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Yokai: Modern Monsters

For the exhibition our art history class is putting on, we wanted to focus on the illustrations from the Yokai Scroll that BYU has in Special Collections, while also showing the influence Japanese art has and continues to have on western art.  To see the entire scroll, follow this link : .  We are calling on local artists to create their own rendition and interpretation of Yokai’s monsters.  Attached are some images of some highlighted monsters from the scroll we wanted to focus on to provide inspiration.  Your artistic rendition can be as subjective or objective as you would like, in any medium you see fit!  We want to give artists full freedom to create while being inspired from Yokai’s wild illustrations.

I’ve also attached a flyer with information on the exhibition, and note that you can submit work as soon as possible.  The works will be up from December 1st until the beginning of Winter Semester.  We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to have a work displayed in the BYU library and included in the art stroll!  Thank you!!
If you have any questions please feel free to email or send a text to (650)722-8700.

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