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    November 2007
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Painting by Julius Mossel
Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
prepared by 15 Bytes staff

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery
UP: The Temptations of Julius Mossel: Paintings From the Permanent Collection, featuring art by the German magic realist painter, through November 17. Since traditional decorative painting was scarcely in demand in Germany following the World War I, Mössel emigrated in 1926 to the United States, where he worked as a surrealist and magic realist painter. Mössel became extremely wealthy, but lost his fortune and all of his property in the stock-market crash of 1929. In poverty and suffering from temporary blindness, he sustained himself by painting small-scale easel canvases, mostly of animal subjects.

"Throughout our lives we experience moments of joy and sorrow; well-being and pain; inspiration and despair,” notes Reece Summers, gallery director. “These emotions are the human experience and a common bond between us all. This exhibit examines the "darker" and "lighter" sides of these emotions expressed in the individual works of one artist represented in Southern Utah University's permanent art collection."

The present collection of sixteen oil paintings by Mössel were donated as a group to Southern Utah University (then Southern Utah State College) by Mr. And Mrs. Erwin P. Thomys, of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1977.

St. George Art Museum UP: Dixie Quilt Guild & Southern Utah Watercolor Society through December 22. The Dixie Quilt Guild's mission is to encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making. Formed in 1983 by a group of eleven quilters in St. George, Utah, the group met monthly to share their knowledge and joy of quilting. They were soon joined by more women interested in this art, and today have a membership of 185+ women and men of all ages. In 1989, the Guild started publishing a newsletter, holding workshops, and quilting for local charities. In 2007 the Guild hosted its first quilt show, which was a great success drawing in non-quilters and quilters alike from surrounding areas to view the quilts. Several of the members are known nationally and internationally for their outstanding contributions to traditional quilting projects, art quilts, and wearable art. The Dixie Quilt Guild has succeeded in putting St. George on the map in the national quilting community.

The Southern Utah Watercolor Society (SUWS) has an active dues paying membership of over 80 talented artists from basic beginners to professionals, instructors and teachers who are located from southern and northern Utah as well as southern Nevada. They meet monthly for continuing education in the form of demonstrations, presentations, to show new art work and to share ideas. Two to three times per year they hold professional workshops. The SUWS artists can be seen at both the ongoing Staircase Gallery in Zions Bank in downtown St. George and the Rim Rock Gallery located on the 2nd floor in the Dixie Regional Medical Center, as well as in special exhibits at the St. George Art Museum, Mesquite Art Center and the LaVerkin Art Center.

Sears Art Gallery UP: Reunion, a collection of awe-inspiring works from 22 artists who are coming together to celebrate their successes and friendships in this one-of-a-kind art exhibit through November 16 (see October edition).

Bluff Arts Festival
UPCOMING: November 23 - 25, Bluff will hold its third annual arts festival, a multi-disciplinary festival of literature/poetry (Terry Tempest Williams is a featured participant), exhibits, workshops, Navajo basketry, and local culture. The First Annual Visionary Art Exhibition, showcasing the talent of several regional artists, is sponsored by Cloudwatcher Studio and the Gallery at Comb Ridge Coffee. All of the artists selected for this exhibition work in non-traditional styles and / or with non-traditional techniques, and many will be showing for their first time. The works will be on display at the Gallery at Comb Ridge Coffee during the entire Bluff Arts Festival, and will remain up until December 20th.

Moab Art Works UP: Water Song -- Variations on a Stream, Bruce Hucko's new series of black and white silver prints. This month marks the one-year anniversary of this Moab gallery. UPCOMING: The Low Show, a group exhibition of works for an audience of children under seven years, opening December 8.

Edge of the Cedars Museum, Blanding UP: Works by Serena Supplee through 2007.

Central Utah Art Center UP: Elizabeth Tremante, November 14 (see page 4). UPCOMING: Tracy Featherstone and Roscoe Wilson, November 16 - December 26 with an accompanying lecture by Campbell Grey, November 21, 7 pm.

Springville Museum of Art UP: Impressions of Utah: Selections from the Stewart Collection through December 31. Utah's stunning and varied beauty as seen through the "eye of the artist," is depicted in this exhibition curated by Diane P. Stewart. Works by LeConte Stewart, Lee Greene Richards, and Waldo Midgley are among the notable Utah artists on display.
Through November 28. AND: Courtroom Art: A Twenty Five Year Retrospective. Artist Scott Snow engages audiences with some very important history and interesting stories represented through pieces in this show. Through February 2, 2008. ALSO: Soviet Art in Conflict: The Artist as an Agent of Social Change. This exhibition explores the stunning art work produced in the Soviet Union from 1934-1985, in light of three conflicting pulls: personal artistic aspirations, external stylistic developments, and the dictates & ideology imposed by the Soviet State. A Symposium and Evening for Educators event will be held in conjunction with this exhibition on November 14th. 22nd Annual Spiritual and Religious Art Show, a juried exhibition of Utah artists, through December 27 (see page 1).

Woodbury Art Museum UP: Art For Life benefit exhibition and auction through December 14. Proceeds from this event will assist in the formation of an endowment for the Woodbury Art Museum, and as development funds for the proposed Fine & Performing Arts Center on campus. This event presents works by 70 professional artists from across Utah available through silent and live auction to a select group of UVSC (UVU) supporters. Every work in the exhibit is available at a minimum bid that is a savings of 25% off the regular retail value.

Covey Center for the Arts (425 W Center St. Provo; 852-7007) UP: Artful Fiber an exhibit of natural fibers formed, textured, pieced, dyed, printed, stitched, and embellished into unique objects of art by the Utah Surface Design Group.

Terra Nova Gallery UP: Great Things/Small Packages '07, through December 21, features works by a variety of gallery regulars including Todd Orchard, Lehi Canal, Linda Paulsen, Bill Sturgis, and Anne Weber.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP:Cliché and Collusion: Video Works by Grant Stevens, an exhibition of twelve video works by contemporary artist Grant Stevens that incorporate familiar excerpts from advertising, music, film, and common conversation. Exhibit continues through February 9, 2008. (see October edition)

AND: Splendor and Spectacle: Images of Dance from Court Ballet to Broadway, a new exhibition at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art, illustrates the evolution of ballet from the 18th-century courts of Europe, through the great 19th-century Romantic Ballet, to the arrival of the art form in America in the 1860s. The exhibit features 65 prints and 33 objets d'art from the private collection of BYU faculty members Madison and Debra Sowell. Through December 31.

ALSO: Minerva Teichert: Pageants in Paint, through May 26, 2008, examines how the American mural and pageantry movements influenced Teichert's artistic production through 45 of her large-scale narrative murals (see page 1).

BYU Harold B. Library Exhibits
UP: Contemporary Reliquaries: Housing the Mementos of Our Day in the Auditorium Gallery, level 1 through November 29. In the genealogy of reliquary construction, the works in this exhibition are the most recent. The artists whose works are included use the medieval reliquary form to display objects that they view as emblematic of our modern-day society. From humorous to serious, each reliquary holds a unique insight that can be puzzled out through the symbols it contains. List of Participants: Steve Brudniak, Daniel Essig, John Hodge, Covington, Wayne Kimball, Andy Kosorok, Becky McDonah, Frank McEntire, Chris Purdie, Jason Lanegan and Brian Christensen.

AND: Chaunte Vaughn in the Hallway Gallery, level 2 through November 30.

B.F. LARSEN GALLERY (BYU CAMPUS) UP: Treasures of a Child, works by Kathryn Kennington. The artist's final BFA exhibition, represents her exploration of the ideas of simplicity, discovery and childhood. A challenge is given to viewers to relearn to see and to discover the simple and the beautiful in our everyday lives. Through November 15. Reception: November 14, 7 -9 pm.

AND: Evolution of Artifacts, new work by Chris Purdie, demonstrates the artist's ongoing exploration of materials, techniques and concepts.The similarities between the layers of a painting and the layers of experiences in life are a constant theme in his work. Chris wants to be known as a well-rounded and versatile artist, as well as being respected for his vast knowledge and innovative use of subject, concept, and technique. Producing paintings that illustrate the evolving procession of life and providing a conduit to the viewer’s soul are what motivates Chris’ work. Through November 15. Reception: November 14, 7 -9 pm.


10/4 Capturing the ‘land of the mystics’

10/4 Woodworking: Artists carve out niche.

10/4 Statues To Live By: Springville is a place where "the art of living has been raised to a fine art."

10/6 Bierstadt 1863 landscape of Salt Lake Valley on exhibit.

10/6 His works transformed intoWorksofArt: Liz Lemon Swindle has devoted six years to painting Jesus, and she's not done yet.

10/9 BDAC artists find beauty in ordinary places. Some artists are able to find magic in even the most mundane objects, from the unadorned full moon to items that would normally fill a kitchen drawer.

10/9 Colored meanings shade art at Lamplight Gallery.Color can mean a thousand different things, depending on the paintbrush that wields it.

10/11 Glory Hole, Inc. to open hot glass studio at Canyons Resort.

10/11 Just Add Water:
Lehi artist provides color to students' lives.

10/14 Hanging art: The Southam Gallery celebrates 25 years in Salt Lake City.

10/18 Ogden Art Mural washed away.A building in Ogden has become the center of a firestorm between city officials, business owners and residents.

10/18 The Salt Lake Art Center showcases an ongoing tradition of turning found material into art.

10/18 Beesley: finding art in daily fragments. Layton artist focuses her most recent work on the small, strange things that make up people’s daily lives.

10/18 Clinton soldier presents exhibit featuring human aspect of war.

10/25 Double Exposure:
Visual art and theater tell the story of Utah’s nuclear-testing “downwinders.”

10/26 Baren Canvas on a Barren Landscape: Bonneville Salt Flats provide backdrop for Ogden artist's body-painting project.

10/28 'Generations impressive: Technical ability and image quality are certainly reasons to see "Generations," but the primary purpose should be to examine the sumptuous values achieved in the black-and-white and low-saturated-color photography.

10/30 Thumb's down for graffiti art in Ogden.

11/1 The Salt Lake Art Center showcases an ongoing tradition of turning found material into art.

11/4 Joy and science burst from Ruffner's sculptures

11/4 The art of Andy Warhol: UMFA brings in the pop-culture icon's still-debated work

Coleman Studios UP: Art from the Hole, Jackson Hole artist, A.D. Maddox, featuring paintings and fine art prints in her signature style, “Western Sass.” Also featuring watercolor prints of Kathryn Mapes Turner.

Gallery OneTen & The Art Seminary UP: Coney Island Photos by Zack Taylor.

Storefront Galleries (250 W Center, 273 W Center, 48 North 300 West; 377-5700) Art by the Boys & Girls Club, Amy Robinson, Jen Harmon Allen, Rebecca Cooper, and Ruel Brown.

Utah County Gallery
(151 S University Ave; 785-2059) UP: Showing Off Utah, fall juried show.

Anderson Gallery at Provo City Library (550 N University Ave; 852-7691) UP: Art by the Utah Valley Artist Guild.

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