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  November 2007
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Studio Space

Sheryl Thornton's Studio by Shawn Rossiter
Sheryl Thornton's studio is in a small, square, brick building in East Milcreek surrounded by asphalt. The watercolor and oil painter shares the space with fellow painter Laurel Hart. Organization is a must in such small quarters and the pair make use of every nook, including the bathroom. They even manage to have room for a small sitting area for visiting guests or a quick break from painting. The building is located in a complex of studios known as the Flynn Artipelago. A couple of years ago, Kevin Flynn transformed the former Baldwin Radio Factory in East Millcreek into a collection of 14 studios. The Flynn Artipelago will hold an open studios November 16, 6-9 pm where you can see the work of over 18 artists, including Thornton. Or you can view her work online at www.sherylthornton.com
Connie Borup Studio Space
Sheryl Thornton Studio Space

Feature: On the Spot
Salt Lake City's Trent Call

Trent Call was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated from the University of Utah in 2004 with a BFA and has been publishing the local art zine, Swinj, off and on since 1998. He is well-known for his graffiti-influenced paintings and prints, skateboard decks, and CD covers. In his upcoming exhibition at Ken Sanders rare books, Trent takes on a Utah favorite: the landscape. Twelve Rounds: Pin-up vs. Landscape The Paintings of Trent Call opens November 12th and continues through November 30th with a Gallery Stroll reception Friday, November 16th, 6-9 pm. As the Ken Sanders website says, "The two elements featured in this series of twelve oil paintings, Utah landscapes and 30s & 40s era pin-up girls, become unfamiliar by way of their juxtaposition in each work. With tongue firmly in cheek, Call’s girls make a nod to his background as an urban/graffiti artist as they whitewash, obliterate, and just simply overpower their surroundings. Attack of the fifty-foot women meets the sagebrush rebellion. Treehuggers beware!"

Trent Call in his studio at Tres Flores

What hangs above your mantel? (We realize a lot of people don't have one, so if you don't just talk about the most prominent piece in your home)

well hot damn that is a hard one. Of the few pieces that I actually own in the house, I could narrow it down about two. One. a wall sculpture by Garrett Adkinson. it is an absolutely amazing form. stretched black painted fabric over a vertical spinal structure with one single pink drop falling parallel to pink drip down the middle. and Two would be an empty whiskey bottle painted by Brian Blackham. Soft, subtle. very quiet. Oil on Panel. absolutely beautiful

What is your favorite building in Utah?

I think it used to be the Red Man Building, now i suppose the Guthrie Building, the Rio Grande oh and the Ice Storage (i could be wrong) building on the corner of 600 west and 300 south. I ride past there all the time.

What is the most memorable exhibit you've seen recently?

the LIFE AFTER DEATH: NEW LEIPZIG PAINTINGS at the Art Center for sure.

Public Issues: Salt Lake City

Our congratulations to Salt Lake City mayor-elect Ralph Becker. Go to our September edition of 15 Bytes, where Amanda Moore interviewed Becker, along with three other Salt Lake City mayoral candidates, to find out what Becker had to say about the visual arts. We look forward to the Mayor-elect's efforts to protect the Broadway district, where a number of Salt Lake City galleries are located, and are sure the galleries in town will be delighted if he can help make the liquor laws in the city clearer.

15 Bytes: About Us
This Edition

Ehren Clark received his BA in Modern and Contemporary Art History and Critcism at the University of Utah and an MA in the art of the Renaissance at the University of Reading, UK. He currently writes for the Deseret News, as well as being published in other journals in Utah.

Laura Durham has worked for the Utah Arts Council as the Visual Arts Coordinator for the past six years. Recently, she has taken on the Traveling Exhibition Program as well. Laura has a BA in Art History from Brigham Young University and has written for 15 Bytes since 2001. Laura served as Vice President of the Salt Lake Gallery Association from 2003 - 2006. She serves Program Director for the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll and Assistant Editor for 15 Bytes.

Kindra Fehr began painting at age 15 under the direction of Bonnie Posselli, Dan Baxter, and Ken Baxter. She earned a BFA in drawing/painting from the University of Utah in 1990, has studied at the Lacoste School of the Arts in France and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Her subject matter evolves from the world around her including portraiture, still life, landscapes, and cityscapes. She currently works out of her studio in Sugarhouse and co-instructs the ArtBytes program at the Salt Lake Art Center.

Amanda Finlayson has a BA in English from Westminster College. Since 2003, she has been the Programming & Develop- ment Manager for VSA arts of Utah (Art Access). She also serves on the Utah Arts Council's Arts Education Panel, and is the Treasurer for the Utah Cultural Alliance Board of Directors.

Laurel Hunter is an artist recently transplanted in Utah from northern California. She happily works as a graphic designer for a climbing and freeride ski company in SLC.

Sue Martin holds an M.A. in Theatre and has worked in public relations. As an artist, she works in watercolor, oil, and acrylic to capture Utah landscapes or the beauty of everyday objects in still life.

Amanda Moore
is originally from Cleveland Tennesse. She came to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah and in 2006 received her M.F.A. in Photography. Amanda now teaches as an adjunct professor at Weber State University and as an associate instructor in the University of Utah's Continuing Education Department.

Shawn Rossiter
, a Boston native, is a professional artist who lives in the SugarHouse area of Salt Lake. He founded Artists of Utah in 2001.

Laurie Warner
has been a professional photographer since 1976, when she started her own freelance company call Photovation. After living and working for years in the New York area, she recently moved to Utah and is now pursuing a career in fine art and works as the studio assistant to John Hughes.

Geoff Wichert
has degrees in critical writing and creative nonfiction. He teaches writing at Snow College, where he also taught Art History for six years. His profile of Brian Kershisnik appears in the Fall issue of Wasatch Journal.

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