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Work to Do @ BYU: Jann Haworth, Trent Alvey, Amy Jorgensen, Pam Bowman


 And it should be clear that these four women do not constitute a homogenous perspective. They each come from different backgrounds, are involved in different life experiences. Their work is different, distinct, all its own.  Yet, when seen as a collective, certain themes emerge. One is a emphasis on softness: marshmallows, bubble wrap, fabric, rope. The other perhaps more closely echoes Kelly’s Women and Work: that is, a desire to document and to make a record of one’s self, one’s work.

Laura Hurtado visits the BYU exhibition that focuses on the work of Jann Haworth, Trent Alvey, Amy Jorgensen and Pam Bowman.

Read the full article in the June 2013 edition of 15 Bytes

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