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February 2007
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Up and Upcoming
Up and Upcoming to the North
prepared by 15 Bytes staff

Gabriela Ibarra
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Meyer Gallery
UPCOMING: During the month of February, the Meyer Gallery features a new opening every week.

Saturday, February 10, 2007 Gabriela Ibarra and Brad Overton. Working with collage, acrylic, oil, and pastels, as well as printmaking and drawing, Ibarra creates boldly colored artwork with contemporary flair.|0| New to the Meyer Gallery, Utah-based Brad Overton's artwork ranges from exquisitely detailed tromp l’oile paintings to still life compositions of massive size and intriguing composition.|1|

Friday, February 16, 2007 Craig Blietz and Shanna Kunz. Blietz has received very thorough and formal training in design, anatomy, portraiture, figure painting and traditional painting methods. As well as painting the figure, Craig is also known for his still life work and occasional landscape. Shanna Kunz brings a new series of landscapes to the Meyer Gallery, 2007 marking her sixth annual exhibition. She is an avid student of early 20th century American landscape painters; their sensitive, delicate, high key palettes inspire Kunz's own pieces with a common thread of subject matter, palette themes or value keys.|2|

Friday, February 23, 2007 James Shay. Before becoming a full-time painter, Shay practiced architecture for 26 years. His background in architecture has helped him to think of paintings as flat surfaces, somewhat like frescos in buildings. Shay paints in casein, which allows his surfaces to dry to a matte finish, after many layers of scraping and sanding until a visual richness is revealed. |3|

Saturday, March 3, 2007 Cary Henrie. Coming to the Meyer Gallery after ten years of work in New York, Henrie's unique combination of media has already been very well received across the nation. The vivid colors and textures of Henrie's pieces are sculpted atop his two dimensional canvases.|4|

Julie Nester Gallery UP: Lessons Learned, an exhibit of paintings by Stephen Foss through February 27. |5| Stephen Foss is widely known for the visually rich surface finish and color that show a return to heavily worked finishes in contemporary painting. The "Lessons Learned" grouping is a prime example of the physical nature of Foss' visually rich surfaces. Foss applies paint in numerous layers; he then works the surface to allow sublayers and carefully prepared groundwork to peek through the top layer. This results in paintings with varied colors and great depth. Many of Foss’ new paintings have a palette that ranges from washed Scandinavian to mid-century carnival, with colors ranging from amber through white to red-orange. Forms are simple and frontal, and the patterning, particularly in the large works, is reminiscent of something archaic. In the large Foss paintings, beauty comes at a formidable physical cost; his process. All of the material-rich Foss works have countless layers that can have up to 60 pounds of paint per painting, each layer nurtured over months at a time.

Kimball Art Center UP:Managing Gravity: Sports Photography by David Burnett through March 11 in the Main Gallery. Burnett has won the most important photography awards available worldwide. This globe trotting photojournalist is exhibiting his artwork for the first time in his home state of Utah at the Kimball Art Center. ALSO: Nathan Thomas Jones: Scattered Shadows and Collected Light through March 11 in Garage Gallery. This Salt Lake City photographer uses an antique view camera combined with new technology printing to produce unique scenic photographs. AND: In the Badami Gallery, Lesleigh: Paris -- A City of Light through March 11. This artist comes from Paris to Park City to display her unique artform combining photographs of Paris landmarks superimposed with ghostlike images fleeting across the scenes.

Montgomery Lee Fine Art UP: Works by Northern Utah landscape painter Steve Songer. An artist's reception will be held Friday, February 9, 6 to 9 pm. UPCOMING: Bryan Mark Taylor and David Richey Johnsen, Friday, February 23rd.

Terzian Gallery UPCOMING: February 10th Realist Painter-Joe Carter |6| and Industrial Painter Christopher Shill. Of Carter, Allen Bishop has written "Joe Carter is an experienced electrical engineer, but left the field in 1998 to pursue his lifelong dream of painting. His engineering background carries through to solving the problems of naturalistic painting, one step at a time. He works to record, as faithfully as possible, relatively small objects that he collects for their very quality of being considered common, mundane or worthless though they reflect the very culture that considers them so" (June 2004). Friday February 23rd, Utah Plein-air painter Doug Braithwaite |7|. March 3, landscape painter Ronald Ray Rogers.

Phoenix Gallery UP: Curtis Olson, mixed-media paintings exploring the experience of the western landscape (see page 7). UPCOMING: Susan Swartz and James Vilona, beginning February 16th.

Coda Gallery UPCOMING: Opening February 23rd, Ben Steele and Tessa Mecham. Of his canvases filled with pop imagery of masterpieces of western art, Steele says, "My paintings are about how we see icons and everyday objects. The playful side of my work deals with the difference between a child's naivety and the desensitized view of an adult." For a look at his studio, see page 2. Mecham, a Utah native now living in New York, she rarely enters her studio with a preconceived image in mind. Instead, she begins with a compositional division of the canvas. Her interest lies in the marks that are created as she applies her paint to the surface. The marks bring an abstract quality to her work. She focuses on figures, interiors and exteriors.

Chester's Blacksmith Shop UP: Hang 'm High , through February 25th, is a group show curated by Justin Giarla and Andres Guerrero of San Fransisco's White Walls Gallery. this exhibit of Street, Graffiti and New Fine Art features the work of Shepard Fairey, Gary Baseman, Sam Flores, Mike Giant, Caleb Neelon, Sylvia Ji, and Anne Faith Nichols.

The Redstone Gallery UP: Hamilton Aguiar during the month of February.

Two Sisters Fine Art UP: Bold Images of Utah, featuring art by Joyce Baron, through February 15. UPCOMING: A solo exhibition by Utah figure and landscape artist Steve McGinty.|8| A reception will be held Saturday, February 17th from 7 until 9 pm. McGinty's landscapes fully capture the essence of rural Utah.

Eccles Community Art Center UP: During February and March 2007, the 15th Statewide Photographic Competition, open to resident Utah photographers.

Gallery at the Station UP: Paintings by Roberta Glidden and jewelry by Deborah Hart.

Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery UP: Northern Utah High School Exhibit through February 17th. Reception and Awards, Saturday February 10, 3:00 p.m.

Strawberry Gallery at Universe City (2556 Washington Blvd 458-8959) UP: Arté Gras : Costumes and Masks by Weber State University Faculty and Student Designers. Catherine Zublin, Professor of Theatre and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities; and Jennifer McGrew, instructor of English, have all made their mark designing costumes for WSU Department of Performing Arts and Utah Musical Theater, as well as many dance and theatre companies across the United States. Students costume designers Katherine Martinez, Lindsay Keller and Melody Brocious are also included in the exhibit, as well as the jewelry of Justina Parsons-Bernstein. Justina Parsons-Bernstein is once again teaming up with creative costumer-extraordinaire Jen McGrew to bring you unusually themed "Body Suites." Justina has created three over-the-top "jewelry massacres" to complement Jen's "Combat Tutus II: Costumes for a New Theatre of War" that were recently seen in performance at the Dark Arts Festival June 2006, SLC Utah, Club Area 51. Also included is McGrew's prize winning costume featured at historic Gardner Village's "Witches Night Out," 2006 and custom corsets made by McGrew but airbrush painted by Heron Hanson, Chris Hanson, Lee Jennings, Susan Smith and Tim Tipton. Zublin's work will include actual costumes, original color renderings, photographs of the costumes on stage, and other aspects of the design and construction of costumes for the stage. February 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, Fridays 5:00-8:00 pm, Saturdays: Noon-8:00 pm or by appointment (call 458-8959)

BDAC UP: Through February 9, Illustrators Invitational plus Lester B. Lee and Justin Hayward. UPCOMING: February 16 - March 30, Bountiful/Davis Art Center Statewide Competition: All Galleries.

Brigham City Museum UP: The Photographic Journals of Lewis Victor by Michael Keogh AND Brigham City’s Peach Days and Abstract Portfolio by Cindy McConkie through February 24. (for more read our January edition)

AVA/Alliance for the Varied Arts UP: Seasonal Folk Art of Cache Valley’s Landscape. Folk Art Exhibit in connection with Cache Valley Center for the Arts, Michael Ward, and Utah Arts Council. Through March 3rd.

Straw Ibis Cafe (52 Federal Avenue) UP: Celebrating Logan Canyon, Pat Gordon's series of plein-aire paintings celebrating the scenic byway throughout the four seasons. Gordon's favorites are the pieces in which the weather helped, coating the surface with snow, blowing a wet painting into the dust, or trickling the colors with rain. The Straw Ibis is known for their fair-trade coffee roasting business, as well as support of the arts. Through the month of February.
Pat Gordon
Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art UP: Painted Perceptions of Cache Valley, featuring the work of USU art department faculty member Woody Shepherd. Shepherd is originally from Birmingham, Alabama and studied painting and printmaking at Yale University. After receiving a master of fine arts in 2005, he joined the USU faculty.

This exhibition is comprised of 11 large paintings (measuring up to 8 feet by 11 feet), and were painted on site around Cache Valley and its canyons in such locales as Devil's Gate, Oxkiller Hollow, Beaver Basin and Sink Hollow. The paintings of dense grottoes and hills seen through the thicket of fallen trees offer an unusual view of Cache Valley,” says the museum’s assistant curator Deb Banerjee. “In Woody, you find the unblinking clinical eye of a realist painter who paints from direct observation blended with the dazzling color pattern of an abstract expressionist painter.”

Shepherd takes his large panels out to paint in the congested underbrush. His process involves visiting the site first to sketch and collect color samples, then he returns to the studio to develop the groundwork for the painting. He then returns to the location with the large panels to complete the work on site. The layers of the painting weave together light and space to function as a whole," the artist says. "I am interested in beauty but beauty as a tension of disparate things. When the inner forces of the tension are particularly dynamic, a painting explodes with sensations — that is, profound sentiments are produced from a clash between visual energies and stylistic descriptions."

The exhibit continues through March 24th. A catalog, funded by a USU New Faculty Research Grant, will accompany the exhibition.

Shadowsmith Fork by Woody Shepherd

Arts Ogden

Local Colors, the Salt Lake City co-op gallery that has operated for almost five years, announced this month that it will be closing its doors, at least temporarily. The co-op has occupied space in Trolley Square but management there has increased their rents to the point that remaining is no longer viable. On February 28th, the gallery will close up shop (for at least a six month hiatus) and during the month of February everything will be 20% off.

The Utah Arts Council Creative Communities Initiative is a new grant to support the creation of innovative connections between culture, art, community building, civic engagement, community planning and use of public space for enhancement of economic opportunities and quality of life in Utah's communities. The following nine communities received a Creative Communities grant for community projects to be implemented in 2007: Logan, West Valley City, Moab, Gunnison City, Provo, Helper, Torrey, Brigham City, Corinne. For more information about the grants and these particular projects, click here.

Salt Lake County announced earlier this year that they have increased the purchasing budget for the County Art Collection to $45,000 for 2007. The previous year's budget was $25,000. The Salt Lake County Art Collection contains nearly 450 works by over 400 artists, located in fifteen
sites throughout the county.

Emma J. Dugal has been appointed as the new executive director of the Bountiful/ Davis Art Center. She succeeds Arley G. Curtz, who retires at the end of February. Dugal is a Bountiful resident and has been serving as the Center's Programs Coordinator and Bountiful Summefest International coordinator since 1998.

The Park City Gallery Association celebrates its first anniversary with the February Gallery Stroll, on the 23rd. In 2006, the association produced a new glossy, colorful Gallery Guide Brochure to promote Park City as an arts destination and purchased advertising in Park City and Salt Lake City. The stroll event attendance numbers have tripled! Gallery Strolls used to bring in approximately 80 people; now approximately 250 people attend the events, even during the slower Fall and Spring seasons. This year's galler stroll will have 25 galleries participating.