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William James’ Studio Space


Studios can be an artist’s most costly expense, so sometimes it makes sense to share. Potter Bill James economizes by taking advantage of the facilities at Petersen Art Center where he teaches. The Sugarhouse space includes a spacious wheel room featuring Pacifica electric wheels, a damp room and complete glazing facilities. The Petersen Kiln regularly turns out successful cone 10 reduction firings, bringing rich depth of color to stoneware and porcelain creations. In James most recent series, Life Aquatic, the organic shapes and colors of squids, octopi, and jellyfish become more fantastical as James re-imagines them as lamps, jars, and other functional shapes. Through February 11 at Salt Lake’s Art at the Main gallery, you can see the colorful results, which began in the clay-encrusted space in the Petersen Art Center basement.

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