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February 2007
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month:
Compiled by 15 Bytes Staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin February Gallery Stroll, February 16th, 6 to 9 pm. Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise noted.

Michael by Cassandria Parsons
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by Jo-Ann Wong

Cassandria W. Parsons is best known for her painterly Utah landscapes. Her paintings are so beautiful, so masterly that many patrons ask her, “Where did you learn to paint landscapes like this?” For her upcoming show at Palmers Gallery, 378 W. Broadway, February 16 through March 9, Parsons returns to a time when she gained her knowledge and courage, her “Aha moment.” This show may better answer a patron’ȁI learned to paint through looking. I learned to paint landscapes because I understand how to paint figures. I was shown how to capture the atmosphere of my subject. I was shown how to look behind, around, muscle structure, skin texture, feel the space,” says Parsons about the influence of her time spent studying the human form.

Transient and Permanent,” will feature portraits with ceramic frames. ȁIt is important to me to use these two materials (paint and clay) in this show . The paint, my subjects are transient as in a moment or tomorrow, their appearance will change. The clay in three-dimensional form is mounted on the painting and is permanent, a contrast to one’s brief participation in life and the permanence of the inert.”

Admirers of Parson’s landscape work shall instantly see and appreciate her work for this show and shall have their “Aha moment,” seeing the wonderful collection of facial landscapes, lush textures of fabric, clay and paint.|0-1| And to those who come with new eyes, they will be captivated by the atmosphere Parsons captures and uses in her most recent form of landscape.
I am happy to paint, I am not judgmental. I explore and I yield to what I see,” she continues.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Salt Lake Art Center presents New Narrative: Warhol, Stella, Marden, Fitzpatrick in the Main Gallery, January 12 - March 17. This exhibition features four print suites by four exceptional American artists: Andy Warhol (above), Frank Stella, Brice Marden and Tony Fitzpatrick. These prints reveal how each artist works out visual ideas in a printmaking process while incorporating themes from history, folklore, current events and geometric abstraction, arriving at a new and personal sense of “narrative”. AND: In the Projects Gallery, January 12 - March 17 Ascension, a video installation by Bill Viola that has been described as “a 10-minute essay on death, beauty and resurrection.” Viewers might first be shocked by the sight and sound of a man suddenly plunging into water but what follows, is an entrancing, slow-motion “transcendence by descent”. Since the 1970s, Viola has received international acclaim for his video projects in the world’s most respected museums. ALSO: In the Street Level Gallery January 20 - March 10, Post-modern Utah featuring the work of eight Utah-based artists who work in a contemporary, post-modern manner inspired by Pop Art, Minimalism or idiosyncratic forms of figuration.Christian Arial, Matthew Choberka, Jann Haworth, Laurel Hunter, Rudolfo Juarez, Amanda Moore, Linda Peer, Edie Roberson.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER ART GALLERY UP:The World of Kokeshi Dolls, featuring a traveling exhibit of Japanese dolls.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE (Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, 524-8200) "New Paintings by Lou Ann Heller" and "Reflecting," featuring photography by Marv Poulson. Both exhibits run through Feb. 17.

UPCOMING: Tribal Portrait: Installation & Paintings by Trent Thursby Alvey February 24 - March 31. The exhibit will use painting and assemblage to examine mankind's propensity to repeat the destructive and restorative patterns of War, Greed, Brutality, Hope, Redemption, Purification and finally Rebirth.|2| Reception for the artist will be held February 24th, 4 - 5:30 pm. A performance will be held March 1st, featuring a presentation on the Divine Strike bomb and Jerry Gardiner's Botuh Group performing Rokan. Look for a podcast of the latter in our March edition.

HORNE FINE ART UP: HORNE Fine Art features new gems by several Utah artists including miniature snow and trolley car scenes by Ken Baxter, new alpine scenes by Phyllis F. Horne and pastels of Santa Fe, Palm Springs and downtown SLC by Karen Horne.

MUSEUM OF UTAH ART AND HISTORY UP: President's Art Show, February 9 - 25. MUAH partners once again with Salt Lake Community College to host their annual President's Art Show. This is an exhibition of juried work by Utah artists and offers a variety of styles and media for viewers to enjoy. UPCOMING: Reflections of Refugees March 7 - May 6, an exhibition of black and white photographs of immigrants living in the state of Utah. Along with the photographs, hear their stories as they discuss leaving their home countries, traveling to Utah, and establishing life along the Wasatch Front. The exhibition is sponsored in conjunction with the International Rescue Committee.

UTAH MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: UP: Revisiting Utah’s Past: The Transformed Landscape August 12, 2007. This exhibition places art by Utah artists in a historical context, It is an examination of some ways in which early settlers of the Utah territory established the beginnings of a unique culture. Selected to support the exhibitions’ themes (An Organized Cooperative Community, Personal Refuge, and Economic Potential,) the paintings are visual documents of the change from an undeveloped nature into a cultured, built environment.

UPCOMING: The Guild of Book Workers 100th Anniversary Exhibition February 10, - March 19. This exhibit highlights recent works of many of the best bookbinders and book artists in America. Entries run the gamut from traditional bindings and historicstructures, to pop-ups and other playful book forms, to purelysculptural works. Leather bindings stand alongside works fashioned from aluminum or PVC. Text and imagery are produced by numerous printmaking methods, calligraphy, photography and digital output. This exhibition is presented in conjunction with the Marriott Library Book Arts Program. AND: Brian Kershisnik: Painting From Life, February 16 - July 1, an exhibition of paintings Kershisnik's moving and metaphoric paintings of people in moments of quiet transcendence. His works capture both human vulnerability and elation. Nuances in relationships, particularly marriage come through in his paintings. ALSO: The Quintet of Rembrance, March 2 - May 15, a video installation by artist Bill Viola, one of four works which comprise the Quintet Series created for the Passions Project. In this work, Viola uses today’s technology to translate the timeless themes represented by artists throughout history, into a new medium.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS: UP: Five, an exhibit of artist views of Salt Lake City, with work by Bevan Chipman, Kindra Fehr, Paul Heath, Cara Koolmes and David Marti.|3| This exhibit celebrates the gallery's fifth anniversary in February (see page 8).

THE PICKLE COMPANY UP: New Works by Nolan Baumgartner, Todd Christensen, and Stephanie LeitchStephanie Leitch, recent intermedia sculpture graduate from the University of Utah, creates a suspended installation consisting of 60 pounds of honey and 110 glass chemistry funnels. Visiting professor at New Mexico Highlands University, Todd Christensen presents hundreds of small collage works created from book jackets and other mixed media, along with bronze and found object sculptures. Nolan Baumgartner, an instructor at the University of Utah, creates large figurative sculptures using spray foam insulation and other mixed media. ALSO: AERIAL: a 5,000 square-foot interactive environment exploring hidden communication, the first collaboration between local artist David Ruhlman and his brother Mathieu, an internationally-acclaimed sound and video artist living in Vancouver, B.C. (see page 4). A closing reception for Aerial will be held Friday, February 9 at 8 pm and will feature performances by Ether Orchestra and Sons of the Atom. $5 at the door. Sons of the Atom is Mattson McFarland (production, concept/design, voices, tapes, loops, effects, visuals, tactuals) and Derek Fonnesbeck (production, concepts, sound engineering, tapes, loops, effects, guitar). Their performances, theatrical installations, and live radio broadcasts, and visionary collaborations with the Wasatch Dance Collective and Steven Brown Dance have been seen at venues ranging from the Moroccan to the Rose Wagner Theater. Born from the ashes of legendary SLC band Ether, the Ether Orchestra is a “basement jazz quartet” featuring Ryley Fogg on electric piano, Paul Butterfield on contrabass, David Payne on drums and Jesse Beacom on electric guitar.

WOMENS ART CENTER: UP:University of Utah Print Department Exhibit. Signed, numbered prints are available at just $34.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Through February 9, Kathy Peterson & Blanche Wilson (see page 4). For this exhibit Peterson has chosen to focus on her hope for a nonviolent humanity, communicated through the female. Women of different races and faiths populate her canvases, casting an atmosphere of companionship, solace and strength. Now in her early eighties, Blanche Wilson continues to produce woodcut images. Her subjects range from landscape, to figures, to street scenes. UPCOMING: February 16 - March 9 John Erickson and Adam Bateman.

JAMES ANTHONY GALLERY UP: David Hochbaum's 111 Ladders through March 10th. An installation of work by this New York City artist featuring collages and paintings celebrating the artist's most consistent theme, the ladder.

GALLERYUAF UP: Rick Graham's renderings and paintings of the female form and Mike and Penny Stevens, a husband and wife team who create beautifully colored blown glass.

RIO GALLERY UP: 2006 Grantees Showcase, through March 3, featuring the work of Miguel Chuaqui,Chris Dunker, Michael Greenfield, Stephen Koester, Jayne Luke, Frank McEntire, Amanda Jane Moore, Susan L. Neidert, Michael O'Connor, Steven Leon Ricks, Kristin Glaus Taylor.
Installed works by Amanda Moore
17th STREET GALLERY (Eccle Jones Conservatory at Westminster College) UP: Places, a new exhibit by Anne Watson, up through March, can be viewed through the windows of the Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory from 1700 South (1250 East).Watson grew up in Utah before moving to Massachusetts to study at Smith College. She lived in New York City for eighteen years, where she pursued her art career as well as working as a director, writer and producer of documentaries and biographies for television. Watson chose the title "Places" to describe the places "where we exist - on the earth and of the air." The exhibit - on two-levels -- is divided into representations of earth and air and includes a video, sculptural puppets, drawings, a painting and various other mediums.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES: UP: Japan Town: Circa 1960 ­ 1962, an installation featuring the clay works of Etsuko Ogura, through February 9th. AND: In Access II Gallery, Trailer Park, featuring oil and acrylic paintings on panel by Logan resident Scott Foster. (see our January edition). UPCOMING: Niu World: Being Polynesian in America featuring the mixed media work of W. Kaaumoana Varner (Will), Richard Kolopeaua and Lilo Tauvao, February 16 through March 9. Varner, Kolopeaua and Tauvao are members of a group of Polynesian ­ American artists who form the art collective called Niu World. The collective's purpose is to create art that honestly reflects their individual and shared life experiences and to neutralize misleading stereotypes about Pacific Islanders. Varner says, "Niu World creates art that goes beyond what is expected and explodes the box on what a Polynesian is or is not supposed to be."
AND: In Art Access II Gallery the black and white infrared photography of Fred Hayes. Hayes is a professional photographer whose work has appeared in national and international newspapers, magazines and motion pictures. In his leisure time, Hayes also engages in photography of a very different sort. Every opportunity he gets, Hayes travels to exotic destinations and takes black and white photographs with an infrared filter. This filter removes all visible and ultraviolet light leaving the infrared part of the light spectrum. The resulting photographs take on a very crisp and unworldly feel. Some of the scenes from his travels, included in this exhibit, are from the following countries: Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and the Western United States. Hayes is an adjunct professor in the Communications Department of the University of Utah.

Fred Hayes

Jim Rennert Sculpture

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Photographers Christine Baczek (see page 1) and Momoko Fritz and painter Brian Kubaryzc.

A GALLERY UP: The sculptural works of Amy Adams and photographs by Sue Barratt. UPCOMING:

LOCAL COLORS ARTWORKS UP: The gallery is in its final days. Through February all work in the gallery is 20% off.

MAGPIE'S NEST UP: The Intermountain Society of Artists Annual Juried Miniature Show.

EVERGREEN FRAMING CO. AND GALLERY UP: Mixed media works by Tyler Huntzinger and landscapes in oil by David Meikle.

SOUTHAM GALLERY UP: Work by Richard Boyer, Elva Malin, A.D. Shaw and Aaron Stills.

CHAPMAN LIBRARY (577 S. 900 West, 525-8285) UP: Photography by Pamela Kutzen through March 17.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY (2131 S. 1100 East, 524-8280) UP: Resting Places, featuring art by Cynthia Heath and Louise Pollard, through March 5.

SHORE GALLERY (8000 S Redwood Rd, West Jordan) UP: A solo exhibition by Christina Casanova through Feb 23.