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      August 2011
Published by Artists of Utah
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Daisy Blake at Stolen and Escaped Gallery
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

STOLEN & ESCAPED GALLERY UP: Collages by Daisy Blake.|0| In 2007 Blake was involved in the 337 Project, for which she created a large abstract collage using hand made paper. Blake's current work continues the process developed for her abstract collages using hand-made paper that appeared in the 337 Project, but on a smaller scale. “I wanted to work really small, but use the same abstract collage techniques. I love the texture of paper, the way the colors change when they are layered, some becoming quite translucent. I would describe the work in this show as abstract studies focusing on color inspired by: antique weaving and textiles; local geography and landscape; incidental marks and worn surfaces.”

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Anna Laurie Mackay, mixed media; Dorothée Martens, mixed media; and the Salt Lake Photographic Print Society in the Park Gallery. Anna Laurie Mackay’s works in her exhibit Atlas use sewing, drawing and painting to create images and quilts that represent different geographical locations that she considers “home.”|1| Dorothee Martens' exhibit juxtaposes inner-directed assemblages with art objects that express a more practical and whimsical creative impulse.|2| In the Park Gallery, seventeen photos by 10 members of the Salt Lake Photographic Print Society’s Spring 2011 print competition will be on display. UPCOMING: An exhibit of works by Van Chu, and a collaborative installation by Suzanne Simpson and Jim Frazer. Van Chu will exhibit his latest body of work further exploring the concept of combining photography and painting.|3| Grasping the Ephemeral, by artists and long-time friends Jim Frazer and Suzanne Simpson will be featured in the West Gallery. They describe this work as “a collaboration, mixed media and large scale durational performance, employing students, technicians and other artisans." The work addresses environmental degradation, transformation and recognition of life’s ethereal fragility.|4| In addition to the installation, a performance art piece will be presented at the .

Africa: Arts of a Continent contains art objects drawn from the UMFA’s permanent collection centering on themes of the spirit world and afterlife. AND: In salt 3 Cyprien Gaillard showcases a nine-minute, 16mm film entitled Cities of Gold and Mirrors (2009), which juxtaposes scenes in Cancun, Mexico, from young Americans engaged in spring break debauchery, to ritual dances by gang members, violent destruction and the blinking lights of a disco. AND: LeConte Stewart: Depression Era Art, organized by Donna Poulton, UMFA associate curator of art of Utah and the West, features more than 130 paintings and works on paper from the 1930s. During this period Stewart turned to what he described as the “raw side of life,” depicting storefronts, gas stations, and old homes in his community through minimal forms and expressive color, evoking images of abandonment and isolation.UPCOMING: Final Light: V. Douglas Snow in Retrospect will showcase a large body of work presented in two locations (UMFA and the Salt Lake Art Center) and will debut with a free public celebration at both venues on opening night.

NOX CONTEMPORARY UP: reli*QUERIES, an exhibition of new work by Frank McEntire explores the idea of reliquaries as containers in which sacred and secular objects alike are kept.|5|

BROADVIEW UNIVERSITY'S KAYE MYHRE GALLERY (240 East Morris Ave, 3rd Floor) UP: Librarian by Day: The Art of Campus Librarian Casey Landau includes ten series spanning the last ten years. In her most recent series, Men With Beards, sixteen intimate charcoal portraits of bearded men are accented by tiny, surprising details, like a miniature snowman folded behind an ear.|6|

15th STREET GALLERY UP: New works by Lindsay Frei. UPCOMING: A collection of work by local architect Joe Jacoby.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Fallen Fruit of Utah, an exhibit put on by the Fallen Fruit Collective, draws from the permanent collections of the Church History Museum, the Daughters of the Utah Pioneer Museum and The Fairview Museum and others to explore symbolic qualities of fruit trees in Utah – the desire for self-sufficiency, not depending on others or outsiders, but also the desire for an earthly paradise – blooming in this case in the desert. UPCOMING: Final Light: V. Douglas Snow in Retrospect will showcase a large body of work presented in two locations (UMFA and the Salt Lake Art Center) and will debut with a free public celebration at both venues on opening night.|7|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Paintings by Steven K. Sheffield and ceramics by Southern Utah University Professor Susan Harris. AND: Access II The collaborative art of Brian Kershisnik and Joe Adams. UPCOMING: 17th Annual Partner Exhibit, and 15th Annual Teen Exhibit.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Jen Harmon Allen creates partial casts and impressions of the human body to focus on the enigmatic meeting place of body and spirit.|8|

HOUSE GALLERY UP: All Possible Futures, an exhibit of new work by New York-based artist Kim Holleman.|9| The exhibition pushes tensions between the man-made and natural into stark relief. Holleman’s often quixotic, opulent photographs depict the multi-media scale models she builds out of materials culled from daily life. Packaging, plastic toys, insulation—all baggage of consumer culture—are repurposed, turned into prismatic, seductive environments.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Wild About Horses, new work from Willamarie, Ron Russon and Willie Holdman.|10| Also introducing, Carole Wade, Park City artist new to the UTah Artist Hands family.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Summer Pleasures - visit vibrant gardens, cooling lakes, alpine hillsides, sunlit cafes and rooftop gardens. Phyllis Horne takes the viewer on scenic road trips, Karen Horne reminds them of pleasures of the city, including scenes from Salt Lake, Santa Fe, and New York's Central Park. Jamie Wayman dives into pools. Judith Mehr reminds us of the pleasures of food and wine.

LOCAL COLORS UP: Water media artist Jennifer Love in series sets of Red, White, and Blue. UPCOMING: Beautiful landscapes and Western art by oil painter David Arthur Jones and unique color, perspective and framing by Local Colors' newest photographer Bonnie Brezette.

GRAY WALL GALLERY UP: A group show featuring Brook Mingo, Matthew Hall, Randy Laub, Daren Young, Don Coy and qi peng. UPCOMING: Penny Lane, James Haymond and Michael Rusnack, along with many gallery favorites including Daren Young and Matthew Hall.

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: New works by Kate Starling as well as other newly-arrived paintings by LeConte Stewart, Charles Muench and Morgan Coleman. UPCOMING: New works by Susan Gallacher. Other newly-arrived paintings by Kate Starling, Walter Rane and David Meikle.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Summer Sun and Shade, a new collection of work from Nan Gray's favorite travel destinations. UPCOMING: Modern Classic. Sandy Fullmer's realistic oil paintings tickle the senses with a realism that lets you smell the roses, taste the pears or feel the sun hitting the hay bales.

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP: Seeing Isaiah, by Lloyd Knowles, based on scriptures from the Book of Isaiah and was undertaken following a three year study of the scriptures by the artist. Book chapters are interpreted visually, often in more than one way. The mixed media works are visualized as in “the latterer days”; e.g. all images are from the 19th century or later.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Box, Paper, Scissors, annual fundraiser. UPCOMING: Dan Christoffersen and Joshua Winegar.

THE GALLERY AT EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE (461 East 200 South) UP: Melinda Redd's images of landscapes, plants and ranching in Southeastern Utah, and the debut of a selection of images from Paris and rural France. UPCOMING: Photography by Melinda Redd featuring images of landscapes, plants and ranching in Southeastern Utah, and the debut of a selection of images from Paris and rural France.

UP:Goodtimes Tattoo presents art from the whole crew...Colby, Clint, Bonnie, Dannie, Ben, Patrick, Alex, Adam and Kyle. UPCOMING: Cindy Ferguson, Desarae Lee and Danny Madsen. Each artist will have their own solo space within the gallery.

Journey of the Wounded Bird, an insight into and exploration of the creative process by Dave Borba.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Kathy Simpson. UPCOMING: Fish sculptures by Randi Lile.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E. 300 S.) UP: Pilar Pobil, Willamarie Huelskamp, David Marti and others. UPCOMING: Jannicke Swing's large-scale abstract works, the digitally organic paintings of Joseph Taylor and photo realistic bicycle still-lifes by Steve Smock. Also get out of jail free with Paul Heath's Monopoly Cards.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Annual summer group show.

TIN ANGEL CAFE UP: Mixed media works by Anthony Granato.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP: Face of Utah Sculpture VII, a survey of Utah sculptors.

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: Recent paintings and sculpture by Dennis Smith. UPCOMING: Group show with gallery artists.

Collectors Edition, featuring artwork from local art collectors along with their stories and thoughts on collecting art.

CHAPMAN LIBRARY UP: Lessons in Watercolors by Joseph M. Delos Santos.

MESTIZO ARTS UP: Spencer Barton. UPCOMING: Sri Whipple, Spencer Barton, Christian Michael and Brody Froelich.

ANDERSON FOOTHILLL LIBRARY UP: Work by Jim Kizer. UPCOMING: Transcendence, abstract paintings by Lisa Orr.

PATRICK MOORE GALLERY UPCOMING: NYC Sidewalks, new works by Layne Mecham.

CHURCH HISTORY MUSEUM UP: LeConte Stewart: The Soul of Rural Utah. (see page 1)

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