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Workshops with Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett

The Leonardo’s current exhibition Fantastic Fabrications takes you through a faux history of the early 20th Century, using artifacts, images, and tools from an imagined past. It features Boilerplate and Frank Reade, the creations of husband-wife team Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett.

The two artists are currently at The Leonardo’s Lab doing a residency, with workshops that began last weekend and continue through Saturday. In this interview we spoke with them about their blends of fact and fiction as well as what they are doing during the workshops, both at the Leo and next week at the Utah Arts Festival.

In our July edition of 15 Bytes, expect a more in-depth conversation about their unique books.

Workshop info:

The Business of Art and Writing (at The Leo)

June 16th 11am 120 minutes
$100 (includes writing/drawing supplies)

In the professional creative world, mastering your craft is only half the battle. The other half is selling it—to publishers, producers, distributors, educators, media, readers, and/or viewers. Join veteran multimedia creators Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan for a discussion of how to pitch and market your work, IP ownership structures, movie and licensing deals, social media trends, and more.

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Comic Book Workshops (at the Utah Arts Festival)

Thur-Sat, June 21-23, 2-3pm
SLCC Community Writing Center

Writer Anina Bennett and artist Paul Guinan, co-authors of Boilerplate, Frank Reade, and Heartbreakers, lead workshops in creating comic books.

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