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March 2007
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month:
Compiled by 15 Bytes Staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin February Gallery Stroll, March 16th, 6 to 9 pm. Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise noted.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: A Show of Hands, an exhibit of Utah Printmakers; and a video installation by Kaiti Slater, through April 13th.

A Show of Hands is a collaborative print exchange organized by three students from Brigham Young University: Anna Laurie Mackay, Linda Nochlin and Jennifer Watson. The participating artists, twenty-five women, include established artists, working faculty members at various institutions, and art students at both Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. Each artist printed an edition of thirty prints using a variety of traditional printmaking methods.|0| These prints were then collated, letter pressed and hand bound into a book form. The original prints, along with a colophon and an example of the bound book will be on display at the Finch Lane Gallery. A limited number of copies will be available to purchase during this exhibit. In summing up the intent of this exhibit, Jennifer Watson says, "In this day and age most people associate printmaking with copy machines or documents that have been processed through a PC and copied immediately–there is a magic in things that are done by hand and it is of great importance to keep the awareness of printmaking and of other traditional processes like bookbinding and letterpress alive in our community."

Kaiti Slater's exhibit is comprised of three video sculptures. The pieces in this exhibition all use a rear projection format; the video element is projected from the interior of the sculptural piece through a material that allows light to filter through it. Each work utilizes a different material for the projection surface: honeycombed steel panel, paper from mitsumata fiber (a kind of Japanese mulberry bark), and white acrylic plastic. The result is a translucent, moving image that adopts the overall form of the surface upon which it is projected.|1| In discussing her exhibit, Slater, an MFA graduate of Murray State University and Associate Professor at the University of Utah since 1993, explains, "I am interested in our relationship to the earth and the influence that our culture has on the assumptions we make about systems in nature. . . Intersections, overlaps, and encroachments between society and nature are a point of connection for me and much of my work is aimed at stimulating and articulating an awareness of this cohabitation." Slater has received a Visual Arts Fellowship, Utah Arts Council (2007), and will be showcased in the Rio Gallery exhibit later this month.

AND: In the Park Gallery, Places of Wonder, mixed media works by John R. Anderson and Paul Heath |2| through April 13th. Both artists work in two- and three-dimensions and decided that their work would complement each other’s in a single exhibition. Anderson says his work comes from his imagination, while Heath’s work is inspired by photographs from real life. In describing the collaboration, Heath notes, "We work in similar media and we both create colorful works which have universal appeal. Since a sense of "place" is prominent in both of our works, John suggested we title the show Places of Wonder. We hope the result of the collaboration is an enjoyable visit to places and spaces which are familiar for their nostalgic qualities and for their appeal to our imaginations."

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER ART GALLERY UP: Utah Fiber Celebration, a new art exhibit featuring Utah's finest contemporary fiber artists, through April 11. Fiber Artist Robyn Spady will also present "Less is More," a free public lecture and hands on activity exploring other finite, distinctive weaving possibilities Thursday, March 22. In 1971 the Mary Meigs Atwater Weavers Guild held their first art exhibit, showcasing hand-woven arts by fiber artists living in Utah. Although many of the members of the guild have come and gone since that first show, and some now live in surrounding states, “a few of us just keep going on and on,” explains Charlene Lind, member of the Atwater Weavers Guild and current Exhibit Chair. The guild is named after physical therapist Mary Atwater, who is referred to as “the Godmother of hand-weaving in the U.S.” says Lind. As a physical therapist working after the WW I, Atwater realized the therapeutic value of working with hands. Little did she know the affect these efforts would make on the resurgence of hand-woven arts throughout the U.S. Coverlets and the designs Atwater discovered in Guatemala, as well as a design known as Inkle – which is thousands of years old – are still created, but now computer drafting and computer-generated designs are fashionable. “A Utah Fiber Celebration,” the Nineteenth Biennial Show of the Mary Meigs
For more information about this and other exhibits or events at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, c Exhibit sponsored in part by the Utah Arts Council and the Salt Lake County Zoo, arts and Parks Program.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES: UP: Niu World: Being Polynesian in America featuring the mixed media work of W. Kaaumoana Varner (Will), Richard Kolopeaua and Lilo Tauvao through March 9. AND: In Art Access II Gallery the black and white infrared photography of Fred Hayes. UPCOMING: Landmarks, the abstract paintings of artist Linnie Brown from March 16 through April 13 in Access II. Brown says, "My paintings are about achieving balance between conflicting ideas and imagery. Each piece begins with both natural and man-made images; in this series, plant drawings overlay collaged maps or chair pictures. Through the process of painting, masking, and continually layering these images with each other, each becomes more fragmented and obscured as together they take on a new abstract identity. ALSO: Alterations, an exhibit of work by Lindsey Frei in the Art Access Gallery.

ROSE WAGNER ART GALLERY UP: Jinny Lee Snow Art Quilts, through March 26, 2007. Snow was trained as a painter at the University of Utah (BFA) and the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan (MFA). Upon graduation from the latter, she received a Tiffany Grant for a year’s study in Italy, after which she for twenty years as a designer of interiors, fabrics and furniture. “From painting on canvas, I have turned to painting on cloth which I can quilt," the artist says. "I like the dimension and the tactile quality that quilting allows the work." Snow's quilts range in size from 3’ x 5’ to 8’ x 9’. The piece pictured here, "Labrynth of Solitude," |3| was recently purchased by the Salt Lake County Art Committee for their permanant collection. UPCOMING: Barbara Pence and Patricia Priebe Swanson April 2 through June 29th

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE (Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, 524-8200) .UP: Tribal Portrait: Installation & Paintings by Trent Thursby Alvey through March 31. The exhibit will use painting and assemblage to examine mankind's propensity to repeat the destructive and restorative patterns of War, Greed, Brutality, Hope, Redemption, Purification and finally Rebirth.

MUSEUM OF UTAH ART AND HISTORY UP: Living Beautifully: Folk Art in Utah, March 8th - April 29th. The Museum of Utah Folk Arts, located in the Historic Chase Home in Liberty Park, has an outstanding collection of folk art from artists in the state of Utah. This exhibition gives viewers a chance to see many of the objects that aren't normally on exhibition.

JAMES ANTHONY GALLERY UP: David Hochbaum's 111 Ladders through March 10th. An installation of work by this New York City artist featuring collages and paintings celebrating the artist's most consistent theme, the ladder. UPCOMING: Victims & Avengers, a photographic series by Los Angeles-based artist Chris Anthony, March 16th thru April 17th. This exhibit explores the theme of domestic violence through a series of twenty-seven photographs featuring friends of the artist including actress Zooey Deschanel and her sister Emily Deschanel. The exhibition also features a limited-edition portfolio containing twelve 10" x 20" giclee prints, signed and numbered. Included in the portfolio are legal documents such as a Divorce Order, Restraining Order, and Last Will and Testament, as well as a Checklist for Victims of Domestic Violence. A portion of the proceeds from the show will benefit The Utah Domestic Violence Council, a domestic violence intervention organization.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: New Narrative: Warhol, Stella, Marden, Fitzpatrick in the Main Gallery, through March 17, features four print suites by four exceptional American artists: Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Brice Marden and Tony Fitzpatrick. AND: In the Projects Gallery, January 12 - March 17 Ascension, a video installation by Bill Viola (see page 1). ALSO: In the Street Level Gallery January 20 - March 10, Post-modern Utah featuring the work of eight Utah-based artists who work in a contemporary, post-modern manner inspired by Pop Art, Minimalism or idiosyncratic forms of figuration. UPCOMING: Resonance and Return: Social Documentary Photography, 1935 - Present, March 17 - May 19. Organized by guest curator James Swenson, this exhibit brings together Farm Security Administration photographs of the 1930s by Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Marion Post Wolcott, Arthur Rothstein and Ben Shahn with those of contemporary photographers, Judy Bankhead, Julia M. Dawson, Robert Dawson, Brenda Ann Kenneally and Ken Light.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS: UP: Five, an exhibit of artist views of Salt Lake City, with work by Bevan Chipman, Kindra Fehr, Paul Heath, Cara Koolmes and David Marti. This exhibit celebrates the gallery's fifth anniversary in February (see February edition). UPCOMING: With Bring on the Music, March 16th through May 12th, Southern Utah artis Gina Jrel will delight Salt Lake audiences with her brilliant collection of musician and musical instrument paintings.|4|

VISAGE SALON STUDIOS (2006 South 900 East) UP: East High Advanced Art, AP Art Studio and Photography students, March 16 – April 13. On display will be drawings, paintings, collage, original prints and photos by primarily junior and senior students, with some sophomores from the Advanced Class. Teacher Trish Clay describes the artists as being “very committed art students, working hard to develop their skills and individual styles. It’s a great group of talented kids, excited to share their work with the community”. For more information call Kacie Hersh at 860-4333.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Adam Bateman and John Erickson. Adam Bateman’s works: pillars, stacks, spheres and other objects are all constructed of books acquired by the hundreds from various sources. John Erickson’s quick, masterful brush strokes are able to capture so much with what appears to be so little. As usual, his faces and city scenes explode with energy.

UTAH MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: UP: Revisiting Utah’s Past: The Transformed Landscape, through August 12, places art by Utah artists in a historical context. It is an examination of some ways in which early settlers of the Utah territory established the beginnings of a unique culture. AND: The Guild of Book Workers 100th Anniversary Exhibition, through March 19, highlights recent works of many of the best bookbinders and book artists in America. Entries run the gamut from traditional bindings and historicstructures, to pop-ups and other playful book forms, to purelysculptural works. AND: Brian Kershisnik: Painting From Life, through July 1, an exhibition of paintings Kershisnik's moving and metaphoric paintings of people in moments of quiet transcendence. His works capture both human vulnerability and elation. Nuances in relationships, particularly marriage come through in his paintings. ALSO: The Quintet of Rembrance, through May 15, a video installation by artist Bill Viola, one of four works which comprise the Quintet Series created for the Passions Project. In this work, Viola uses today’s technology to translate the timeless themes represented by artists throughout history, into a new medium (see page 1).

Cary Griffiths

THE PICKLE COMPANY UP: Video installations by three University of Utah graduates, curated by Kenny Riches of Kayo Gallery: Brenda Wattleworth. Matt Riley and Ben Howell.

GALLERYUAF UP: Works on paper by Joey Behrens |5|, Sandy Brunvand, Trent Call, Steve Larson, Tessa Lindsay, Cat Palmer, Melinda Parsons, and Sandee Parsons.

RIO GALLERY UPCOMING: Fellowship Exhibition, featuring the work of 2006 & 2007 fellowship recipients, Jacqui Biggs Larsen, Amy Caron, (see page 1) Mark England and Kaita Slater March 16 through April 28.

EVERGREEN FRAMING CO. AND GALLERY UP: Mixed media works by Tyler Huntzinger and landscapes in oil by David Meikle. UPCOMING: Works by Darryl Erdmann.

SOUTHAM GALLERY UP: Work by Richard Boyer, Elva Malin, A.D. Shaw and Aaron Stills.

CHAPMAN LIBRARY (577 S. 900 West, 525-8285) UP: Photography by Pamela Kutzen through March 17.

WOMENS ART CENTER: UP: Fabric art by Kathy Bradshaw and Marykay Moore.

MODERN8UP: Works by Guy Standing and Sabina Wise. Standing creates three-dimensional art pieces using found art. Artist, Author, former Surgical Nurse, and 6th Degree Black Belt, Wise presents new abstract paintings.

HORNE FINE ART UP:A Gift of Art, featuring all mediums of art by such artists as Ken Baxter, Barbara Edwards, Tony Cox, Traci O'Very Covey, Phyllis F. Horne, Karen Horne, Jennifer Suflita, Will South, Jamie Wayman and Ted Wassmer.

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN AND ART Has re-opened at 127 S. Main Street. UP: A group exhibit of gallery artists.

GALLERY 240 (240 South 200 East) UP: Abstract photography by photographers Richard Prehn and Don Thorpe.

17th STREET GALLERY (Eccle Jones Conservatory at Westminster College) UP: Places, a new exhibit by Anne Watson, up through March, can be viewed through the windows of the Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory from 1700 South (see page 8).