibble Gallery Petit x 4, works by Bill Lee,|15| Marwan Nahle, Ed Bateman & Dale Bryner. UPCOMING: Landscapes by Connie Borup |16| and Sean Toomey.
John Erickson at Phillips Gallery

HORNE FINE ART UP: Phyllis Horne - The Poetry of Trees, a series of landscape paintings that span the seasons brings focus to this award-winning artist's gift for capturing the power and character of trees. Not one to reduce trees to caricature or rote, Phyllis Horne is attentive to the expressiveness of trees' individual branches, and the way they create gesture.|17| In keeping with the tree theme, the gallery also features a selection of Karen Horne's dynamic park series from her years in New York City.

HOUSE GALLERY UP: Jeremy Willis’ Attempt, paintings that investigate the collision between the personal and the public aspects of human experience where the ideas of individuality and personal expression are wrought with farcical and manufactured delusions.

All Together Now, paintings by Jodi Steen, kiln-formed glass by Sarinda Jones, and acrylic on aluminum by Sheri Gibb. UPCOMING: A group show of works 12 x 16.

KEN SANDERS RARE BOOKS UPCOMING: A gallery show featuring images of the Grand Canyon courtesy of the Utah River Running Archives at the University of Utah.

STOLEN & ESCAPED GALLERY UP:Timbre, a new exhibition of work by Cara Despain centered around a stop-action animation she created for the show is an investigation of drawing, contradictory materials, loneliness and passive tension. In addition to the animation the exhibit will include preliminary drawings and a live sonic component for opening night. UPCOMING: Autogenous Automatous, trompe l'oeil paintings by Shilo Jackson. |18|

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP: The Arts Alliance's Halloween-themed Ghosted Photo Series, includes multiple and long exposure pieces by Bella Ora Studios, Todd and Renee Keith. This effect creates a blending of imagery done within one frame and manipulated lighting to ghost the subject in a variety of poses. Besides some texture overlays, the final images are not a digital photo-shop composite but rather single photo frame with a long shutter speed capture to overlay and present the models as displayed.

CENTRAL GALLERY UP:Natures Bounty group show, beautiful works from the Montanaro family, including the talented David, Jean and Maya Montanaro. Also featuring, Trent Higley small format oil painter, Jason Christensen Nature photography, Scott Talbot Bonzai Trees on Quartz, and Lyndy Lovelady prismacolor illustrationist.

UP: David Habben, Troy Henderson and Ryan Harrington. UPCOMING: A group Halloween show featuring over 30 artists including Dan Christofferson, Trent Call, Candace Jean, Jason Edmiston, Kat Martin and many more.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Abstract paintings of Paul Reynolds exploring subjects of daily life and celebrating the colors of fall. UPCOMING: Implode on Impact by Tia Sheppard. Tia is a passionate printmaker who strives to push the creative limits of the medium.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: New works by Brian Kershisnik.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Autumnal, works by gallery artists celebrating the season.

Collectors Edition, featuring artwork from local art collectors along with their stories and thoughts on collecting art.

CHURCH HISTORY MUSEUM UP: LeConte Stewart: The Soul of Rural Utah. (see our August edition)

CHAPMAN LIBRARY UP: Art by Jerry Hardesty.

GRAY WALL GALLERY UPCOMING:The art and craft of Pinup, featuring 14 different artists working in many different mediums.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Abstract oil on aluminum by Tom Carlson and landscapes by Scott Hale. UPCOMING: A benefit for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation featuring photography by Paul Dougan.

RED KILN CLAY GALLERY UPCOMING: Where Did I Leave my Glasses, clay art and pottery by Richard Barker.

(447 E 100 S; 801-532-1956) UPCOMING: Mark Slusser, Contemporary Realist: Landscapes and Still Lifes.

Winter landscapes by Ann Albaugh.

ROSE WAGNER ART CENTER UP: All Dressed Up, sculpture made from found objects by Carol Fulton, and paintings by Bill Fulton.

6th AVENUE GALLERY AND FRAME SHOP (752 E 6th Avenue) Oils and watercolors by Louise Earl. Whether she is painting hollyhocks in Monet's Giverny, the French landscape or local Utah scenes and still lifes, Earl's work vibrates with color and emotion.

UAF GALLERY UP: New York State of Mind with Larry Goldman, Anne Timpson and Joseph Casalino. UPCOMING: Portraits of Temple Grandin by Rosalie Winard and photographs by Troy Hunter.

A GALLERY UP: In Connections: Painting Life, a solo exhibition of works by Brent Godfrey, the artist blends expressive abstract marks with figurative elements to form narrative works that gaze at personal experience and make social observations. UPCOMING: New works by Toni Doilney.

PTC LOGE GALLERY UPCOMING: Works by printmakers Victoria Goro-Rapoport and David Smith-Harrison from. A Russian native, Goro-Rapoport earned her MFA in set design from the University of Utah, and another MFA in printmaking from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Also a University of Utah graduate, David Smith-Harrison’s work has been exhibited all over the country and can be found in prestigious private collections On exhibit during the production of The Tempest.

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