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July 2011
Published by Artists of Utah
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Anna Laurie McKay at Finch Lane Gallery
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Anna Laurie Mackay, mixed media; Dorothée Martens, mixed media; and the Salt Lake Photographic Print Society in the Park Gallery. Anna Laurie Mackay’s works in her exhibit Atlas use sewing, drawing and painting to create images and quilts that represent different geographical locations that she considers “home.”|0| Dorothee Martens' exhibit juxtaposes inner-directed assemblages with art objects that express a more practical and whimsical creative impulse.|1| In the Park Gallery, seventeen photos by 10 members of the Salt Lake Photographic Print Society’s Spring 2011 print competition will be on display.
PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Hadley Rampton & Sharon Alderman. Sharon Alderman's weavings for this exhibit are composed of sewing thread, woven on a full sized loom. They radiate with color that subtly gradates in hue throughout each piece, leaving the viewer in awe of their complexity and delicate structure.|2| Hadley Rampton’s loose palette knife paintings take our beloved aspen forests to new dimensions. With quick fluid strokes she is able to capture the character of trees, the colors of our canyons and a little bit of je ne sais quoi. |3| UPCOMING: Annual summer group show.

ALVIN GITTINS GALLERY (Department of Art and Art History The University of Utah 375 S 1530 E) UP: Grafted, MFA Thesis exhibit by Heidi Moller Somsen.|4|

Africa: Arts of a Continent contains art objects drawn from the UMFA’s permanent collection centering on themes of the spirit world and afterlife. AND: salt 3: Cyprien Gaillard, the third in the museum’s new series of exhibitions featuring innovative art from around the world. The young artist’s work often examines architectural ruins of the recent past, working in the artistic traditions of Romanticism and Land Art to engage ideas of displacement, disenchantment, and decay. In salt 3 Gaillard showcases a nine-minute, 16mm film entitled Cities of Gold and Mirrors (2009), which juxtaposes scenes in Cancun, Mexico, from young Americans engaged in spring break debauchery, to ritual dances by gang members, violent destruction and the blinking lights of a disco.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: 18 Artists, 18 Styles, Something Just Right, a summer group show featuring the gallery artists, working in a wide variety of media and styles ­ from colored pencil to oil, collage to ceramics, and from realistic to abstract. UPCOMING: Summer Sun and Shade, a new collection of work from Nan Gray's favorite travel destinations.

MESTIZO ARTS UP: In Waxworks Jorge Rojas uses found objects and everyday materials, inviting viewers to experience these subjects in new ways (see page 1). UPCOMING: Spencer Barton.

NOX CONTEMPORARY UP: reli*QUERIES, an exhibition of new work by Frank McEntire explores the idea of reliquaries as containers in which sacred and secular objects alike are kept.|5| Discarded religious objects become stand-ins for social values in McEntire’s art, with juxtapositions and configurations exploiting the imagery of world religions as commentary on contemporary issues.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Fallen Fruit of Utah, an exhibit put on by the Fallen Fruit Collective, draws from the permanent collections of the Church History Museum, the Daughters of the Utah Pioneer Museum and The Fairview Museum and others to explore symbolic qualities of fruit trees in Utah – the desire for self-sufficiency, not depending on others or outsiders, but also the desire for an earthly paradise – blooming in this case in the desert.

HOUSE GALLERY UP: Salt Lake City Biennial, group show featuring the work of gallery artists Dave Thomas, Emily Duval and Lisa Adams, along with the work of William Emerich, Cara Despain, and others.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Utah Watercolor Society 2011 Spring Open Exhibition. UPCOMING: New works by Lindsay Frei.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Metal sculptures by Tim Little and prints by Claire Taylor AND: Reliquaries by Jason Lanegan in Access II. UPCOMING: Paintings by Steven K. Sheffield and ceramics by Southern Utah University Professor Susan Harris. AND: Access II The collaborative art of Brian Kershisnik and Joe Adams.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: The work of sister and brother, Mari and Erik Heybroek. Mari’s images in her hand-built and thrown ceramics are inspired by animals encountered during her upbringing in rural Sweden.|6| Erik’s paintings depict the magical woods and waterways around his village home in Mörtfors Sweden.|7|UPCOMING: Jen Harmon Allen creates partial casts and impressions of the human body to focus on the enigmatic meeting place of body and spirit.|8|

GALLERY AT THE MAIN UP: 35, an exhibit celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Utah Arts Festival. Curated by Shawn Rossiter, the exhibit features six contemporary artists working in a variety of media: Namon Bills, Ashley Knudsen Baker, Jared Latimer, Rosi Hayes,|9| Michael Handley and Chadwick Tolley.

(228 E. 500 S., Suite 100) UP: Lots a Slots, a photo showcase of southern Utah’s most incredible natural carved slot canyons by Alex Kravtsov and Lyndy Lovelady. If you are a hiker, packer or nature connoisseur, come get inspired with this collection revealing some of the most spectacular earthly crevices ever found.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UPCOMING: Wild About Horses, new work from Willamarie, Ron Russon and Willie Holdman. Also introducing, Carole Wade, Park City artist new to the UTah Artist Hands family.

RED BUTTE GARDEN (300 Wakara Way, SLC, UT 84108. 801-585-0556.) UP: Vibrant florals by Daniel Ramjoue. Through July 17.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Hit the road with Phyllis Horne, enjoying cooling views of the Snake River and Jenny Lake. Enjoy summer in the city in paintings by Karen Horne which include vivid local scenes as well as cafes from her travels. Splash around in Jamie Wayman's pool scenes.

LOCAL COLORS UP: Spring into action with featured artists: Lynn Bright, oil painter specializing in rural landscapes; and our newest photographer, Rob Daughtery, whose wildlife portraits really capture the spirit and nature of an animal! UPCOMING: Water media artist Jennifer Love in series sets of Red, White, and Blue.

GRAY WALL GALLERY UPCOMING: A group show featuring Brook Mingo, Matthew Hall, Randy Laub, Daren Young, Don Coy and qi peng.

TIN ANGEL CAFE UP: New works by Sonya Dinsdale. UPCOMING: Mixed media works by Anthony Granato.

WILLIAMS FINE ART UPCOMING: UP: Plein air painters of Utah. UPCOMING: New works by Kate Starling as well as other newly-arrived paintings by LeConte Stewart, Charles Muench and Morgan Coleman.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Your Most Memorable Dream Will Come True, work by Cassandra and Daniel Barney. UPCOMING: Box, Paper, Scissors, annual fundraiser.

THE GALLERY AT EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE (461 East 200 South) UP: Jane Wright. UPCOMING: Melinda Redd's images of landscapes, plants and ranching in Southeastern Utah, and the debut of a selection of images from Paris and rural France.

Art for My People, new paintings by Lyle Carbajal.

UP:New works by Candace Jean. UPCOMING: Goodtimes Tattoo presents art from the whole crew...Colby, Clint, Bonnie, Dannie, Ben, Patrick, Alex, Adam and Kyle.

Metallicus, the complex and diverse metal sculpture of Adrian Prazen.


UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP: Craft Lake City Group Show.

New Encaustics by Jeff Juhlin (see our Artist Profile June edition).

McGREW STUDIO-GALLERY 333 UP: Instrumental Anarchy: The Artisan Stringed Creations of Hollace McMeirce.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Traci O'Very Covey's colorful compositions of women, musical instruments, birds, elements from nature, tea cups, wine and mythology. UPCOMING: Kathy Simpson.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E. 300 S.) UP: Intermountain Society of Artists Spring Show, 88 works by 37 ISA members. UPCOMING: Pilar Pobil, Willamarie Huelskamp, David Marti and others.

SPRAGUE LIBRARY UP: Work by Maurice X. Pia.

SWEET LIBRARY UP: Lost & Found by Jim Despain. Through July 30.

Digital art by Chris Manfre.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP: Face of Utah Sculpture VII, a survey of Utah sculptors.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UPCOMING: Recent paintings and sculpture by Dennis Smith.

DesignArts Utah 11: Celebrating excellence and innovation in design by Utah's designers as selected by Stuart Karten of Karten Design, Los Angeles.

ALPINE ART UP: 2nd Annual Best in Show exhibit to benefit No More Homeless Pets.

STOLEN & ESCAPED GALLERY UP: Anniversary exhibit.

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